Vat19 Make Me Laugh Challenge #13
Can Jamie resist laughing while watching this crazy video that the crew put together? And has Eric invented a new career field?
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  • Dinārs Mednis
    Dinārs Mednis

    I love this moment 2:27

  • Terrence Xie
    Terrence Xie

    6:36 i laugh so hard

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez

    Man the new crew sucks

  • Favorite YouTubers are Laurenzside and Robby
    Favorite YouTubers are Laurenzside and Robby

    Hi Lauren Lauren I just wanted you know I have to be at your office at noon this afternoon and I’m not going out of the office to pick you out and I’m going out of the office and I’m not sure if you want me back at your office I will be in touch with you later on bye love bye mama mama mommy mama hi mama mommy mommy mama mama daddy mommy daddy mama mommy daddy mommy mommy mama mommy daddy daddy mama mommy mommy daddy mama mama daddy mama hi mommy daddy mommy mama daddy mama mama mommy daddy mama mommy mama daddy mommy daddy mama mommy daddy daddy mama mommy mama mama mommy daddy mommy mama daddy mama mommy mama daddy daddy mommy princess mama daddy talk to you mom

  • Urbanplays Roblox
    Urbanplays Roblox

    Jami eats poop oh yeah he is poop 💩

  • Jeffery Reed
    Jeffery Reed

    What happened to eric quitting?

  • TacoTheAlien - Identity V and More
    TacoTheAlien - Identity V and More

    sorry but I found this one not funny at all

  • Luke McKinnon
    Luke McKinnon

    Is this how you fountain???

  • Luke McKinnon
    Luke McKinnon

    Will it fountain activate fountain

  • Clark Wayne Lie
    Clark Wayne Lie

    Ah yes fountain activate foutain jdjdjcjdjrhdhshsjskalskjdjcht5ythdn

  • Sirius Orion Black
    Sirius Orion Black

    Did you know every thing is 10 times funnier with water in your mouth?

  • Kade Ramon
    Kade Ramon

    All of the members grew more hair but Jamie got balder

  • Νεφέλη Μπαρώνη
    Νεφέλη Μπαρώνη

    Is DiS HoW YoU FaOuNtAiN?

  • alan Rooney
    alan Rooney

    I love you guys channel its the best

  • Claw Louise
    Claw Louise

    “Activate fountain” and “it’s decadent” I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  • Sweet Savage
    Sweet Savage

    U ppl r simply amazing

  • JJ Oswald
    JJ Oswald

    Jamie is my name too so it hurts to hear them make fun of him because it sounds directed to me

  • Cool Kid😎
    Cool Kid😎

    Haha so funy GK

    • Cool Kid😎
      Cool Kid😎


  • Sour Asian
    Sour Asian

    5:55 He sounds like Waluigi

  • °• PomPom SugarCubes °•
    °• PomPom SugarCubes °•

    I got that shaving thing as a add- or it looked very similar

  • TristenBat

    “888-SUED” is not a real phone number, please don’t try calling that number.

  • Jiehong Jiang
    Jiehong Jiang


  • Teagan Allen
    Teagan Allen

    When they are imma ta ting Jamie the last one sounded like the elf dentist elf from Rudolf

  • Yoshi Buddyboy
    Yoshi Buddyboy

    4:18 my fav clip XD


    me to ha i like it

  • The White Scorpion
    The White Scorpion

    4:18 :Peak YTP content

  • EpiclyBlue

    Nobody: Adam (aka Franklin Reno) at 5:07 : DaNgErOuS LaVa LaMpS

  • Headlesshorseman

    4:17 ytp's in a nutshell

  • xXDesaraplayzXx

    Jamie: I Am Da BoSs NoW What we think about him:ur a kid boomer and ur very dumb

  • Tina Grantham
    Tina Grantham

    I love Vat 19 :)

  • Ashley Blake
    Ashley Blake

    Change choclate fouten

  • XxKlaraBecksXx

    TO THE MOON!🌚🏃‍♀️💨 😂😂

  • Michelle Labao
    Michelle Labao


  • Christopher Khoury
    Christopher Khoury

    this is so funny

  • Frosty chips
    Frosty chips

    What’s the thing in the gladiators part

  • Ovick09

    But I’m gabe ;-;

  • Lovely Tara
    Lovely Tara

    4:00 to 5:00 was so funny

  • David Putra
    David Putra

  • Paul Mack
    Paul Mack

    Help me there's a lava lamp in my house

  • GamerPig

    petition to stop the jamie hate because technically without jamie Vat19 would NOT exist

  • Anya C
    Anya C

    Came for the human stressball, stayed for literally everything

  • Dean Walkington
    Dean Walkington

    Nobody Jamie BeCaUsE I aM ThE BoSs

  • Jennifer Wood
    Jennifer Wood

    7:07 no one: ba da ba ba ba I’m love’n pizza

  • Carol Uiterloo
    Carol Uiterloo

    It’s too much 🤣🤣

  • hriizn

    I realize now that the last joke was an ode to the first Try not to laughs!

