We Made the World's Largest Candy Hearts • This Could Be Awesome #16
Jamie is challenging the crew to make GIANT versions of classic conversation hearts... to save his marriage. No pressure.
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  • Kawhi Lanuza
    Kawhi Lanuza


  • praxo

    No why a egg plant

  • EcomansellYT

    Make a giant gummy weight, and deadlift it

  • Katie

    Sloane=My fav VAT19 Member. (Apart from the Kylie guy. I like that he doesn't smile. :>)

  • Carly H
    Carly H

    @vat19 cool

  • Jace Tuter
    Jace Tuter

    Make the worlds biggest nerds candy

  • Jett Hutchinson
    Jett Hutchinson

    Sloan’s the one who drove me away from watching Vat19. A. N. O. Y. I. N. G.

  • Zhao Liang
    Zhao Liang

    I made a giant box

  • Luke Keithly
    Luke Keithly

    i miss old vat 19 those where the days... so over edited and fake now :(

  • Nick's Asmr
    Nick's Asmr

    And he got drip

  • Nick's Asmr
    Nick's Asmr

    And amazing

  • Nick's Asmr
    Nick's Asmr

    Jamie is cool

  • AJ Kukielka
    AJ Kukielka

    She will Make a Good Rock and Roll Singer.

  • { Muffin Productions }
    { Muffin Productions }

    No body gonna talk about how Salone said this Kyle:I have a gf Salone:so do I!!

    • sofia obregon
      sofia obregon


  • Gabriel Kameros
    Gabriel Kameros

    One word....simp

  • YEET_645

    They should make the worlds largest edible Lago

  • eskittienyan 2911
    eskittienyan 2911


  • Kate McCartney
    Kate McCartney

    6:00 Were Not Talking About The Deep Voice?

  • Meliodasツ


  • The little Weirdo
    The little Weirdo

    I love the “no I have a girlfriend” “yeah so do i but”

  • Yahir Cervantes
    Yahir Cervantes

    i want one.

  • ꧁𒊹Cookie Lian𒊹꧂
    ꧁𒊹Cookie Lian𒊹꧂


  • British neko
    British neko


  • Lil'ducko

    Y is Vat19 obsessed with the lesbian? She's mad annoying

  • nope

    I get so happy when i see tour videos🥰❤️

  • Windy Bee
    Windy Bee

    Every candy has that stage when it’s just a pile of mush

  • Yeboi Tristan
    Yeboi Tristan

    Why was this made on my birthday

  • RossHQ

    Ok I know how to do this now.. now all I need is a gf

  • Charlotte Robinson
    Charlotte Robinson

    Bro imagine when person printed the labels for the box I came out tiny

  • VX1D

    "I have a girlfriend" "So do I" Lol

  • Marcel Bruins
    Marcel Bruins

    i wanna know who edited this

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    Kyle: “I have a girlfriend” Solane: “So do I” Lol 😂

  • AbiRose 539
    AbiRose 539

    So has Kara left nor or something? She hasn't shown up at all and never got a leaving part :/

  • ArtC Vlad
    ArtC Vlad

    You have to love the reference to love actually



  • BT 7274
    BT 7274

    Jamie is a bad boss he mostly makes everyone do the work

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      It so BIG

  • Cute Sylveon
    Cute Sylveon

    Nono it can't be your wife I it looks like a mom 🤯

  • Hayden Knapp
    Hayden Knapp


  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    they do a lot of hard work

  • i don't know what i am
    i don't know what i am


  • Carlene Barnaby
    Carlene Barnaby

    i got a commertial for licquid plumr and it had jamie and salon in it and i was lik :0

  • Girl 220
    Girl 220

    See you in 8 years when this randomly gets recemended

  • Ava Noelle
    Ava Noelle

    6:40 isn't Kyle her brother?

  • Anna Nimmous
    Anna Nimmous

    Ah yes, this could be awesome 16 2.

  • Bluefan39 fans of birds
    Bluefan39 fans of birds

    Why is everyone's birthday is on valentine's day? Does it make them Angels? Does it make me a devil?

  • Sidney Best
    Sidney Best

    I have the same shirt as Jamie’s wife

  • Rolands Studio
    Rolands Studio

    Dose Joey still works in Vat19?

  • sam_ yeet
    sam_ yeet

    i swere My birthay is in 14 feb to OMG

  • Goobert The Worm on a String
    Goobert The Worm on a String

    good job at coming out sloane, she said she doesn’t like men in her skit.

