2020 Was a Mistake. [bloopers and outtakes]
At least some of the bad stuff that happened this year was funny. We're celebrating the end of 2020 with a montage of our favorite bloopers and outtakes!
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  • Penelope Sturtz
    Penelope Sturtz

    Nobody: Miles: I know something in Spanish- Sloane:what? Miles:despasito???? 😂

  • Penelope Sturtz
    Penelope Sturtz

    Nobody: Sara’s cat biting her arm: I WILL DEFEAT YOU!

  • Penelope Sturtz
    Penelope Sturtz

    Nobody: Miles: YEET YEE YEET I don’t know XD😂

  • Penelope Sturtz
    Penelope Sturtz

    Nobody: I almost s**t my pants on the way home! I was so scared!

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio

    7:25 I just want someone to look at me the way Jamie looks at Eric.

  • Taylor Steimle
    Taylor Steimle

    Miles: I know Spanish Despacito Sloan: *disappointment*

  • CoolPenguinYT

    in the weird sound section it was mostly adam

  • A lesbian mha fan
    A lesbian mha fan

    2:52 Eric always makes me laugh

  • Glitchygalaxywolf 123
    Glitchygalaxywolf 123

    I do speak Spanish 😂

  • Bragadeesh R
    Bragadeesh R

    I loooovvvvveeeeee bloopers🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Inferno The SkyWing
    Inferno The SkyWing

    I don't think I want to go to the Beach of the Fleshgoers.

  • Mithrandir Eärendur
    Mithrandir Eärendur

    "have you ever forked a cookie before?" "only in your grandma's kitchen!" "oh I knew you were..."

  • Colin Sabolboro
    Colin Sabolboro

    So many yeets

  • Huy Lê
    Huy Lê

    Where’s Danny

  • Gacha Sofie :D
    Gacha Sofie :D

    There is churro shut on the floor I swear lol by the way I won't put the actual bad word 😂

  • Harry Gregory
    Harry Gregory

    does miles ever get called tails sometimes

  • Catherine Cubbin
    Catherine Cubbin

    *thing falls* Sara: *sogh* I hate everything *sigh

  • Toby Lam
    Toby Lam

    WOO 2020

  • Tal A
    Tal A

    let me just say Vat19 bloopers are just there own thing "i'm stealing your boy friend!" "i'm going to kiss him" "noooo" i told you there own thing i mean i'm not wrong lol

  • Dafaa Kingdom
    Dafaa Kingdom

    wow some swears..

  • Requiem

    I forgot about vat19 when the pandemic hit but it’s like I found gold

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith


  • Nathanial Cook
    Nathanial Cook

    I love Vat19

  • Safa Qasemi
    Safa Qasemi

    I meant canada

  • Safa Qasemi
    Safa Qasemi

    Vat 19.ca we are in canaday

  • X Agex X
    X Agex X

    4:45 the punching glove wanted revenge

  • Abdullah Shah
    Abdullah Shah

    i like all this

  • Marawan Mohammed
    Marawan Mohammed

    sara do you have your ISnets channel

    • Marawan Mohammed
      Marawan Mohammed

      if you have can you tell me plz

  • Foxii Kawaii art
    Foxii Kawaii art

    It’s funny watching people mess up lol

  • Aesthetic._.things

    “Vat 19 dot net excuse me vat 19 ...

  • 123

    To the very special person who is reading this comment: I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy in this hard time!😊😊😊

  • Milleven

    2020 was a mistake Me: no shit Sherlock

  • School Work Only
    School Work Only

    All this talk about Jamie being old makes me wonder how old he really is.

  • Zudio Audio
    Zudio Audio

    We gotta get this thing FloOoooOOOOOing

  • Krispy King
    Krispy King

    could vat19 get any more weird

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia

    3:58 yeet

  • ITOHGOD110


  • A_Dreamer

    XD 😂

  • lucid

    1:38 footsteps synced with the tuba

  • banimation studio
    banimation studio

    Somethimgs wrong i can feel it

  • Igor Lopes kuhn
    Igor Lopes kuhn

    Do the 7 year pen still works

    • Chris Larson
      Chris Larson

      your asking the real questions? i never even thought about that

  • Aricyn Dobe
    Aricyn Dobe

    Happy new year

  • I love my 2a
    I love my 2a

    Who else feels bad for Jamie when he gets roasted No?....Just Me?.....

