$1000 if You Can Break This Ball in 1 Minute
With $1000 on the line, could you break into a fake crunchy snowball using a DVD from a George Clooney movie? And no, George Clooney can not handsome it to death.
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  • Yuvraj Dutta
    Yuvraj Dutta

    My life in one video

  • Krishnanunni Kp
    Krishnanunni Kp

    If you are seeing this video in 2121 you are Pever

  • ABS ANntonio
    ABS ANntonio

    Is he Jennings?

  • copycat


  • Will Neely
    Will Neely

    I hate the sound of snow. Aha 😤 in hate it

  • My hermit crab Adoption journey
    My hermit crab Adoption journey

    AYO I am a rockclimber but I can’t use that carabiner it’s unsafe

  • The Grey Matter Spark
    The Grey Matter Spark


  • Derpingtun

    I really just dont like sloane

  • Azmin A
    Azmin A

    0:30 me ps im 26 account pic is my sis

  • XHYP3R

    1:30 Sr. Pelo is that you

  • Ashlee-ava Williams
    Ashlee-ava Williams

    Im a girl im 7

  • { Muffin Productions }
    { Muffin Productions }

    “A danger poker” -Salone 2020


    Not going to lie but the girl with the weird hair is so anoying

  • mariigigglez

    My mom thinks that u guys don't order she thinks that u guys scam soo do u

  • Lylas videos 154
    Lylas videos 154

    Omg I have one of those I love itttt

  • KonkeyDong

    2:51 wow a "will it blend" reference, I bet a whole dozen people got that one.

  • Ler Moo
    Ler Moo

    I would've grabbed a good sized pole

  • djuana robinson
    djuana robinson

    Ahhh Sara says by the way she’s my mom and I’m a boy

  • Sub Plz
    Sub Plz

    Look how big sara arms are 😱

  • yudhit Puentes
    yudhit Puentes

    That’s messy 🥴

  • Harley

    oh that gummy is staaale! I had one fresh from the makers and it was super soft and easy to cut and take bites from. but that wouldn't be much of a challenge I guess! 😆

  • Tess

    “IM GONNA MAKE A MESS” *can breaks and sprays everywhere*

    • Patricia Culley
      Patricia Culley


    • Sammy Da Lammy
      Sammy Da Lammy


    • Max


    • Patricia Culley
      Patricia Culley

      No hi to you

    • Ashlee-ava Williams
      Ashlee-ava Williams


  • Keyleigh Silva
    Keyleigh Silva

    Me: that snow ball stress ball thing is a fidget ahhh

    • Nathan Francisco
      Nathan Francisco

      Lol whats ur tiktok? Follow me back my pfp is the same as my yts

  • Noha Riyami
    Noha Riyami

    hi love your videos

  • ايهم الساهر
    ايهم الساهر


  • ParkerGamer285 And My Family
    ParkerGamer285 And My Family


  • ꧁VxxGhostVxx꧂

    Imagine someone got 1 during the kick ball round 😳

  • Daddy Playz
    Daddy Playz

    Why you hear headphones ?!?!

  • Umair Essopjee
    Umair Essopjee



    why does sara look so strong

  • Rénszarvas Hegyvidéki
    Rénszarvas Hegyvidéki

    The heart?! You just say that you love it, but just as a friend. It will instantly broke.

  • Øchãcø Urãrãka
    Øchãcø Urãrãka

    Only the girls are good. U-U

  • nolan walters
    nolan walters


  • MR CHAILER2009
    MR CHAILER2009

    I haven't watched one of their videos in like a year the last video I watched is when Eric left and now he's back

  • Sophie & Felix Dog
    Sophie & Felix Dog

    I’m surprised Sara doesn’t win

  • Amy Dwight
    Amy Dwight

    Love how cool it is to watch them pop it

  • coolboy3600

    alternate title: being MrBeast part 1000000000000000000000000

  • Madelyn Wong
    Madelyn Wong

    I love these people they are so funny and I love seeing them try to break the things it’s so funny

  • Sophie & Felix Dog
    Sophie & Felix Dog

    Sloan with the gummy she gets 1 she obviously will win

  • Tacori The God
    Tacori The God

    What is this my heart on prom night:I felt that but I won’t be single

  • 애니김

    I think they should call rm Our God of distruction😍😅

  • Dylitta Tho
    Dylitta Tho

    I want to play with you like I really want to break a ball I never did

  • P1R0CK

    It would of been funny to see them grab a camera and smash it

  • Alexis de Rosenroll
    Alexis de Rosenroll


  • Rupa Shrestha
    Rupa Shrestha

    Sara is fabulous

  • Dean Rafael Lazarte
    Dean Rafael Lazarte

    Legends still say "Eric is the funniest person ever"

  • Alice Johnson
    Alice Johnson


  • Sad_ N00dle
    Sad_ N00dle

    Poor Eric,Every round..

  • Alicia Solorio
    Alicia Solorio

    Slone: *runs, jumps, smash* Me: HOLY SHI-

  • Ryder Fitzhugh
    Ryder Fitzhugh

    I’m a dancing monkey that is d.e.a.d oh yeah oh yeah

  • Snow The deer
    Snow The deer

    Disagree with me if u must but just know I am right Eric has the most drip

  • Teddy DaPolarBear
    Teddy DaPolarBear

    6:34 wow there mister..

