Why Can't These Matches Be Put Out? • Burning Questions #17
Our very science-y scientists are back to answer your most important questions about Vat19 products.
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    • zyanne cedeno
      zyanne cedeno

      What about you make a hague water bomb and make a slingshot it on your friends

    • rashaan valies Lucas kaka 14 valies 12 and your mom
      rashaan valies Lucas kaka 14 valies 12 and your mom

      Can you make a toy f zero machine of the air soccer disk

    • zyanne cedeno
      zyanne cedeno

      @Izzy Is kinda busy i just eight years old and just that's my opinion

    • zyanne cedeno
      zyanne cedeno

      @Izzy Is kinda busy if you could what

    • zyanne cedeno
      zyanne cedeno

      You should make a video that you put claim on someone's hands it's fireproof and fire it in case it's didn't work start with a man king's hand

  • Dante M
    Dante M

    I have a question can you eat out of the big giant burrito blanket?

  • Caleb Lucas
    Caleb Lucas

    "Humans sold separately" umm WHAT!!??

  • flareongaming53

    Greg poop on

  • { Neonz }
    { Neonz }

    This day was made before my bday!!

  • Madita Hutsenband
    Madita Hutsenband


  • Rob Gibson
    Rob Gibson

    can the cat bonnet fit on dogs to?

  • Mirna Alhazka
    Mirna Alhazka

    He really said human sold separately 😂😂😂😂

  • Jai Kerkar
    Jai Kerkar

    put them in water for a min

  • watermelon crazy gamer ayyan 1145
    watermelon crazy gamer ayyan 1145

    Y does miles not kiss sarah

  • Vivaan Chokshi
    Vivaan Chokshi

    These gadjets are so cool that they get sold out fast

  • Wendy Sentosa Wong
    Wendy Sentosa Wong

    dose the soerdough be with cola

  • Marivic Espinosa
    Marivic Espinosa

    “Sonic’s human teeth- *AAAAAA* “

  • Nishil Patel
    Nishil Patel

    "humans sold separately." -Greg Poupon.

  • Blue among us
    Blue among us

    "Breakfast is the most important 3rd degree burn of the day" That killed me lol

  • Whats my Name
    Whats my Name


  • Zachary Thompson
    Zachary Thompson


  • Comic Guy Brian
    Comic Guy Brian

    HUMANS SOLD SEPARATELY!?!?!?! Vat19 slaves confirmed lol 😂

  • Theresa Chiles
    Theresa Chiles

    0:19 say fuk

  • blazermane

    My Password gets censored bc of privacy from ISnets try it yourself in my replies! Proof that it works: **************

  • Marshall Wilson
    Marshall Wilson

    Most of your products aren't yourse

  • abdullah alsubaie
    abdullah alsubaie

    Fast break 383 is a big fan


    2:07 i like how jamie says "parkour" like that because he knows that reference

  • John B
    John B

    8:02 shotguns use pellets instead of bullets, so are they not real guns?

  • sheldon fann
    sheldon fann

    Greg poupon sounds like jamie

  • I

    Yea literally burning questions

  • Shivani Raj
    Shivani Raj

    Do vat 19 deliver to India

  • Orlina Divina Neuda
    Orlina Divina Neuda


  • Sol the outlaw
    Sol the outlaw

    Not all that have braces and wear glasses are smart nerds, *some are retards like me,*

  • Comenrico Jr. Prieto
    Comenrico Jr. Prieto

    The crunch cup is looking sus

  • Ellie the Animator
    Ellie the Animator

    I just remembered that Vat19 headquarters might be like 30 (or more) minutes from my house

    • Ellie the Animator
      Ellie the Animator

      @The Postal Dude yes

    • The Postal Dude
      The Postal Dude


  • joshua ngerongbilong
    joshua ngerongbilong

    Who is festbreak383

  • bea71mc channel
    bea71mc channel

    Real pies break easily

  • Dren Quizon
    Dren Quizon

    Zone tyhcujvd

  • Weird Science
    Weird Science

    The chocolate bullet will only be deadly delicious

  • Appleseed_303

    How come you didn’t submerge it in gasoline then you could’ve threw Slone in

  • Eddie

    damn i miss john and joey as the scientists

  • The Locked Cube
    The Locked Cube

    I miss danny's friend and the muscular guy

  • Mr. Socky
    Mr. Socky

    7:00 your is red mine is white 😩

  • Shadow The Two Tailed Wolf
    Shadow The Two Tailed Wolf

    Burning questions idea: if the mini shop vac is a mini version of a shop vac does that mean it can suck up water?

  • GamerJacs

    If you eat a bunch of beer bread while you get drunk

  • sri melati
    sri melati

    What about of the giant pie on a stick

  • Benkett

    How do you put out this match? Storm proof match.

  • ants room
    ants room

    That is the same simple dimple as mine

  • C

    Funny, grey poupon

  • Ali Abdulah
    Ali Abdulah

    I have the air powered soccer ball and I didn’t know they sell it I’m so suprised

  • block pro 29
    block pro 29

    The legend is back

  • Linda Meltzer
    Linda Meltzer

    I have a silly question about these matches that apparently you don’t go out what happens if you don’t want to use them anymore

  • Aram Gasparyan
    Aram Gasparyan

    this video does not give good awnseres

  • SuperAlly

    Can you use, all your fidget toys to attract an Autistic person like me?