  • orfan 27
    orfan 27

    *Jamie* The Evil Boss

  • Nick Werner
    Nick Werner

    4:18 Theater of the Mind Jamie makes love to The Chocolate Fountain

  • LGLA Animation Studios
    LGLA Animation Studios

    I absolutely love this series 🤩🤩🤩

  • karina maria
    karina maria

    Is this how you founten

  • Analeigh Menhenitt
    Analeigh Menhenitt


  • Fumi’s World
    Fumi’s World

    Jameie:I’m not Laughing at any of this. 2 minutes later Jameie:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tammy Makholm
    Tammy Makholm

    It was funny but I didn't laugh.

  • PrisLol

    When he said “Need a squeeze?” That made me laugh

  • Ginny Sargeson
    Ginny Sargeson

    I didn't laugh once!

  • Isabella Butz
    Isabella Butz

    4:18 ah yes the fountian

  • Mohammed Anees Rahman
    Mohammed Anees Rahman

    Paramount is my school's name ...

  • Mochi_mochi2 Park
    Mochi_mochi2 Park

    Any one care for there boss because i do i think he is a good person

  • Sunny L
    Sunny L


    • Sunny L
      Sunny L


  • EPLAYS The third
    EPLAYS The third

    I laughed so hard at the "Will it fountain" part my whole family came over to see what was so funny! 😂🤣

  • Arpa Baroni
    Arpa Baroni

    If you really think about Jamie’s vids they are literally just adds meanwhile we hate ads in the middle of Jamie’s vids

  • Swagger Link
    Swagger Link

    8:28 lol my friend quotes this every day

  • Shrine Gaming
    Shrine Gaming

    Is ThIs HoW yOu FoUnTaIn?

  • Asriel Dreemur
    Asriel Dreemur

    iS ThIs hOw YoU VoUnTaIn?!

  • Roboot Mixer
    Roboot Mixer

    I think jamie has some poop

  • Lucky Thư
    Lucky Thư

    IDK why he is mean tho but I think he is nice and funny.

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra

    For the first time ever, they created an official Vat19 YTP

  • albert Huynh
    albert Huynh

    Lol 😂 these videos are the best

  • kuldeep kumar
    kuldeep kumar

  • Mycat

    4:18 guys when did vat19 make a ytp

  • Susan Parks
    Susan Parks

    the evil boss ha

  • Brandon Dobson
    Brandon Dobson

    What happened to Sloan

  • Tyler

    Best Vat19 video I’ve seen in a while. Great job guys!

  • Consuelo Da doll
    Consuelo Da doll

    Haha adam is amazing... Eric- lAvA lAMps

  • Jason Collins
    Jason Collins

    They gave Jamie to many ideas with the will it fountain and the lava lamps

  • Νεφέλη Μπαρώνη
    Νεφέλη Μπαρώνη

    I did how you fountain?

  • CoCBS

    I would love to see more Vat19 YTP

  • johnny Johnson
    johnny Johnson

    is it just me or dose eric the human stressball look like Dwight from The office.

  • Stoic Studios
    Stoic Studios

    These r so good keep it up

  • A.A.A Family
    A.A.A Family

    Hahahaha he is sooo Good

  • Thinking Outside The Box - With Anvesha And Saanvi
    Thinking Outside The Box - With Anvesha And Saanvi

    7:07 best part

  • cooper oshima
    cooper oshima

    Yall are the drama nerds

  • Matthew Burtard
    Matthew Burtard

    huh what happen to #9 and #10 can anyone tell me

  • Charlie ._. Randomperson
    Charlie ._. Randomperson

    It’s the “bA bA bA bA bAaA iM LOvIng pIzZa

  • Millie and Penny
    Millie and Penny

    Okay I thought Eric left and well how are these new people ugh why all the originals leave liek I understand if they got bored of they just idk left but like the new workers aren’t very funny😩

  • Kiki B
    Kiki B

    Oh my goshhh the editors at the end XD

  • Gnagnagatt

    he godda need to wait a little longer for that cyber truck son WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE 2050!!!!????

  • Martin Fournier
    Martin Fournier

    4:18 this is when ur high on ferbreese

  • apricus adamo
    apricus adamo

    ith noth poot!!!!!!!!!! 5:19 *little kid smile*

  • Atemoya

    what happens to Jamie after these videos

  • Nina Brunlow
    Nina Brunlow

    Don't be rude to Jamie he's fine

  • Aiden Bauman
    Aiden Bauman

    I S T H I S H O W Y O U F O U N T A I N ?

  • Shakira Habib
    Shakira Habib

    No one can make me laugh Me : laughs and dies*

  • Ruan Ulisses
    Ruan Ulisses


  • Jennifer Hynson
    Jennifer Hynson

    Everybody: Nobody seriously nobody likes Jamie Me: yeah he’s The boss

    • XxKlaraBecksXx

      Jamie MADE UR FUNNY VIDEOS COME TRUE he made vat19 why yall being rude to a human being😭(sike- hes the boss- but plz dont be rude-)

  • Fury the Wolf
    Fury the Wolf

    6:16 you think your doing in a pillow fight: 6:21 how it feels:

  • Kasey Campbell
    Kasey Campbell

    nice shirt Jamie its awesome!

  • SunSetLiving#2

    Is ThIs HoW yOu FoUnTaIn!?

  • Euan McMullan
    Euan McMullan

    L A B A L A M B S 5:55

  • Gemma Adam
    Gemma Adam

    i haven't watched you guys for over 2-3 year oml

  • Derek Medina
    Derek Medina