  • Arindam Koner
    Arindam Koner

    I like that part when he point the gun at hes face

  • Sophie & Felix Dog
    Sophie & Felix Dog

    My favourites are the two girls sloan and Sara

  • Krusty

    The girl with the bald head makes it so I can’t enjoy the video I seriously dislike her

  • Mika Rivera
    Mika Rivera

    With the snow stress ball

  • Mika Rivera
    Mika Rivera

    Who else thinks Sarah should have second chance?

  • Katie Wolvick
    Katie Wolvick

    Them: Running around trying to get an item in the office Me: *runs to kitchen* GET THE KNIFE!

  • Vance Brown
    Vance Brown

    2:39 are you sure? cuz it looked liked she didn't used her nails

  • Deconstructing Ivy
    Deconstructing Ivy


  • Dougie26200 2
    Dougie26200 2

    I've only watched two of these and Sloane is like my favorite. I really like their vibes.

  • Kyle Angelo Estiamba
    Kyle Angelo Estiamba

    Eric:Come give me the money Miles:EeEeEeEeeeeEeEeEeEEEEEE

  • Gina Donnelly
    Gina Donnelly

    Eric: Pearce it... Pearce... it Me: should I be scared 😦 😟

  • Gacha queen Roar
    Gacha queen Roar

    This is on yT

  • Ilike To stream
    Ilike To stream

    “Tape her please. I hardly know her😂😂 Me: 😐

  • Eric Hagen
    Eric Hagen


  • Gacha Rose
    Gacha Rose

    Dedsddxdfdkmdxhnndxghbs my dog did that

  • Nona Ilic
    Nona Ilic

    Сломи те руби коцку

  • Harsh Bamnawat
    Harsh Bamnawat

    Watching this while eating 😂😋

  • Sirsa Shougen
    Sirsa Shougen

    But 13 is my LUCKY number

  • mirunai 4VB
    mirunai 4VB

    New rules , bigger prizes , still probally gonna make them dumb xD

  • Jennessa Beckett
    Jennessa Beckett

    The first breaking thing the snowball yeah we can get that from walking out outside the snow is so deep and it's February

  • Cozmo and Mitthu
    Cozmo and Mitthu

    Only the girls were able to break the cube with glitter in it because girls are fabulous

  • Kerry Brockbank
    Kerry Brockbank

    That u made

  • Kerry Brockbank
    Kerry Brockbank

    I watched the giant gummy yummy giant burger one for ur kids

  • Kerry Brockbank
    Kerry Brockbank

    Me: I WANT EVERY THING U HAVE vat 19: well pay yu bux man we make dis and u uuuuh uuuhm uuuuug hmmm meh whatever

  • Megh Tandel
    Megh Tandel

    i broke it

  • Ash The hedgwolf and shadow
    Ash The hedgwolf and shadow


  • TurboHodza

    Sarah got some guns

  • Ceejay Dimaliwat
    Ceejay Dimaliwat

    Daaamn good all memories i always watch vat19 when i was a child i always watch vat19 im glad that i found this channel again

  • Elle Messervey
    Elle Messervey


  • Wayne Hughes
    Wayne Hughes

    He looks like haymitch ;-; I can’t spell his name-~- Edit:I’m talking about Eric.

  • heli the witch
    heli the witch

    Why is there lead

  • Grady Murray
    Grady Murray

    well Eric does look like Jack Nicholson which means he could be Johnny from the shining.

  • Karim Salame
    Karim Salame


  • Ultra Destroyer
    Ultra Destroyer


  • Claudio Silveira
    Claudio Silveira

    Miles looks like a math teacher 🥵

  • Corinne the demon
    Corinne the demon

    I need a chainsaw and that money

  • Mágôk melo
    Mágôk melo

    I been watch you for 12 years now

  • plzburpnow

    I wonder if pacifically use the weapon or you can actually use your hards to

  • Dagny is Not Awesome
    Dagny is Not Awesome

    Sloane: *grabs waterbottle Me: wHat tHe herck ish she gonna do with tHat? Sloane: *runs, jumps, and smashes the box to smithereens Me: *oh-*

    • Lola Fincher
      Lola Fincher

      Same I was so surprised by their chooses

    • Epic Star
      Epic Star

      That’s exactly what I thought

    • Stephen Powell
      Stephen Powell


  • Allie keller
    Allie keller

    Lol a gummy

  • Jason Carrizales-Cortinas
    Jason Carrizales-Cortinas

    What is this dumbness

  • Earleisha Armbrister
    Earleisha Armbrister

    Dam the girls stronger than the boys

  • Morgan Lanier
    Morgan Lanier


  • Morgan Williams
    Morgan Williams

    just break the cd and use it as a knife dumb

  • Creeper Mc playz
    Creeper Mc playz

    Number 18: demonetization

  • ImKitsune

    If I used the can I’d rip it to where it’s sharp then cut it

  • Opi Plays
    Opi Plays

    Mah bday is 13th is mah birthday unlucky._.

  • GameLover COOL
    GameLover COOL