$1000 if You Can Break This Toy in 1 Minute
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Let's see if our team can break into this high-tech, retro-cool speaker with a very low-tech notebook!
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00:00 - Intro
00:33 - Mova Globe
02:19 - Plush Cheesy Puff
04:25 - Retro Pixel Art Speaker
05:58 - Gear Ball
08:19 - Jumbo Bug Sky Ball

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    Take advantage of NordVPN’s Christmas deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to nordvpn.com/ball and use our coupon "ball" at checkout.

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    • Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX
      Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX

      @King Arjun 2516 lool same 😋😋

    • King Arjun 2516
      King Arjun 2516

      Im a bit of a simp for sara 😱

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  • Kanamasike Kenjiro elite
    Kanamasike Kenjiro elite

    Eric:SHEILA I NEED THOSE REPORT announcer but he is fake Sheila:I’m trying as fast as i can

  • itzTwisted

    Omg the thumbnail I have the same thing

  • Kitten Cupacake
    Kitten Cupacake

    Meow meow meow Meow meow

  • Roblox gamer Pro
    Roblox gamer Pro

    Jeana! I need those reports ! I type it ac fast as I can💻⌨️

  • HooTube

    2:53 HMMM Considered

  • Pretty Tiarra Chua
    Pretty Tiarra Chua


  • Cẩm Hồng Lưu
    Cẩm Hồng Lưu

    5:17 - 5:20 I know what you think, and so do I !

  • Lydia Henson
    Lydia Henson

    I love these guys 🤣😂🤣

  • Luisa Krumbpockets
    Luisa Krumbpockets

    4:38 the teacher 4:40 the student

  • Anthony Valdes
    Anthony Valdes

    How To Basic could probably break one in a millisecond with a carton of eggs.

  • James Canton
    James Canton

    7:56 lol your soul is dark?

  • Abram Lazarus
    Abram Lazarus


  • Lorelai Potter
    Lorelai Potter

    LOL look out Josh 1:57

  • Natalia Ramírez
    Natalia Ramírez

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  • ꧁𒊹Cookie Lian𒊹꧂
    ꧁𒊹Cookie Lian𒊹꧂


  • DanielFireCopter_CalFire

    10:14 Eric is having a lil too much fun if you know what I mean 😏😉

  • Marco S
    Marco S

    Just like S O U L

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee

    5:16 do you see what I see? 👀

    • Hailee M
      Hailee M


  • Lin Mi
    Lin Mi

    You sead I might to us when trying to killlllll chessy puff

  • Infinity_girl2011


  • Super Krazy
    Super Krazy

    As a man whom has broken sooooooooo many things since I was young with maaaaaaany different items. I bet I could break this stuff lmao. Or just break my wrist in trying haha

  • Leia Monaco
    Leia Monaco

    Animation people make a show called puffy and cone the best friends

  • Phase Claps
    Phase Claps

    5:38 when Kyle broke the table I freaking cried lmfao omg it was the funniest reaction ever

  • stacy leonard
    stacy leonard

    Why does nobody realize in the bonus round Kyles tool looks like a shank

  • Pxl COD
    Pxl COD

    10 Grand If You Break Nokia 3310

  • Skeptical San
    Skeptical San

    Everyone’s intro : I will break it! Like it might take bits! Kyle : *hello..welcome*

  • Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX
    Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX

    Sorry, but I hate Kyle 🤢🤢

    • Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX
      Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX


    • Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX
      Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX


    • Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX
      Xmøusy-lemøn gachaX


  • a Rolling Pin
    a Rolling Pin

    Me i hate ads Vat19 posts Me i like ads

  • wHiTe-CrOw

    is Kyle flexing how tough he is or was the table just weak

  • Crystelle Canuto
    Crystelle Canuto


  • Ashley Wetherill
    Ashley Wetherill

    Kyle ok

  • シ「 ɪᴛᴢ ᗩIKㄖ 」
    シ「 ɪᴛᴢ ᗩIKㄖ 」

    when they try to break it they can't pro when I try to take care of them they break me in 10 minutes

  • Lui Aceves
    Lui Aceves

    your a lil annoying

  • Haydrox123 YT
    Haydrox123 YT

    Plot twist, Nokia helped make this video

  • GoldModdy

    5:17 *This is weird*

  • Jen Shaw
    Jen Shaw

    Break it! -Kyle procceds to break wepon and table-

  • Sxnshine Days
    Sxnshine Days


    • Sxnshine Days
      Sxnshine Days

      @Sssnickers For peeps it looks so weird 😂

    • Sssnickers For peeps
      Sssnickers For peeps

      That’s how it’s designed 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Tootfarts

    3:16 English please!!!

  • dark sun
    dark sun

    Eric name if you take the c off it's eri

    • Milly Carlton
      Milly Carlton

      no shit sherlock

  • Mae Anne Binollas
    Mae Anne Binollas

    Kyle is my spirit animal💯

  • Cubbi Art
    Cubbi Art

    I finally know how to destroy planet earth 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • VoltageEffects117 HD
    VoltageEffects117 HD

    Kyle is so dreamy.

