Ultimate Fountain Challenge #4
Ever wondered what peanut butter, mustard, and frosting look like in a chocolate fountain?
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0:00 Intro
0:13 Caramel Syrup & Ice Cream Crispy Cone
1:30 Mustard Soda & White Castle Burgers
2:57 BBQ Larvets & Ribs
4:09 Horchata & Churros Cookies
5:24 Purple Hot Chocolate & Creature Eye Lollipops
6:30 Spicy Peanut Butter & Jelly
7:47 Blue Frosting & Cupcake Cookies
8:54 Apple Cider Vinegar & mBerry
11:24 Outro


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  • Kevin Giron Guerra
    Kevin Giron Guerra

    Sloan guys it’s terrible sloan continues eating it me BiCh yOu SiAd it WaS GrOoS wHy Do YoU KeEp EaTiNg iT tHaT mAkEs nO sEnEs 😂

  • bruno buccerrati
    bruno buccerrati

    A chocolate fountain is delicious of course, but what if we replaced the chocolate, with this flowing....0:06 COOM

  • Cute Togekiss PL
    Cute Togekiss PL

    I was just watching the video again, and for the churros cookies an ad popped up for me at the perfect time that it sounder like: "brushed with butt"

  • kadin costa
    kadin costa

    That’s gooey

  • Lleyton Tsai
    Lleyton Tsai

    Hey how are you doing

  • Jordan Lawrence
    Jordan Lawrence

    I love horchata

  • Yoav Huber
    Yoav Huber

    Esta hava cancer?

  • Emily Harrison
    Emily Harrison

    The first one where Eric said yaaaasss I wanted to leave sorry

  • Dr. Santiago
    Dr. Santiago


  • Veronica Knight
    Veronica Knight

    Eric's hair....♥️


    My friend got a fidgit toy from Vat19

  • Grey

    No one: Not even my moms car alarm going off again: Minecraft Villagers: 7:07

  • Florzell webb
    Florzell webb

    I want these because in everyone it looks like they're having fun genuinely, and slightly enjoying the unpleasant experiences of others

  • Max Gunn
    Max Gunn

    Jamie is such a man-child lol

  • Andrew Nataly
    Andrew Nataly

    I rewatch Jamie's reaction to much 😂

  • IceyIcicles !
    IceyIcicles !


  • •Clxudy_KiKi•

    Eric, Sloane and Jamie are probably the best

  • Dipshit Gaming
    Dipshit Gaming

    Hol' up

  • Afreen Arisha
    Afreen Arisha

    Did you shape your head jamie? it's kinda funny a little bit

  • kalia _dreams
    kalia _dreams


  • kalia _dreams
    kalia _dreams


  • Emily Rady
    Emily Rady

    the people making this video: yaaaaa free food

  • Teamsmash Universe
    Teamsmash Universe

    @GoodMythicalMorning you know what to do

  • daniel fady
    daniel fady

    when are the mini spicy cookies coming out??

  • Luca De Giorgi
    Luca De Giorgi

    Ben:WOOOAAAAH KYLE: That’s gooey

  • Starini Parameswari
    Starini Parameswari

    My favorite part 0:55 bye chunk :( 1:12 hmmmm... 1:27 idk it just makes me laugh 1:32 wHaT? ._. 2:08 the noise 😌 3:12 delicious BBQ :D 3:33 be freeee 3:46 sponsored by bug chunks 4:34 wha- 4:54 bruh 5:13 HOOOOOHH... 5:49 ow my goodness 5:55 green apple and hot chocolate 6:06 nice sound effect 6:31 oooooooo... yuck :| 7:50 alien what? 8:13 to much cookies 8:47 good idea? Yeah? 8:56 *snif *snif *snif I don't like it 11:30 bruh

  • Da UwU cat
    Da UwU cat

    I'm still surprised that salone isn't fired


    4:48 Eric not knowing what’s going on

  • •ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ•ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ•

    4:10 it spelt Horchata but it's pronounced ochata

  • Neha Maharjan
    Neha Maharjan

    This is not a hate comment plss don't hate me but I really miss the old members I miss Danny sooooooooo much and I don't really like the new members srry

  • Khulan Zuch
    Khulan Zuch

    One thing u should really do... Tomato sauce and meatballs. Cuz I’m classic.

  • Red Red
    Red Red

    6:54 his face 😂😂

  • DeAdrian Gibson
    DeAdrian Gibson

    He said im loving it like McDonald's ad

  • lucas giles
    lucas giles

    I like how you could just see chunks of food coming out of the fountain

  • bbyfujo


  • Jarom Toy
    Jarom Toy

    Jamie and Eric phishing for sponsorships the whole video 😂😂

  • Elliot Kopitske
    Elliot Kopitske

    5:22 oh no I see a McDonalds lawsuit coming

  • Rex Ann
    Rex Ann

    *I thought I was high off of sleep deprivation when I read "will it fountain"*

  • kristupas skate
    kristupas skate

    Jamie turned into Steve-O

  • S h i n y s t a r z
    S h i n y s t a r z

    You have to admit Jamie and Eric have one of the best friendships

  • Carter Garcia
    Carter Garcia


  • Karin Antson
    Karin Antson

    The idea of making more money popped into jamies head right when he heard the word "sponsorship". LMAO IM DONE! XD

  • Mason Court
    Mason Court

    0:05 don't say it

  • RedShadowWolf08 Gaming
    RedShadowWolf08 Gaming

    The muster looks like nacho cheese

  • Purple sonic Clifton
    Purple sonic Clifton

    Can you please!!!!!!