  • husky liley
    husky liley

    It so BIG

  • Belle Rose Chan
    Belle Rose Chan

    Jamie just got EXPOSED

  • Just Me
    Just Me


  • Olivia Day
    Olivia Day

    The king of random did something like this

  • FishWithLegs

    Who else birthday is on Valentine's Day 🙋me

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      Happy birthday Jaimes wifes

  • Sophie

    My bday is the day after valentines day

  • •Cookie Vlogs•
    •Cookie Vlogs•

    5:59 wth is happeningg!!

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      This made me so hungry help.

  • Jeanie Gipson
    Jeanie Gipson

    The egg plant tho

  • SallyNarwhal

    "I have a girlfriend" "so do I"

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller

    Didn’t even give credit to the king of random

  • Iamdaynefinn !
    Iamdaynefinn !

  • Master Crafter Miko
    Master Crafter Miko


  • Rosa P
    Rosa P

    You copyed this from the KING OF RANDOM 😐😒😤😡😠

  • Pride Bun
    Pride Bun

    Kyle: “I have a girlfriend” Solane: “So do I” Lol 😂

  • Bobbi-Jo Di Maria
    Bobbi-Jo Di Maria

    I’m am 9

  • Bobbi-Jo Di Maria
    Bobbi-Jo Di Maria

    My birthday is on valtimes tooo

  • Xx_MasterKey_xX

    Cooking with Slone

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    🎶 Oh Jamie, all your employees look like people who are obsessed with Cocaine-y 🎶

  • Teegan Gilbert
    Teegan Gilbert

    Your wife is a savege😉😉🙂😊😊💍💍😜

  • Lauren Tucker
    Lauren Tucker

    This made me so hungry help.

  • mister 8
    mister 8

    Happy birthday Jaimes wifes

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      Fact sloan is a lesbian

  • Sonyapeach

    I definitely wouldn’t be eating any of those hearts there are tons of hair in them.

  • CTB Videos
    CTB Videos

    Chauncey wants to know your location.

  • Sivannarayana Jakkamsetti
    Sivannarayana Jakkamsetti

    Jamie (when saying for you)lost Kyle

  • Madi Baker
    Madi Baker

    My birthday is on Valentine’s Day to so is my grandpa’s

  • Gacha_ Univers
    Gacha_ Univers

    Is Salom (I think that's how you spell her name the new girl with the long hair that is shaved on one side) gay? Because kyle said he has a girlfriend and she said me too

  • Adam Kilgore
    Adam Kilgore

    Anyone notice they numbered the video wrong, there are now 2 16s in the series.


    That candy is banned?! I think?!

  • Sol Källberg Salheden
    Sol Källberg Salheden

    i am bisexul

  • ꧁Itz_ lonelystar꧂
    ꧁Itz_ lonelystar꧂

    At 2:34 I died from laughter

  • High volitege channel HVC
    High volitege channel HVC

    My birthday is on valentine's day too!

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    5:35 “24. Adam Rules”

  • -Aria-

    Intro: Somebody vaugely yelling scatter and smoke. *Wha---?*

  • Aaron Chan
    Aaron Chan


  • Watson Wyatt
    Watson Wyatt


  • Angie Tollison
    Angie Tollison

    Fact sloan is a lesbian

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Wait Eric left right or am I just dumb

  • Grinder 1027
    Grinder 1027

    Am I the only one who thinks these candy hearts are disgusting

  • Avoid Cxpalot
    Avoid Cxpalot

    I miss Dany, John, Joe and just the OG crew in general

  • George Grant Weaver
    George Grant Weaver

    he had a Cardinal shirt on at the begging. GO CUBS

  • Efiana

    i’m gonna be honest this was i good youtube channel was good before that sloan girl joined now it just sucks she kinda just takes over like everything

  • The Merry Magpie Vintage
    The Merry Magpie Vintage

    I made a box I made a box

  • Thisisthat 135
    Thisisthat 135


  • True Hockey
    True Hockey

    I have a girlfriend Shit we broke up Shit I don’t NOW

  • Funnee Edit
    Funnee Edit

    Tube of love hearts for British girls


    Who misses the old crew

  • Challenger SRT20
    Challenger SRT20

    Does anyone "really" love the candy hearts I feel like its the Valentine's equivalent of candy corn people don't like them but they still eat them

  • Amber Egan
    Amber Egan

    My birthday is also on Valentine’s Day

  • Daisy Gallagher
    Daisy Gallagher

    More like you made the biggest heart shaped piece of chalk

  • Kate Andrews
    Kate Andrews

    So when you eat you are eating for your wife?

  • FaceNotFound

    Wait Eric left right or am I just dumb

  • the invisible robloxian
    the invisible robloxian

    bring hans gretel back

millionaire guy
1,1 m.