  • Headibear-_-

    so if he likes breaking spherical items maybe that's why he can't reproduce

  • Rachel Olivia Earle
    Rachel Olivia Earle

    Eric while beating the cheese puff: "what do you want from me"

  • karen Mcwilton
    karen Mcwilton

    5:17 i hate my mind.

  • Dave Campbell
    Dave Campbell

    I love it how they spin the vault calmly

  • mansoora nawaz
    mansoora nawaz

    What the hell she could have destroyed the speaker with the book she could put it over and put pressure on the book

  • HackMeOrAceMe

    use sharp tools in 15 sec (idea)

  • Tentawni Lallawmzeli
    Tentawni Lallawmzeli

    You can not break with rock🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


    What’s the toy that looks like a mini computer someone pls tell me

  • RunicJupiter

    This is just a very smart marketing ploy

  • M2Equals Triangle
    M2Equals Triangle

    Puff Challenge Place the puff in between plug and extension cord and it sparks a fire. Similar to the penny challenge a few months back.

  • Morgan Michalic
    Morgan Michalic

    Just like my soul 😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Thornley
    Jennifer Thornley

    3:17 That’s god language right there

  • Your Local Idiot
    Your Local Idiot

    why does kyle's look give me markiplier vibe except kyle is jacked

  • Haq Haq
    Haq Haq

    6:03 any other cubers here?

  • Kingdom of Italy
    Kingdom of Italy

    Dear lord you guys suck at humor and destruction

  • Iplay cod
    Iplay cod

    5:37 mans breaks the table in two

  • drew boi
    drew boi

    The Rubix cube part. Hold up didn't the other video had the guy broke it in just 1 second

  • Kristy Taylor
    Kristy Taylor

    Turn on captions at 3:17 just wow just wow

  • Rhyla Swick
    Rhyla Swick

    Kyle reminds me of Ed sherens dead inside depressing cousin 😅😂😂

  • Wyatt Green - WLM Student
    Wyatt Green - WLM Student

    Eric is back the return of the king has happened

  • Ava Machado
    Ava Machado


  • Laila Sheiman
    Laila Sheiman

    You should make a rhino shield for wiko phones.

  • Jenaya Murray
    Jenaya Murray

    I love when they breck in to stuff.

  • Rayana Wolf
    Rayana Wolf

    Yess I love these videos ☺️

  • Preivous

    I think Kyle is corpse

  • George Pearse
    George Pearse

    Is there break it to make it 6 coming out soon or no

  • Flutefox31

    I knew that fox mug was some where on the world wide internet

  • Austin Franks
    Austin Franks

    Sloane is the BEST at breaking things! I saw the other videos.😁

  • Infinity's Space
    Infinity's Space

    Who noticed that was drumsy? I think

  • Topthorn

    i love sloane

  • amazing random jammers
    amazing random jammers

    When she said that the pinecone and the cheese puff would be a good show I was like yessssssssssss

  • Bread_Boi_Gaming

    Vat19: Can you break this toy in 1 minute? Hydraulic press go brrr

  • Bridget Nichols
    Bridget Nichols

    Ophthalmology orange 🍊 people boy 👦 girl 👧🏼 👨🏻 man woman 👩 I’m 8

  • TheOfficial Conflict_YT
    TheOfficial Conflict_YT

    Hold my nokia

  • Bloomy

    Not the Kawaii toys :(

  • Grosir kemejaWinstar
    Grosir kemejaWinstar

    If i was the one with the mystery box or the one with gummy i Will Bash it on the corner of the table

  • Levy M
    Levy M

    I wish i can get that :3 the earth

  • indhu jeyarajan
    indhu jeyarajan

    Really REALLY!!!!!!!!!! That poofy puff is inocent but ur still my favourite

  • indhu jeyarajan
    indhu jeyarajan


  • Scarlett Pinder
    Scarlett Pinder

    2:22 😂

  • Huso Džuzdanović
    Huso Džuzdanović

    1 time Eric

  • TTVGvlogs


  • Crash Cove
    Crash Cove

    All vpns are breakable js dont use them unless u in a xbox or ps5 prty

  • Yango Sakurai
    Yango Sakurai

    I feel like this could be one of the TV shows they were watching on the movie Idiocracy

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood

    Hello... and welcome... *Silence*

  • Brock hastings
    Brock hastings

    Sarah on the computer tho 🥵🥵

  • Bean Jolette
    Bean Jolette

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  • Hot Strawberry
    Hot Strawberry

    “I will try to make it fast as I can”😂

  • Esme Greco
    Esme Greco

    DONT get Nordvpn trust me it makes your WiFi aweful

  • Mr. Fergie
    Mr. Fergie

    5:39 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Cherry Cake
    Cherry Cake

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    Gwen Jane

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    Brynn Pogmore

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    Gogo Destre

    Love your gear and your breaking vids are funny 🤣😂🤣

  • ccc

    There’s gonna be blood and not mine aye to Kyle is so dark

  • Natalie Dahm
    Natalie Dahm

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