  • Chloe VanLoh
    Chloe VanLoh

    do you notice MOST of the wierd noises are from Adam...LOL

  • Christopher OOF
    Christopher OOF

    I love how majority of weird noises were Adam

  • Random Ñēss
    Random Ñēss

    “I know something in Spanish” “DESPACITO”

  • Tami Hegadorn
    Tami Hegadorn

    I have been looking on your page for 10 years

  • Tami Hegadorn
    Tami Hegadorn

    I accidentally said 10

  • Tami Hegadorn
    Tami Hegadorn

    Can I get pinned I would freak out can also my whole family loves you and I’ve been watching for 10 years

  • Tami Hegadorn
    Tami Hegadorn

    Bruh I want to come there but if I did I would eat all the gummy XD

  • Jay_

    for some reason i cant see eric swearing but he looks like he’d be someone who’d swear

  • Phone Min Thant
    Phone Min Thant

    Can u guys do hidden in plain sight 2 finding someone...else........I miss danny

  • Wobblyorbee

    3:57 5:30 6:12 6:42 7:17

  • Siddharth Dhanasekar Morningstar
    Siddharth Dhanasekar Morningstar

    Miles is the cutest...

  • Finger Tumber
    Finger Tumber


  • Finger Tumber
    Finger Tumber


  • GBAlaniz

    5:26 I love cat interference

  • Lyubov Burleson
    Lyubov Burleson

    Is the vat cat ok all of the noises are quite strange

  • Lila Dugas
    Lila Dugas


  • A Geordie shrek
    A Geordie shrek


  • vivan sagar
    vivan sagar

    Do you know

  • The rat cubes
    The rat cubes

    “I don’t have a shoulder fetish I swear” This is why girl can show there shoulders at school

  • BananaBlend

    7:17 that was the deepest sounding wheeze I have ever heard

  • Random Things
    Random Things

    Where is joey

  • Krista Bray
    Krista Bray

    Did joey quit

  • tim tian
    tim tian

    7:17: Me farting in class

  • Macho_Stuff

    Do they still have flexy , the cardboard slinky

  • Is this channel still alive?
    Is this channel still alive?

    Red Vs Blue characters be like: 2:25

  • Umar Nath
    Umar Nath


  • Yeeta Malita
    Yeeta Malita

    Hey I used my slushey maker after it being in the freezer and it turned I. To Ice you might see another guy commenting this it's my other account lol

  • Alp Boğahan
    Alp Boğahan

    Hey I have a question my slushy maker finally came but when I use it after being in the freeezer for 24 hours the coke just turned in to ice

  • finley parker
    finley parker

    i wonder if they will make a world's largest sour gummy bear or did they already make that?

  • JKLM Videos
    JKLM Videos

    “I know something in Spanish........” *Despacito*

  • Jameel Ali
    Jameel Ali

    Nobody: Jamie: "Alright lets go find this Son of a B*tch: Me (from now on): "Alright imma find you sons of b*tches"

  • Maqenzie Mollyx
    Maqenzie Mollyx

    collab with dope or nope ppls

  • Mariam Ali
    Mariam Ali

    Let’s play a game Boys keep the like button odd Girls keep the like button even

  • Banaynay

    Jamie is the very toxic one😂

  • •-clover-•

    Yeet Yeet! *yeet* YeeT? YeEt- YEET Ye-ye-yeet Yeeeeeet YeEt

  • : D
    : D


  • Ryan Wong
    Ryan Wong

    What the Fuck?

  • Ryan Wong
    Ryan Wong

    Wow what the Fucking

  • Pink Cabbage
    Pink Cabbage

    Where iss kara???

  • Afshan Jabeen
    Afshan Jabeen

    do u want a stake then mistke

  • Afshan Jabeen
    Afshan Jabeen

    do u want a stake then mistke

  • Lydia Heeren
    Lydia Heeren

    Well Sarah, I have like 245 Sharpies. What a crapload. Lolol

  • Melea Tevaga
    Melea Tevaga

    Why is Joey no longer apart of Vat19?

  • Yara

    You guys should make a gummy avocado 🥑

  • Dylan Velasquez
    Dylan Velasquez

    Who else misses when Jon and Danny worked for vat9 😭 I was sad when they left

  • Rafael Alfaro
    Rafael Alfaro

    Vat19 uncensored would be funny for me

    • The Future 3D
      The Future 3D

      Family friendly confirmed.

  • neo.

    4:45 The punching bag also went for a punch.

  • CircuitBoard98

    I miss the days when they made actual advertisements of items

  • That One Guy Who Don't Watch Fate
    That One Guy Who Don't Watch Fate

    Oh yeah. he was shaved

  • Jogiac baldi and stuff!
    Jogiac baldi and stuff!

    2:58 Vat19 goes to The SCP Foundation

  • Nadia Dawood
    Nadia Dawood

    Y r they swearing

  • ElectroYEET

    The words

  • ElectroYEET

    Where's Danny and Jon...

  • Skate Boy
    Skate Boy

    Baby yoda giant candy

  • Mrpenguin Channel
    Mrpenguin Channel

    you scamed us

  • Hopea Resources
    Hopea Resources

    Can you please lower down the price of the jelly belly BeanBoozled to 17. 72 myr

  • TheArzoumainea

    aka waist ur money