It Does Something You Won't Expect
The uniquely cool Retro Pixel Art Speaker seems like it's from the future and the past, and it has so many functions that you'll be surprised what it can do...
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00:00 - Intro
00:15 - Pixelated Smart Backpack
01:25 - Waka Waka Solar Charger
02:25 - Chambong
03:40 - Bing Bang Bounce
04:14 - Bean Bag Bucketz
05:12 - Supersize 3D Kites
06:15 - Gummy Mustache
07:28 - Perfect Bake
10:03 - Retro Pixel Art Speaker

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  • Kristen Woronoff
    Kristen Woronoff

    I have

  • Pablo Dave
    Pablo Dave

    Coolest shit ever

  • Reina Tamayo
    Reina Tamayo

    Oh i miss kara pls come back kara🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢

  • Lenka Zajícová
    Lenka Zajícová

    • Lenka Zajícová
      Lenka Zajícová

  • Kaleb Silalahi
    Kaleb Silalahi

    00:04 that eye wave tho

  • Jace Tuter
    Jace Tuter

    Make the worlds biggest nerds candy

  • Wy4tt th3 g4m3r
    Wy4tt th3 g4m3r

    If the perfect bake connects with the headphone jack than I’m sorry for the people who use the newer iPads they don’t have a headphone jack and use a different charger so you can’t use the attachment thing

  • Brandt Jensen
    Brandt Jensen

    Fun fact: you just read the words “fun fact”

  • junior artist
    junior artist

    Vat19 i literally a add but way more interesting 👌

  • Video_Edits

    Im surprised dany and jon were jn this video even though its not even for a minute im happy to see them in vat19 video

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • Reina Tamayo
    Reina Tamayo

    Hahahah the way he change the bag he was like ):) boop ....... :who steal's the bag : sorry man heres your bag

  • qareena love
    qareena love


  • SunnyxFlower

    I haven't been seeing Keira lately , did she leave

  • Titus Gaming
    Titus Gaming

    I love wen 7.37 the guy said size small bikini lol 😂

  • Hanson Zhang
    Hanson Zhang

    um check 9:19

  • Shaun Hartman
    Shaun Hartman

    I like the buccaneers

  • StarsGoneEmpty

    "Pepsi bottle, cocacola glass. I dont give a damn."

  • Cecilia are you okay?
    Cecilia are you okay?

    Lets see how many subs I can get without any videos once I get to 1k I will post

  • Jimins Lost jams
    Jimins Lost jams

    I love 12 minutes i of advertising


    I like the pixel smart backpack you can prank someone with it by putting everyone sucks

  • Flor de Maria Montalvan
    Flor de Maria Montalvan

    No get the Bluetooth thing I don’t know please oh actually I’m gonna tell my mom actually not a bigActually I was kidding

  • [HtH] demo57
    [HtH] demo57

    00:34 pun citeee

  • VeryTastySoup

    They reply now?

  • Bethany Orea
    Bethany Orea

    Ok but that backpack looks legit

  • Ssakcaj the plasmanoid
    Ssakcaj the plasmanoid


  • Gamer dude 123
    Gamer dude 123

    I know whining about it won’t help but I MISS KARA DANNY AND JOHN😩😩🥺🥺

  • Lil'ducko

    give the Al McWhiggin from Toy Story girl a job off screen, do don't want to see her, she is very irritating to my eyes and ears

  • Lil'ducko

    The new ugly girl was a mistake, please don't cast her anymore, she is annoying af

  • Sus Spring ranger
    Sus Spring ranger

    I’m still going to miss Danny doing the intro

  • YTS Smith
    YTS Smith

    I love you videos soooooo much😍😃❤️💗💗💗

  • Insanebruh

    When you realised that you just wasted 11:59 seconds of your life: 🤔

  • YTS Smith
    YTS Smith

    How much money is the chambong

  • Reina Tamayo
    Reina Tamayo

    Me mine is 29 months

  • KonkeyDong

    Do you guys age?

  • KonkeyDong

    I haven't watched a vat19 video in like 6 years and it doesn't even look like it changed at all. And I love that.

    • KonkeyDong

      Seriously, how do these guys look exactly the same?

  • XiannGaming

    The only channel I allow to make advertisements

  • Go_Cart_ King
    Go_Cart_ King

    My personal favorite is the backpack for going back to school it’s pretty cool 😎

  • GamingWithLolo !
    GamingWithLolo !

    It's not long I promise⬇️ 👌ha gottem

  • Chriszha Kate Wilford
    Chriszha Kate Wilford

    If i have that smart backpack ill make an sans bag

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    What happened to one video without a clickbate title

  • Lottie Morton
    Lottie Morton

    I'm miss the fact that jane doesn't get frustrated by the fact he can't find Danny please do more

  • Laetitia Aizian Floresca
    Laetitia Aizian Floresca

    When will you restock the simpl dimpl in your shop?


