This Genius Cup Actually Lets You Drink Cereal • 13 Gifts That Give You an Extra Hand
Eating cereal is so old fashioned. The CrunchCup lets you drink your breakfast so you can free up a hand for more important things... like going to our site to find the other awesome products in this video!
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    This video made in 2020 Who’s watching in 2021

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    Wat is this a podcast I came for the adds

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    1:36 dude perfect ripoff

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    0:03 Product #1 (Crunch cup) 1:14 Product #2 (Sling sticks) 2:19 Product #3 (Dust extinguisher) 3:19 Product #4 (Tiny hands) 5:22 Product #5 (Slice'n slide cake server) 6:19 Product #6 (Paint retouching pen) 7:34 Product #7 (Kappa kuz)

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    8:00 the beer/wine name is corona?

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    Yellow sus

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    *AH! MY LOVE!*

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    umm the milk needs to be cold tho if its lefted out to long it sour

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    Looks sus

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    The dude descent part was super cring

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    i think vat 19 will make the future amazing products.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    Imagine if vat19 was a product only one in stock

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    8:14 CORONA

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    Did anyone get a rickroll add for the start?

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    8:00 He's holding corona XD

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    I gotta admit, that Cap-A-Cooz ad is creative in the least and genius at best.

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    Granpa's wig... Perfect! Dude Decent... you bois were HILARIOUS!

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    That contagious joke was hilarious XD

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    The Cereal Bottle Is A Bit Sus...

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    Dude Decent

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    Could I use ice and lemonade?

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    Just put a bottle of milk and cereal


    i hate how your calling it a coosie instead of a stubby holder

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    theay promist theay dit dew a crazy comersial ad BUT THAY DIIIIIIII IT!!??!?!!?!!!!!?!!?!!!

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    Thats wat sye sead 🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩🐘💨💩

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    Buy a Pump & Grind at Pump and Grind you say...well.......that's what she said

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    2:08 what is erick doing in the backround?!!!!😂

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    3:16 i hate that noise it always cringes me

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    Dude perfect if you seen this you’re probably going to be proud

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    Dude decent lmao

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    They said beer twice in the hoodie with the beer pouch

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    2:11 the man in the ice cream bus be like BRUH ARE THIS DUDES CRAZY

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    I want these to be Ads.

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    The "haha That's what she said"🤣

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    Them : Dude Decent Me: You crack me up

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    But what if i like... *SOGGY CEREAL*

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    seriously? a pepper ball? just buy a salt shaker and put pepper in it!

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    Wow dude decents


    No one litually no one the front of a crutch cups front looks like a yellow among us caretor

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    How tf he got off the roof so fast 😂

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    1:05 You mean crush cup? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    This commercial company has more than 7.5m subs

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    Dud descent vs dud perfect

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    My favorite clip 13:23 Dopplegangster

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    At 2:14 that looks like dr strange

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      Btw the blue guy

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    14:23 "and stays flat" LOLL IT BENDED IF U LOOK CAREFULLY

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    Noooo you can’t have crunchy cereal it has to be soggy

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    dude decent had me on the floor🤣🤣

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    Aw i thought you would do the flint stone cereal for the caveman cereal man

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    Food phone cup is that a good idea

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    the crunch cup is just a among us character

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    Bruh, my dudes got a beer addiction Some proof of this is how many bottle openers this guy has made.

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    I loved the Proctologist one can you make a video on that vat19 what's the two same guys that did in the video

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    N3xt ch4nel: dud3 d3c3nt

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    As soon as it said flip the switch and start devouring. Me:Ha ha what a second what did you just say

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    Right before I saw this I saw a vat19 ad

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    did anyone else hear the Crash Bandicoot music during the beer hoodie promo?

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    The crunch cup seemed awesome on dope or nope

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    you can just use a brush instead of "paint retouching pens"

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    Bad boys

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    Well I need to say for something

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    11:30 I've had that tool for 20 years before Vat 19

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    The nice clam worrisomely tow because battery immunohistologically disapprove plus a fresh children. shut, scarce fiction

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    Do you make these probucts

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    13:30 that doesn't sound right...

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    dang it an ad interrupted my ads


    I have a quested about the cruch cup will the milk get yucky bc it’s not in a cold place?

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  • jennieb19801


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    7:10 or you can use a paintbrush

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    peper grinder... looks like a bunny imagine a bunny grinding on a carrot maybe it was shaped like that.

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    Dude decent is a pretty cool channel

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    My kids watch these- less thats what she said jokes-

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    I like how vat19 copied dude perfect but name it dude decent

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    Is there salt in one of them

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    It there an kid huddie whith An drink pach because I need on for pe at school

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    Lisa Mcnabb

    But paint will dry up to because it might be old 😓

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    The milk will get yucky

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    • A bruh gun.
      A bruh gun.

      *m h m*

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    Me when I Heard Dude Decent: THEY COPIED ME AND MY FRIENDS!!!!! (We Actually made a joke with a knock-off dude perfect called Dude Decent)

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    Dude decent😂

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    9:56 narrator: let´s say.. beer isn´t your thing also narrator: *puts beer in list twice*

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    ALL the products on your WHOLE channel IS SOOOOO USEFUL my mom would LOVE ALL your products :>

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