We Made This Chocolate Bar Totally Unbearable • Spice Trivia #2
This might look like an innocent chocolate bar, but it's one of the punishments as we test the limits of our knowledge and pain tolerance in Spicy Trivia.
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  • Madhusudan Dutta
    Madhusudan Dutta

    I love how Maddie just doesn't care how friggin spicy it is lmao

  • Jeffrey Gaul
    Jeffrey Gaul

    I would give Jamie and Mile's half a point for guessing the old capital but still get a punishment but hey that's just me

  • Even Zeroes Can Be Heroes
    Even Zeroes Can Be Heroes

    Sloan is the best here hands down

  • little animals
    little animals

    Sloans up there

  • Taylor Steimle
    Taylor Steimle

    My sister bought a lil nitro and licked it and gave up it didn't even fully enter her mouth 😂

  • Jasooon

    The Carolina reaper isn’t natural lol

  • Georgina Jones
    Georgina Jones

    The cringeeee

  • Jerry The Cat
    Jerry The Cat


  • Yuan Felix
    Yuan Felix

    Jamie is literally dying😭🤣 I’m sorry😭😂🤣

  • Kassandra Jimenez
    Kassandra Jimenez

    If spice king was in this video he will be getting the question wrong just to spicy stuff 😂

  • Mishika Majumder
    Mishika Majumder

    BRO this not good

  • MangleFoxVideos

    My reaction to the thumbnail: So.....I can give it to a toddler?

  • CalebGamez

    Im from sc

  • CalebGamez

    A moon and a palm tree

  • Marina Mikhaeil
    Marina Mikhaeil

    Slone is my spirit animal

  • Zoë Arriaga Saenz
    Zoë Arriaga Saenz

    Mexicans: I don’t think so :)

  • Greg Foust
    Greg Foust

    I want the old crew back. I don’t like Sloan.

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming


  • Bryan Yap
    Bryan Yap

    10:28 great to see miles singing

  • RavenLeBean

    Sloan is a queen and a boss, you go LESBEAN!

  • yellipoh yodiyol
    yellipoh yodiyol

    Jamie and Miles were never seen again.

  • Hirozaki Daniswara
    Hirozaki Daniswara

    10:27 what the fox miles saying ?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lyndon Bond
    Lyndon Bond

    The hottest pepper is a razor pepper hotter than the reaper. Guinness hasent tried it yet. That's y when u search it on Google it says the reaper

  • Dayne Way
    Dayne Way

    Carolina reaper power: exists my brain for no reason: snort it

  • Rhythm S
    Rhythm S

    me living in PA 😎 and used to live in SC 😎 and am born in India 😎

  • Steven Kitajima
    Steven Kitajima

    *gets the question wrong about the murder hornets "tHaT's LiKe PuRe SeMaNtIcS" she's so hostile geeeez "Can you not feel spice" "i would rather die than to let you feel superior of me" like what?! Chill tf out its just a game, calm your liberal feminist attitude

  • pablito Santoyo
    pablito Santoyo

    So see if they're growing your hair back Jamie funny

  • Alpha d09
    Alpha d09

    1:49 moon and palm tree

  • This Sucks
    This Sucks

    her: Carolina reaper p- *ad*

  • Da boys Got U
    Da boys Got U

    Miles was like 10:29 And then cough

  • Emma Percy
    Emma Percy

    Jamie is just dieing right at the minute he gets the spicy chocolate LOL

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    I'm in disbelive on how strong sloan stays with consuming so many spicy things.

  • The Pirate
    The Pirate

    why would anybody eat a chocolate bar like that? on the thumbnail

  • Lily's Vlogs
    Lily's Vlogs

    heyyy i live in SC

  • Caroline M
    Caroline M

    I actually got the South Carolina flag and I was shook.

  • Katty Animations
    Katty Animations

    Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are NOT i repeat NOT the capitals of PA

  • Punith Lourdu
    Punith Lourdu

    that red hed is a stupid

  • Emma Ginn
    Emma Ginn

    I even knew it was Harrisburg 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 And I’m 8

  • Karina Jain
    Karina Jain

    Sloan the spice Queen cannot be beaten Me no idea how

  • Aru & Ummi
    Aru & Ummi


  • Midori Oichi
    Midori Oichi

    10:05 I think she said probably

  • Still_ Jimmy
    Still_ Jimmy

    We all know diabetes is dangerous

  • Lady Origami
    Lady Origami

    i don't think maddie won't ever eat a chocolate after this

  • Aldrich Reynard
    Aldrich Reynard

    Who else here is Indonesian?

  • Voidling studios official
    Voidling studios official

    Put some void ink in it, non lethal but will hurt like hell, for a few minutes

  • CoinH

    Jamie: has spicy chocolate Also Jamie: gets mad Also Jamie: gets question wrong The last also Jamie:🤬🤬

  • The Canadian Wonder
    The Canadian Wonder

    The first question would've been real handy to know wakkos America by heart

  • Angela playz. roblox.
    Angela playz. roblox.

