After 10 Minutes, This Weird Putty Becomes a Bouncy Ball
The new PermaPutty from Crazy Aaron lets you create your own super balls. You can even customize your ball so that it's not a ball! 🤯
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  • powerpuff girls buttercup
    powerpuff girls buttercup

    "thats a perfect time to do dangurous ways to juggle" Her:* juggles with guns* Pico: your hired to picos school

  • I like thumbs up LIKE NOW
    I like thumbs up LIKE NOW

    His dream is to have bouncy balls lol 😂

  • Nicolas Maldonado
    Nicolas Maldonado

    Cross promo cross promo

  • Chi Khánh
    Chi Khánh

    0:02 📡 Cross Promo📞

  • Bun Marceno
    Bun Marceno

    "Cross promo!" Ah, I missed this.

  • Michelle Labao
    Michelle Labao

    0:09 *CROSS PROMO*

  • UwU Kitty
    UwU Kitty

    I would not be surprised if he made putty that you can eat

  • MortalKombatBOI657

    Me: 0:59

  • Jhayrone Mace Francisco
    Jhayrone Mace Francisco


  • Briella Alexa DIMDAM
    Briella Alexa DIMDAM


  • Briella Alexa DIMDAM
    Briella Alexa DIMDAM


  • Dulce Flores
    Dulce Flores

    How do you make your putty?

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    Why not combine all molds and combinations at once Hehe boi

  • Poppy Shotton-Brooks
    Poppy Shotton-Brooks

    Can you reuse the make your own bouncy ball kit?

  • KageFan_2765

    more cross promos than smash bros

  • Zoe Bubbs
    Zoe Bubbs


  • Popeye

    I love you vat 19

  • P o o f e r f i s h
    P o o f e r f i s h

    C R O S S P O M O

    • P o o f e r f i s h
      P o o f e r f i s h

      P R O M O*

  • ei7g7i4j4id

    When they said or just make a hotpocket i finished my hotpocket😂

  • Faby Lopez
    Faby Lopez

    Were skipping ads to watch ads

  • (:Remmy:)

    I skip every add I see, except for the Vat19 ones

  • kylapauline

    We'd rather watch Vat19 1 minute ad than a 15 second ad

  • kylapauline

    The only ad i watch

  • Layla Scarlett
    Layla Scarlett

    Im not kidding i was just making a hit pocket

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp

    Gee... I remember when it was called Silly Putty (tm).... :-P

  • • The Unknøwn Slytherin •
    • The Unknøwn Slytherin •

    Does it have a bottle opener?

  • Crapii Crab
    Crapii Crab

    Our class: A big fan of blackpink Me: A huge fan of vat19

  • Noob Pls sub
    Noob Pls sub

    This is how many people loves hot pockets

  • Janet Solis
    Janet Solis

    0:59 hey save some for me!!! >;(

  • ice ing
    ice ing

    Wow I want it how get it

  • Maria Ana Jenkins
    Maria Ana Jenkins

    I like putty

  • Little_dino

    The question is, can you remold it?

  • Floofy Kitten
    Floofy Kitten

    my favorites part was when he said "cross promo"

  • Emma Nethery
    Emma Nethery

    I’m sixteen. And I wasn’t this.

  • Pump from FNF Reacts
    Pump from FNF Reacts

    0:09 *Cross Promo intensifies*

  • idk gamer
    idk gamer

    mmm, hot pocket

  • Tayiba Maksud Khan
    Tayiba Maksud Khan

    Burning question: what is the difference between a normal putty and bouncy putty?

  • Leah Icerain
    Leah Icerain

    Who watched vet 19 for 2 years then finally realized it’s not’s ads

  • Riley Does Nichols 1892
    Riley Does Nichols 1892

    First Angry Putty Now Bouncy Ball Putty?!

  • TR Schock
    TR Schock

    Wait did I see Danny in there? And John?... thought they left?

  • Jhayrone Mace Francisco
    Jhayrone Mace Francisco


  • Dylan Jonathan Zhu
    Dylan Jonathan Zhu

    Infinity putty

  • Jayden Lin
    Jayden Lin

    cross promo intensifies

  • I want my dad
    I want my dad

    0:09 flexible but in Vat19 language

  • Dr Kanupriya
    Dr Kanupriya


  • Maisyah Ghina
    Maisyah Ghina

    Ahh yes... I miss cross promos

  • Leslie Dayanne Najera
    Leslie Dayanne Najera

    The hot pocket part is my sister

  • It’sMarz


  • Teenyping6

    0:53 Vat19: D O N O T T R Y T H I S A T H O M E. Me: I Will Try This At Home.

    • Willy Wonka Studios // Marklin is Here
      Willy Wonka Studios // Marklin is Here

      More like: *Goes to friends house*


    Cross promo!

  • adan75

    C R O S S P R O M O

  • General


  • OneTinyDancer72

    That voice crack tho... 1:05-1:06

  • Zoe

    Day 2 of asking Jamie to say hi to me in a video

  • Yaj Rovielle Reyes
    Yaj Rovielle Reyes

    0:09 when i multitask

  • FlowerPot

    well, at least vat19 made up for the missing cross promos from the last few years.

