You Won't Be Able to Look Away When It Spins
The Kinetic Spinning Ball is an engrossing desk toy. We only looked away from it long enough to put together a compilation of some of our other equally awesome products.
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00:00 - Intro
00:11 - Color Morphing Stress Ball
01:30 - Cuddle Clones
02:36 - Banana Phone
03:10 - Star Cube
04:30 - KiiPix Smartphone Printer
05:43 - Populele
07:13 - Bluetooth NanoBlimp
08:48 - Grill Floss
10:25 - Kinetic Spinning Ball

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  • Vat19

    Should Kyle and Sloane be put in charge of Space Force? [Yes] [Absolutely Yes]

    • FearlessPlayzz

      Absolutely yes!

    • caelyn he
      caelyn he

      Absolutely yes my guy

    • Claire Walker
      Claire Walker

      Absolutely yes Evan. Even better idea you make your own space force

    • Dr. Bright
      Dr. Bright

      Absolutely yes

    • belliam omandam
      belliam omandam

      Manemes william

  • Baby mochi Bts lover BTS butter may 21st
    Baby mochi Bts lover BTS butter may 21st

    The goo is yellow it just show’s green cuz the outside is blue

  • TheFlamingBountyHunters

    At 7:13 Video: its fun nice and exciding Me: HIDINBUERGE

  • Araiyne

    3:36 Isn’t that what Vsauce used..?

  • RhZ GaMeR
    RhZ GaMeR

    The cat seems to like his/her clone

  • Harrison Brandreth
    Harrison Brandreth

    It’s not star cube it’s infity cube

  • Ana Tsurtsumia
    Ana Tsurtsumia

    the first fidget is straight up DNF

  • Dark Devil
    Dark Devil

    KiiPix: *Exists* Nintendo: Creates... *WiiPix*

  • Billy Burke
    Billy Burke

    How much is the Bluetooth Nano blind I want to know

  • febreez

    I have a star cube but call it an infinity star like an infinity cube

  • Sarii Ali
    Sarii Ali

    I w a n t t h a t b a l l The one that.. swirls

  • Molly Burrows Gill
    Molly Burrows Gill

    How much time do you think they spend on videos

  • Dhiza Almairah
    Dhiza Almairah

    I wish i knew the cuddle Clone before my 4 year old cat died.. I miss him🕊

  • der_besteLeo1


  • Bry Rose
    Bry Rose

    POV: you came to see the metal ball thingy (whatever it’s called) and you had to skip to the end on the video to see it...

  • Wisdom Dragon
    Wisdom Dragon

    My mom Would have been so happy To have her little dog Back in her arms like that.I wish that was around when she was alive. She passed away on the 28th of last month.

  • youngcharc

    I live in st.Louis

  • Kyshawn tha Don
    Kyshawn tha Don

    skip to 10:26

  • Vikash Singh
    Vikash Singh

    Populele is bassicly simply guitar

  • Harlen Noyce
    Harlen Noyce

    yo 1:30 is really creepy dude

  • Army Brother2736
    Army Brother2736

    I’ve been watching you guys since I was a little kid!.keep up the good work👍🏻😁

  • Carolina Curtis
    Carolina Curtis

    Kinda looks like Daniel Radcliffe

  • Adhyayan Choudha
    Adhyayan Choudha

    why did the first guy look like daniel raddcliffe to me

  • Hala Albayati
    Hala Albayati

    I want a cuddle clone of my two cats

  • Megan Dyer
    Megan Dyer

    Ok that was not a rubix cube

  • Megan Dyer
    Megan Dyer

    Ok,the four square Rubix cube looks easy

  • Evan Sanchez
    Evan Sanchez

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesseeeeeeeeeeee

  • Keannu Azmil Hidayat
    Keannu Azmil Hidayat

    What the heck is a banana phone

  • Garrett Simpson
    Garrett Simpson


  • finnegan wrona
    finnegan wrona

    my cousin made banana phone

  • IrmaLinda V
    IrmaLinda V

    Can you make fish or better my fish I had 2 betas fish and one was named mr beta fish he died cuz of a cold and my other fish named cherry he died cuz he’s tank was not clean 😭. And I miss him

  • IrmaLinda V
    IrmaLinda V

    So you can make my cat Jerry ?

  • amy richard
    amy richard

    I had a star cube sents I was 4

  • UniCookie10 Cookie
    UniCookie10 Cookie

    a cat is not a figet toy (I think)

  • Preetham Hegde
    Preetham Hegde

    I would actually be frustrated trying to completely hold the colour changing stress ball.