    6:31 Most Useless Thing

  • Balmukund Mishra
    Balmukund Mishra

    0:01 it looks like a mini-computer

  • Lemoni the Lemoni
    Lemoni the Lemoni

    this is the commercial i will never skip

  • ash

    ive been looking for this channel for like 2 years and i finally found it omfgggg

  • Sofia Ibarra
    Sofia Ibarra


  • pigeonsplayz

    We can make kite with our own hands

  • MrGreenManWithShades

    Can you like? Add the energy gummy and the Bobross drink? Both together?

  • MDT - Epicx_Gamer
    MDT - Epicx_Gamer

    I like how you guys respond to viewers, btw, who's the member that keeps responding to the viewers?

  • BroganC

    Is this some old footage or did Danny and John come back to visit and make some scenes

  • wenagade waider
    wenagade waider

    7:44 why does he look like apple pen pineapple pen guy

  • Jennifer Hannen
    Jennifer Hannen

    Time 128 is sad too Chadwick boseman

  • daesean perry
    daesean perry

    I'm buying it I like Pokemon that's only if my aunt can get it

  • jesusa bacula
    jesusa bacula

    Why Does The Chambong Make You Feel Like Your Drinking But Also Smoking.

  • Shocks

    That pixel backpack is sweeeet

  • Namjesus

    I’m such a big fan of vat19 I wish they would heart my comment🥺❤️ I’m bored so I watch vat19 My favorite product is the slushy cup

  • KZ Games And Songs
    KZ Games And Songs

    Eric was held at gunpo- I mean Tazer-point!

  • practically.hayley

    that bag pack won’t last a second in the Philippines, it’ll be stolen in a millisecond 😂

  • chippy microbe
    chippy microbe

    Do giantmicrobes

  • Unicon

    Does the perfect bake have settings for cooking within the deep fiery depths of hell? I don’t really have an oven so this is my best option.

  • that one cat
    that one cat

    I have sense 3.4m subs

  • SpiritLynx

    not trying to blame anyone but wasn’t this from another company called Divoom?

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    Hey guys I've already ordered a slushy maker been watching for only few weeks or months but I love it slushy cup ordered today can't wait till it gets here

  • Serena Gupta
    Serena Gupta

    I thought they quickly vat19 tho

  • Hailey Hung
    Hailey Hung

    If only ISnets gave me these ads...

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    Mr. Doggy

  • Erico Bermudez Jr
    Erico Bermudez Jr

    0:41 PACKERS!!!

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    Justine Mark Maat

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    Armando Martinez


  • Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez

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    Emily Rady

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    Judy Swedeen

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    Karen Davila

    Only ogs will remember the grilliput bbq and firebowl

  • Simr kaur
    Simr kaur

    Man, y'all are getting smarter and smarter with these gadgets and products. B)

  • Patrick's science club
    Patrick's science club

    At point 9:19 what monster would do this

  • Abraham Berlanga
    Abraham Berlanga

    It's cool but I'm still sad about daft punk ( ・ั﹏・ั)

  • Elisa Miranda
    Elisa Miranda

    Hey now that Eric is back is there a chance that awesome time could come back? Those were great along with the golden gummy bear challenges.

  • Random Exploits
    Random Exploits

    I just relized this was scripted

  • Robomike Efe
    Robomike Efe

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    Choxie -XV

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  • Another cubing channel
    Another cubing channel

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    Joshua Hunt

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  • WhoeverG1itch3d

    When I see the video: the video line is gone off the video what..

  • Fract

    Wait what I thought u stopped uploading commercials lets goo

  • EyeBob

    Oh dude my bro and I used to have the 3d kites as a kid! They were literally the pirate ship and dragon kites you showcased! Unfortunately they were destroyed by us (mostly me) being neglectful little kids. I might buy these again.

  • Elliott Ralph
    Elliott Ralph

    Anyone know if Ben still works there?

  • HAMSTER cult
    HAMSTER cult

    And i got the gummy watermelon like 11 months ago and it was sooooooo gooooddd

  • HAMSTER cult
    HAMSTER cult

    The bad thing for me is that the backpack whould be awesome for school but now i do home school 😢😢😢😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖love u guys

  • Natalie Gibson
    Natalie Gibson

    Ok so we know Jon and Danny left Vat19 but what about Joey and Kara we haven’t seen them in a while

    • Natalie Gibson
      Natalie Gibson

      @Eve Lim Sad I wonder why and they didn’t make a vid about it

    • Eve Lim
      Eve Lim

      They left too.

  • BlueBoy

    0:00 i thought it was a rickroll...


    I made my own bean bag bucket so cheap

  • Tong Chung
    Tong Chung

    Waka waka (this time for africa)

  • Lenard Acejo
    Lenard Acejo

    Someone's gonna hack into the retro speaker thing to make it so that it can run doom. Same with the backpack. Same with the waka waka.

  • Desk Dog
    Desk Dog

    you guys should make a giant chambong

  • Jeffda boat
    Jeffda boat

    Lmao i got this yesterday

  • SilentBasilisk 7
    SilentBasilisk 7

    During perfect bake the bake sale woman knew really fast that he would say no like she had attacked people before for recipes. I will never go to another bake sale...

  • MR LEE
    MR LEE

    How good is this channel i love it every ITEMS has an Funny Advertising i like it very much

  • Mia Gonzalez Avila
    Mia Gonzalez Avila

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