  • G L
    G L

    We had kits like these when I was a kid!! So much fun! I highly recommend!!

  • Andrei Andrian
    Andrei Andrian

    I came here only cuz the guy in the shorts video yelled at me to do it

  • Grubhub Kid
    Grubhub Kid

    BoUncey ball

  • MmiFIFA

    I just love vat19 😅

  • Lydia Castle
    Lydia Castle

    ha ha

  • Tiny Mina
    Tiny Mina

    CrOSs PrOmO

  • load up
    load up

    this channel makes ads entertaining 10/10

  • ken

    :cross promo

  • Thea Guzman
    Thea Guzman

    I guess I am kinda late

  • Deku Rei
    Deku Rei

    If only they where diffrent sizes

  • Eshaal Baloch
    Eshaal Baloch

    Wow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀😂😂🔫

  • noobiekid 1234
    noobiekid 1234

    Vat 19 I heard you mess up a lot of orders

  • PHG 207
    PHG 207

    Was anyone else just eating a Hot Pocket after he said Hot pockets

  • amon us
    amon us

    Bouncy marbles

  • Bangtan'sYumi

    I actually have done this with my butter slime last year, and I dried it and it works lol

  • Maximiliano Ramirez
    Maximiliano Ramirez

    OK if it takes 10 minutes you can only make two hot pockets because you need to put a hot pocket in for two minutes or three then you have to take it out will not take it out but you’ll leave it in there for two minutes or three and in total that’s 10 mins or more

  • The Intuitive Taroist
    The Intuitive Taroist


  • Ketzally Bravo Lopez
    Ketzally Bravo Lopez

    That’s really cool

  • AtomicDragon

    For those who want to know how it works, let me push up glasses i don't need. The silicon part mixes with the putty which has a form of moisture so it hardens in 10 minutes, therefore it keeps its shape and becomes more bouncy.

  • Marwan Hammich
    Marwan Hammich

    Can u show in a video how u make the other puddy

  • Aroosh Khan
    Aroosh Khan

    0:08 cross promo inside cross promo

  • Kristen Berner
    Kristen Berner

    I got that for Christmas it’s so fun

  • Christopher Reynolds
    Christopher Reynolds

    0:01 0:04 0:08 How many cross promos do you need? Lol.

  • SxtlyPurple Gamer
    SxtlyPurple Gamer

    I would literally all buy ur product if I have u know which is I have

  • bread gaming
    bread gaming

    I forgot about this channel then i came back glad ur still uploading

  • XxkalegamerxX bacon playz ✓
    XxkalegamerxX bacon playz ✓

    Vat 19 or covid 19

  • Innovative Tech Market
    Innovative Tech Market

    This is so cute!

  • ToXic_ TRFC
    ToXic_ TRFC

    0:53 I’m from England bruh 😎

  • IamRaiyan

    Where's Kara?

  • Emir 64
    Emir 64


  • Cassie Mckechnie
    Cassie Mckechnie

    U should get fidget toys

  • nofomo

    Can I have those hot pockets?

  • destinie guzman
    destinie guzman

    I love Vat19 it's the bestest store ever I can't seem to stop shopping there is this an edition or is vat19 rilly good at making products

  • Nerf Bros
    Nerf Bros

    Is it possible I can buy these because that’s actually sick

  • Aniss Boumsellek
    Aniss Boumsellek

    New crew sucks

  • Double Universe Worlds
    Double Universe Worlds

    Wow. After 1 year of nothing, We got this hellish cool stuff

  • GummiDom

    Yay! Commercial!

  • Abstract Zero Gaming
    Abstract Zero Gaming

    Ok just to give a review on vat19 ... yeah they scam you I ordered a product from their website from the link and when I ordered it it said it would be next day delivery I paid $37.82 yeah it’s been 2 and a half YEARS WHERES MY GOD DAM DELIVERY VAN AT WHAT DID IT GO TO GET MILK OR SOMETHING! OH AND SICE THAT DISNT WORK I ORDERED IT AGAIN BECAUSE I THOUGHT I DID SOMETHING WRONG AND IT SAID IT WOULD BE HERE IN 3 DAYS YEAH ITS BEEN 2 AND A HALF YEARS !!!!!! WHAT DID IT DECIDE TO GO AND HAVE TEA AND SCONES WITH THE QUEEN OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!

  • Conraddo Is my name
    Conraddo Is my name

    0:51 this is wat u guys do in America 🇺🇸

  • Anny Jabbour
    Anny Jabbour

    I love your products. I am gonna try The Worlds Largest Gummy Worm.

  • Ash Drinks Drip For Breakfast
    Ash Drinks Drip For Breakfast

    joey you like like fucked up dr seuss

  • TheNamesAstro

    seriously does anyone else miss the OG employees? (Jon and Danny, I haven't seen Joey in a while so idk where he's at)

  • SpeedDS DemonStar
    SpeedDS DemonStar

    Questions: does it attract dust like regular silly putty? Does it actually dry all the way through instead of getting moldy like other make-your-own bouncy/super balls kits do?

  • ƈօօӄɨɛ ɖɛʍօռ
    ƈօօӄɨɛ ɖɛʍօռ

    1:04 Let’s not talk about that voice crack shall we XD