  • Fan Pet
    Fan Pet


  • Thatguyyouwatch 2.0
    Thatguyyouwatch 2.0

    *ben going crazy* *kyle*😐

  • cristopher afton
    cristopher afton

    Brushed with butt-butterfingers ad plays lol

  • Snqwy

    5:32 did he just say “add water” what a sin

  • Rachel king
    Rachel king

    Does the fountain warm the substances up?

  • Connie Gratrix
    Connie Gratrix

    that caramel fountain go me tho

  • Joel Kalinyuk
    Joel Kalinyuk

    I hate slone.

  • Baileigh Partin
    Baileigh Partin


  • Mack W
    Mack W

    4:09 my dream meal

  • Mariana Ramos
    Mariana Ramos

    # bug bunch

  • ShardZxdtomat0

    Sloane: ThE fLoW tHo! ThAtS a GoOd FlOw!

  • Ishayu Gupta
    Ishayu Gupta

    Sloane and Miles are the funnies

  • Harrison Slaven
    Harrison Slaven

    Jamie said the peanut butter would come out of his body, so his crap must look weird.

  • Pisang Playz
    Pisang Playz

    1:58 hmm this guy look very familiar i saw this face before

  • Livnitch Afuan
    Livnitch Afuan

    Hahahahaha the hair

  • Emma Hollen
    Emma Hollen

    Hmm Hmm H mmm hmmmmmmmm

  • Jesus Luque
    Jesus Luque


  • Nishanka pitadeniya
    Nishanka pitadeniya

    4:47 i dont need to say anything ... just nope

  • gina delorme
    gina delorme

    white castle burgers CAN give you CANSER it says it right on the back of the box read it

  • ZekeKidzWorld

    Jamie: Brushed with bu- ISnets: Here is an ad

  • snus mumrikken
    snus mumrikken

    OoO i like ur cut g 7:56

  • robbystech

    I was eating skittles then I saw the vinegar 😭😩 Yeah u can take them

  • Isabell Spence
    Isabell Spence

    No one: Literally no one: 0:18 Miles: OH MAMA

  • Benny boo
    Benny boo


  • Benny boo
    Benny boo


  • Varchas herur
    Varchas herur

    They are definitely sponsored by White Castle

  • Catgirl Ok
    Catgirl Ok

    Lmao 😂😂😂😂 4:53 Kyle:“Did you lose it?” Ben:“NO!” Kyle:“Yes, you did” Ben:”NO!” Kyle:“You did” Ben:“NO!”

  • Roblox Gamer12
    Roblox Gamer12


  • ArtGremlynn 12
    ArtGremlynn 12

    1:33 me with everything

  • Krishna tyagi
    Krishna tyagi

    11:47 that face 😂😂😂

  • rory bramer
    rory bramer

    I gagged

  • Grace H
    Grace H

    4:40 my dance teacher at recitals

  • Blake White
    Blake White

    Jamie looks like John Krasinski from Jarhead 🤣

    • Blake White
      Blake White

      in MY OPINION

  • syam ibnu
    syam ibnu

    me watching this after eating alot of sugar and fell pain of eating it Vat19:MORE SUGARRRR


    2:28 LOL this kill me!🤣🤣🤣

  • Steven Kitajima
    Steven Kitajima

    Why does Slonne have to always have something to say as if she needs to prove something like stop trying to explain everything, no one asked

  • Madajah Powell
    Madajah Powell

    eric's legit simping over a fountain? i've abandoned all hope in society.

  • Trio 2000
    Trio 2000

    I'm having flashbacks to the- stretchy cheese fountain... oh god..

  • UNO dorde
    UNO dorde

    Eric Erics back wohoo og vat19 fans know what happened to him

  • NC The Pro Gamer
    NC The Pro Gamer

    I don’t know, will it fountain?...

  • RotiKid

    i miss erik/eric

  • Elmer D
    Elmer D

    Jamie is like Bionic LOL P.s if you don't know Bionic Is a minecraft otjty Just search him :>

  • Ethan Thong
    Ethan Thong

    Men after NNN be like 4:29

  • GalaxyGladiator Group
    GalaxyGladiator Group

    Horchata is my favorite drink, I never thought they would have it in this series. I do love me my Mexican drink.

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim

    Who didn’t notice the thing dividing the two of them? They are COVID proof!

  • Dylan Wijaya
    Dylan Wijaya

    Wait, Eric is back!?

  • Chacaron Chacaron
    Chacaron Chacaron

    I'm a Hispanic and it's not put pronounce horchda it's pronounce horchata

  • Brayden Eppstein
    Brayden Eppstein

    :him it’s so thick :me THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  • AFK 123
    AFK 123

    Everone: *dipping lollipops in the chocolate* srry I forgot the name REUNITED GUY: AAAAWAAAAHHHH MY EYE EEEEEEEY AAAAAAAH

  • Mr Memelol
    Mr Memelol

    9:30 Everyone knows what that looks like

    • robert gallol
      robert gallol


  • Didi Casimel
    Didi Casimel

    Horchata is a liquid not that

  • pokemon man
    pokemon man

    Did one of them get there haircut?

    • Naomi Hannah
      Naomi Hannah

      pokemon man yeah Jamie the boss

  • Minekey

    Work at vat19! We feed you caramel candy ice cream

  • Sylvester Scott Jr
    Sylvester Scott Jr


  • UwU Wolves
    UwU Wolves

    Jamie uh-your hair.