    The host: just asking questions normally Jamie:Chocking on a piece of chocolate

  • Heng Nguon
    Heng Nguon

    How to make spicy chocolate 🌶🍫

  • Jethros Ghost
    Jethros Ghost


  • ꧁ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ꧂ :3
    ꧁ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ꧂ :3

    sloane... how...

  • Michelle Saavedra
    Michelle Saavedra

    I've had 'Lil Nitro. Never again unless there is some money involved and by that I mean alot.of money. 😂

  • shark roaster kannada
    shark roaster kannada

    2:18 I am from india

  • Wolz

    What happened to Kara?

  • The Kid In Blue
    The Kid In Blue

    i hate sloane alot

  • Phoenix Peters
    Phoenix Peters

    Good video

  • Gaming with Abigail
    Gaming with Abigail

    Miles- Jamie you ya........

  • {Thûñdêr}

    Go Sloan!

  • Sam Studio
    Sam Studio

    Jamie: a Great War cold and fire Everyone: ... what?

  • Verril dcruz
    Verril dcruz

    This video was published on my birthday

  • Erin Jones
    Erin Jones

    He said the fu k word

  • Lemon Aid
    Lemon Aid

    sloane is boy type and miles is girl type and that's a match

  • Logan Lockwood
    Logan Lockwood

    2:23, Jamie, quarter for the swear jar

  • Zack Craig
    Zack Craig

    First video I’ve seen with Sloan and she’s annoying as hell. I can tell my watching of vat19’s videos is gonna stop if this is how she is in all of them.

  • DEMON killer
    DEMON killer

    I REALY like spicey cuz It DOSENT kill me at all it just just do this to me painful hand I always eat chilli stuff every pepper but not the ghost pepper and the reaper pepper

  • Lilyth Palen
    Lilyth Palen

    who else watched the pout came, like 1000 times.

  • Katera Capone
    Katera Capone

    Being from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania most of us know it’s Harrisburg.

  • 123

    To the very special person who is reading this comment: I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy in this hard time!😊😊😊


    Jamie's burning face is the reason why the spicy eps continues.

  • Alex Noll
    Alex Noll

    i had ghostpepper gumballs the other day and i now have a great respect for spice

  • Dragon Slayer 15
    Dragon Slayer 15

    Miles. Just miles.


    Miles singing at the end lol im laughing and im dead i can even breath

  • Pug and Space Gamers
    Pug and Space Gamers

    Jamie, you alright? Lol

  • B Mac
    B Mac

    Jamie over here drowning himself while the spice queens be sitting on their thrones

  • Glittering Potato
    Glittering Potato

    Sloan is a stone she didnt even react to two tows of satan and the worlds hotest chocolate

  • Jade

    10:28 He’s done it. He’s finally snapped. 😂

  • Ed and Chris
    Ed and Chris

    I’ve legit tried their “spiciest chocolate” in the world and it made me throw up when I took it at school, it is honestly fuckin horrible and I don’t know what 15 yr old me was thinking


    Me 2 years old ( i am not a kid 😡 )

  • Saturn Rings
    Saturn Rings

    Miles singing cracked me up

  • Selwyn Cox
    Selwyn Cox

    It's funny when spice is put into it and Rescpect to the girls for being absolute champs

  • Zaara

    Thats How Math Works Myles- Sloane 2020🔥

  • The Chairs Missing Official
    The Chairs Missing Official

    Now make it NSFW

  • Inky The Squid
    Inky The Squid

    New tittle for the video: Watch Jamie suffer

  • Saiga GinIchiRou
    Saiga GinIchiRou

    geography is everything

  • Olivia Nordby
    Olivia Nordby


  • Bumblebee

    I forgot how mad Jamie gets when he eats spicy things lmao

  • Dot I
    Dot I


  • 123

    To the 1% of everyone who’s reading this: Don’t let anyone let you down, keep following your dreams and being yourself! (:

    • pyrrha706


  • Turtleman 13
    Turtleman 13

    Who knew Miles could hit those High notes with Spice?

  • sadcowboyy

    i dont think its spicy im asian

  • Wobblyorbee

    7:01 what sound is that?

  • cat43

    jamie is not ready for this

  • BananaWafflez

    Video: *gets super dramatic* Me: It's only been 2 minutes!

  • uri mascka
    uri mascka

    Idk that lady sends bad vibes

  • John Rak
    John Rak

    Why is miles singing Staying Alive?

  • Lemmbu

    5:42 jamie cheated

  • yuSra waSeem
    yuSra waSeem

    Sloan looked like shes just gonna slap Jamie 😁😁

  • Erick J
    Erick J

    Carolina reaper powder is like eating pain

  • Safa Qasemi
    Safa Qasemi

    Slone like.....😐😑

  • Official Gacha Bush
    Official Gacha Bush

    As someone from Pennsylvania, I am very sad that they don’t know the capital of the state.