Why Can't These Matches Be Put Out? • Burning Questions #17
Our very science-y scientists are back to answer your most important questions about Vat19 products.
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  • Amissum

    Who Misses When Jon And Joey Where The Scientists

  • Katie Satie
    Katie Satie

    I love vat19 candy so much but my mom says I eat too much what do I do? Pls answer me cuz i asked everybody I know and they don’t know the answer

  • Littlest angel
    Littlest angel

    I wanna know a few things 1 by 1 Is there a way to put out storm proof matches

  • Maria Tyler
    Maria Tyler

    Why does the horse look like that guy from Ratatouille you know that food critic guy

  • Aries Thapa
    Aries Thapa


  • Joshua Lowther
    Joshua Lowther

    Does the make your own putty kit Does the potty that already is made if you put to go or do it while the movers are putting already glow

  • RandomStuff yt
    RandomStuff yt

    When he said streets are for cars, he reminded me of willy wonka ngl

  • Gamer bro 71
    Gamer bro 71

    Yes don’t play with fire play with lava😅😅😅

  • Swagger Link
    Swagger Link

    I want to know something about the Pocket Knife that you sell and which things can be cut by it

  • Oracle Geraldez
    Oracle Geraldez

    FastBreak383 is basically a meme at this point

  • David Mota
    David Mota

    The king FastBreak383 had returned

  • sherine

    That storm proof match is perfect for birthday cake

  • kak_has_eyes

    *FASTBREAK383* now that's a name i haven't heard in a decade

  • Chad

    Me : sees a comment about fast break also me: doesn’t understand also also me : Ok don’t care

  • Jr The Noob
    Jr The Noob

    What would it taste like if I put the pie lollipop with ice cream

  • Xazz_Madd

    Greg poupon more like greg poopon

  • Jackie Wang
    Jackie Wang


  • Taylor Steimle
    Taylor Steimle

    I was really hoping to get the human slingshot-human package deal

  • Jayzy Phoo
    Jayzy Phoo

    how do u set off the maches 🧐

  • Miguel Teixeira
    Miguel Teixeira


  • Nahida Sultana
    Nahida Sultana

    3:17: Humans sold separately me: HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE

  • SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi
    SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi

    I have a question about the face lollipop. Can you make a face lollipop that resembles a video game character?


    How far can you slingshot a bb wit the human slingshot

  • Zaini Abd rashid
    Zaini Abd rashid

    does the unicorn fart works for animal??

  • Aryanna Arnold
    Aryanna Arnold

    I have a chocolate ammo box

  • the one kid genet
    the one kid genet

    Hey that sooooooo good

  • mynameisbryanlee Gaming
    mynameisbryanlee Gaming

    I'm like a huge fan of vat19 and i've watched nearly all they're video's (including burning questions) and fastbreak383 is nearly in EVERY single burning question

  • Flangea Andrei
    Flangea Andrei

    FastBreak383 is the OG

  • Yareyaredaze 23
    Yareyaredaze 23

    Who remembers when john and joey was the scientists

  • Red Octagon
    Red Octagon

    Can you make the gummy worm turn into the big long jump rope? (And play it)

  • Ariel Moya
    Ariel Moya

    The price is worth but the delivery isn't

  • SwAvYNuch Par
    SwAvYNuch Par

    Also who remembers when Jon and Danny were the scientist 🤧😨

  • SwAvYNuch Par
    SwAvYNuch Par

    Fastbreak383 man I felt that nostalgia🥺😨😭🤧

  • Ramrick Mendoza
    Ramrick Mendoza

    can you try submerging the waterproof maches in liquid hydrogen

  • samue robinson
    samue robinson

    You guys should make a jumbo ice sled for this could be awesome it should hold 10 people or as much that it can hold

  • Chavo Bt
    Chavo Bt

    If Giant Fatable Soccer Ball fun? Well if you throw it at the car, can it broke?

  • TAF CJ Gaming 2004
    TAF CJ Gaming 2004

    Burning Question: What happens if you put WOW Bacon in a Trailer microwave? By trailer I mean the one you go on vacations with.

  • Nikoloz Gozalishvili
    Nikoloz Gozalishvili


  • Felindra Costei
    Felindra Costei

    ParKOUR 🤣🤣🤣

  • ParkerGamer285 And My Family
    ParkerGamer285 And My Family

    The reason why human slingshot can’t slingshot a human is because people are heavy.

  • ParkerGamer285 And My Family
    ParkerGamer285 And My Family

    By the way crunch cup can use other stuff. Wish me luck.


    if i buy 800 pds of glow in the dark putty, could i make a giant night light?

  • Crazy Panda
    Crazy Panda

    Greg poopon

  • celi alvarez
    celi alvarez

    I have a question how do you put out storm proof matches

  • Padugnao family
    Padugnao family

    The legend of "FastBreak383"

  • Shiela Ruanes
    Shiela Ruanes

    4:20 383 - prime

  • JMarchel

    Is this really just an advertisement channel?

  • Julita Añora
    Julita Añora

    Mekc a food movie You guys are cool

  • Azhar Shah
    Azhar Shah

    Can the slicer used with gummy bottom instead of ice?