  • Box Head
    Box Head

    7:00 After a night of nutting and you wake up with a new achievement and a new nut color but you don't remember anything.

  • Rodolfo Vargas
    Rodolfo Vargas

    I've seen FastBreak383 in Burning Questions.

  • Asja Lajzer
    Asja Lajzer

    About soberdouth can you make bred from grass or dirt soda?

  • Redacted

    Fastbreak... fastbreak.. Don’t take such fast breaks

  • Jennifer Boush
    Jennifer Boush

    i like how peter parkour worded his question

  • The Spikemonster !!!!
    The Spikemonster !!!!

    Stick-ball can if you pause the video


    2:07 PARKOUR!


    It sure does Sonicshumanteeth

  • The crazy kid
    The crazy kid

    Who else wanted to coment on fast break383 but saw there were already tons of them

  • Jimmy Co
    Jimmy Co

    Also simple dimple is just like a pop it

  • Jimmy Co
    Jimmy Co

    why is fastbreak343 so popular

    • banna bread
      banna bread

      He's been on Every burning question ever

    • Jimmy Co
      Jimmy Co

      BTW human slingshot was supposed to be epic

    • Jimmy Co
      Jimmy Co

      I mean 383

  • James Lassalle
    James Lassalle

    Can I use the Pie on a stick as a birthday candle, my mom’s birthday is coming up

  • My Mini life stories and games
    My Mini life stories and games

    If dirt soda tastes bad, What about grass soda? #burning questions

  • tabby cooper
    tabby cooper

    So we just not gonna talk about how jacked Kyle is?

  • Chuck E Cheese Uknown
    Chuck E Cheese Uknown


  • xCurley -O-
    xCurley -O-

    why are you skipping adds to watch a add-

  • Lea Animates
    Lea Animates

    I just wonder when your done with the storm prof matches do you just drop them on the ground and let them burn? How do you put them out for good when your done with them?


    question: can you backflip using the goggles that make ur vision... ya know, inverted

  • 90Entergetical aka Bot3141
    90Entergetical aka Bot3141

    4:23 FASTBREAK383

  • Abbie Bando
    Abbie Bando

    Will stardust be a substitute for chalk in the chalk bombs? (Also call me skid_kid since this is my incorrect username)

  • Jai Cray
    Jai Cray

    Notice how sweat that man gets not trying to be rude but yea

  • Daisy Plays
    Daisy Plays

    The sled with ice on bottom won’t the ice melt on the bottom

  • Lala Begino
    Lala Begino

    Spoiler alert: I laughed a lot in this video

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez


  • Denise Grymes-Smolka
    Denise Grymes-Smolka

    The matches that dont light cause the fires in Australia :/

  • Mr. Kermit The Frog
    Mr. Kermit The Frog


  • Hiroq

    Its not a burning questions video if theres not fastbreak383

  • Cians Toyhouse
    Cians Toyhouse

    I love you

  • Just Bored
    Just Bored

    #BurningQuestion How many pops does it need to break or make the pop stop working for the Simple Dimple?

  • Jonathan Han
    Jonathan Han

    4:23 The Legendary Curious Customer, FastBreak383! 🤩 L E G E N D ! ! ! 🤩

  • Jokerzxx editzxx
    Jokerzxx editzxx

    Question: Since the hero clip is so strong can it be ran over by a car with every seat taken and not break? Ps.. I love your vids!!

  • Tom Iscool
    Tom Iscool

    I love vat17.com

  • Haymarielee

    Can you make a milkshake with the crunch cup?

  • Zmaker504

    Did they make all the fi toys like pop it’s bike chains and stuff like that

  • cool gamer of build a boat bc im cool
    cool gamer of build a boat bc im cool

    6:44 that was the same sound of the wigofellas prank sounds :0 lol

  • NotaHurricane 21
    NotaHurricane 21


  • Kain Harvey
    Kain Harvey


  • Jäger Bomb
    Jäger Bomb

    *Peter P A R K O U R!*

  • Robert Ramos
    Robert Ramos

    @sonicshumanteeth, if you are reading this, best name ever

  • ltanyanoel

    got damn

  • The Adventures of Journey
    The Adventures of Journey

    2:08 PARKOUR!!!

  • dididi dididi
    dididi dididi

    every wonder how much they get paid

  • DarthSlobbius

    I feel more intimate with Eric after that pizza ordeal

  • aranetaification

    Fastbreak383 appeared in 2010 ish Now I feel older

  • Farah Mihaljev
    Farah Mihaljev


  • Why Should I Studio
    Why Should I Studio


  • Zildjian Marilao
    Zildjian Marilao

    what if you shoot the gum stress ball with an bullet

  • Al Touray
    Al Touray

    3:23 Me: **Vietnam war flashbacks**

  • Ariadni Kallergis
    Ariadni Kallergis

    Well that's awkward

  • Sixteen60

    is the slingshot part an angry birds reference