  • Blue Animations
    Blue Animations

    Question about the angry putty: I have bad temper and what if the angry putty doesnt calm me down?

  • KoiFeather

    ‘A stretchy band that flings you and your friends around’ *Bold of you to assume I have friends*

  • deklyns world
    deklyns world

    how much force to break the simple dimple?

  • Awais Jaffer
    Awais Jaffer

    FastBreak383 is an OG.

  • BlackJackBlake

    5:37 Is milk gang approved apt first but later no

  • Elizabeth Harvey
    Elizabeth Harvey

    can the pop nife cut like a real nife? -Elizabeth harvey

  • Spicy Dorito Animations
    Spicy Dorito Animations

    i have a question about the mega bounce xtr: can it bounce to the moon?

  • Holly Hughes
    Holly Hughes

    Where can I get that upside down game

  • Migdalie Burgos
    Migdalie Burgos

    Sonics human teeth scare me😂🤣

  • Wolf Boy2
    Wolf Boy2

    That chocolate ammo i strongy rwcomend

  • Story time with Aymen
    Story time with Aymen

    I have a question does not melting icecream be destroyed from a huge tall building

  • Patrik the shitpost man
    Patrik the shitpost man


  • OGod

    Man, this is the first time I've watched Vat19 in awhile and who are these people?

  • Oquella Yt
    Oquella Yt

    99% of the comments : BREAKFAST383 1% of the comments: yes

  • Cali Ge
    Cali Ge

    Burning Question: I have a question about Burning Questions. Who is Fastbreak383????

  • Band Band
    Band Band

    But can i play Mega Man with mega sized products?

  • Chat Ejap
    Chat Ejap

    aww it doesnt work on ours we dont have grass only roads

  • Milagros Payac
    Milagros Payac

    I like how the TV shows a fireplace

  • Bearly Lazy
    Bearly Lazy

    I have a burning question for the waterproof matches: how do i put them out when i want to?

  • Antonis73

    Why everyone is nostalgic to someone named fastbreak383

  • Trenton Creek
    Trenton Creek

    Nice they finally did something with Sonic in there Video, and they haven't made anything Products about him.

  • Pussy Monkey
    Pussy Monkey

    Hey Little kids. Check my channel out

  • Crazy Ubiquitous
    Crazy Ubiquitous

    This video just hit 555,555 views!

  • Elyse Webster
    Elyse Webster

    would the tabasco jelly beans be good in chili

  • lol lol
    lol lol

    Your guys are not for kids any more she wrote th F WORD AND IM NINE

  • jack-o-chica yt
    jack-o-chica yt

    I use my pizza blanket all the time it just so soft and COMFORTABLE so glad I have it same with my blobfish and planet sphere and those throw throw burritos smell amazing and the game is SO DAMN FUN I thank you so much for these awesome gifts and I'm thinking of getting more of your stuff

  • Kevin Zhong
    Kevin Zhong

    9:02 did he say poggers?

  • Twisted Noodles
    Twisted Noodles

    tbh, I miss the old vat19

  • Peder Frostad Lyngvær
    Peder Frostad Lyngvær

    Is he sweating.

  • Amanda DeGraffenreid
    Amanda DeGraffenreid

    Can you make Mac and cheese with Mac and cheese hard candy?

  • Ahmad Al Masarani
    Ahmad Al Masarani

    can you roast the speck drums

  • Jo Stormy
    Jo Stormy

    I Love your videos it' s so funny!

  • Fox Howler
    Fox Howler

    *'Don't play with fire'* Your literally playing fire on your TV

    • ヅJed

      *p u n c i t y*

  • Viggo Yambao
    Viggo Yambao

    Fact the human slingshot was the first video ive watche here and rhat was 6 years ago and now im 14

  • marianne corgos
    marianne corgos


  • Zane Taback
    Zane Taback

    Me:seeing fastbrak383 Me:REEEE

  • FireGitch Minecraft
    FireGitch Minecraft

    distraction meme go brr

  • Austin Fennell
    Austin Fennell

    Tired of wusing belts to bet up ur kid then buy extra long twislers

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris

    What if you use root beer

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    yeah burning questions


    I have the air power soccer ball disk

  • Electric claw
    Electric claw

    what is the f@#*ing point on this video

  • darrel folse
    darrel folse

    If there's a giant tennis ball is there a giant tennis racket?

  • Justin Edrick Dakis
    Justin Edrick Dakis

    I miss danny and jhon

  • Hover -Tube2
    Hover -Tube2

    8:06 (cross promo) *THE RETURN OF THE POCKET SHOT*

  • Hover -Tube2
    Hover -Tube2


  • king Tom Ato
    king Tom Ato

    why is dr.poupons answers so cringe

  • the one and only spud
    the one and only spud

    what if you accidentally light a storm proof match and cant put it out?

  • ニファイル

    the burning question then the caster for the op is much deeper, but now its feels so much lighter

  • Giselle Phillips
    Giselle Phillips

    Can the Cheeto puffs plushiesbe used as a weapon

  • Kash's Kitchen
    Kash's Kitchen

    Could you make a large gum with lots of sneaky starve Ust