  • dongdong wei
    dongdong wei


  • Little Tiny Gamer
    Little Tiny Gamer

    Fun ads

  • Nicola Deller
    Nicola Deller


  • SolarEclipse

    If Ads were like this I would have bought every single thing

  • Airbus Aviation08
    Airbus Aviation08

    I dont really like Vat19 anymore because the old crew quit Vat19


    im enjoying the video and my mind just want to have an stressed relieve toy but i had alottttttttttttt

  • ????

    can you tame the red dragon or use command to brig it back

  • Erros Covu Basto
    Erros Covu Basto

    10:43 excuse me? WAT DA HE-

  • -OOP- 009
    -OOP- 009

    I have that star cube I’m happy:)

  • peapod

    Dog:die die imposter Lizard:aaaa wat da fak is daasss Cat:hello fren

  • Turtle Mazter124
    Turtle Mazter124

    Imagine if someone makes a cuddle clone of their child I know some made one

  • Matt Ruf
    Matt Ruf

    my fav is miles

  • Cleithro

    Fun fact: The star cube is just a Yoshimoto cube colored differently

  • awesome 7073
    awesome 7073

    you should sell krambits

  • Roque Catherine
    Roque Catherine

    The cat is just loving his replica

  • Ahmad Mustafa
    Ahmad Mustafa

    6:05 There’s something called “SimplyGuitar”

  • Kaitlyn Phan
    Kaitlyn Phan

    I have the star cube, it’s also called a magic cube

  • Gacha Bandit
    Gacha Bandit


  • Sir Catilist
    Sir Catilist

    Good luck with my dog


    I love fujifilm so much♡♡

  • Nilo Fly
    Nilo Fly

    Can the banna pnone actaly ring a real pnone or is it just a toy ?

  • violet grace Hook
    violet grace Hook

    I've got a star cube

  • Harry Coombs
    Harry Coombs

    Best toys ever

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • My world420
    My world420

    how do you do the pet clone how i wanna o iy because i miss my pet so bad pls tell me how pls

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood

    the Nano Blimp can be called a moab: miniature ornery air balloon

  • Aayush Joshi
    Aayush Joshi


  • Aayush Joshi
    Aayush Joshi


  • Aayush Joshi
    Aayush Joshi

    Stop at 2:08 the cat belly in the picture has a dog on ot

  • Rakhi Sarkar
    Rakhi Sarkar

    At 0:32 Kyle looks like that kid in school who's always trying to be sifi

  • Efe Hasan Çınar
    Efe Hasan Çınar

    Wtf am i watching? İts 3 am

  • Junior Grammer
    Junior Grammer

    Ok but the fact that that ad of pets came up when my cat died today

  • an cheez latex beast -SCP GAMER PL-
    an cheez latex beast -SCP GAMER PL-

    2:16 You Ki!!ed Yourself

  • Sushii bun
    Sushii bun

    in the grill floss part it was like "to push away grease funk and gunk" the problem is that the word "funk" is a state of fear in public. so i dont really know if theres funk on my grill-

  • PB - 06KP 778408 Calderstone MS
    PB - 06KP 778408 Calderstone MS

    Vat 19 is Probably my favourite website now! It has all the good things!!!

  • Gacha_kitty

    Star cube is awesome

  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 88

    Yea i gotta look into getting custom replica of my cat.

  • Axsthetic Dxisy
    Axsthetic Dxisy

    My dad has that first fidget toy

  • George Garcia
    George Garcia

    cup song

  • bleh -me
    bleh -me

    Never have I ever watched ten ads without watching ten ads

  • Sony Fijo
    Sony Fijo

    Are you doing ads

  • Ava’s sea Squad
    Ava’s sea Squad

    I can look away when it spins because I can look at mine

  • L00M Animations and Games
    L00M Animations and Games

    why am i wwathcing ads

  • Jane Garcia
    Jane Garcia

    Belive it or not this vat 19 is my child hood i love watching vat 19

  • Dragolex Gaming
    Dragolex Gaming


  • Nugget from kindergarten 1 and 2
    Nugget from kindergarten 1 and 2

    the star cube is like the infinite cube (figet toy}.

  • Van Dale Motonaga
    Van Dale Motonaga

    That fidget toy is called an infinity cube

  • freddy frostbear
    freddy frostbear

    That cat cuddles the cuddle clone.👌


    1:30 I don't have a pet :(

  • Rohna Garcia
    Rohna Garcia

    I really like all of them 🥺

  • Louis Ong
    Louis Ong

    5:33 That Joke Is NOT funny

  • Jemin0689

    Can we Bite the Color Morphing Stress Ball? I would like to bite it good

  • -coffee Mushroom-
    -coffee Mushroom-


  • Alannah Vlcek
    Alannah Vlcek


  • Twinkle llama
    Twinkle llama

    In want a banana phone lol

  • Gibbie's World
    Gibbie's World

    Me:sees the banana phone Also me: 🙀🤯 I need that. Oh yeah I don’t have a phone 😔

  • Mark Lepka
    Mark Lepka

    Vortecon or this Which one do you think is better?

  • Argus Morningstar
    Argus Morningstar

    Hey! I have a question for you. Does the nano blimp work with air too?

  • Mark Lepka
    Mark Lepka


  • Samu

    grill ash burger be like: it tastes better than you think

  • Sylar Katakuri
    Sylar Katakuri

    Steel Ball Run, i want my Stand

  • Nates Adventures
    Nates Adventures

    I have star cube

  • Elijah Diltz
    Elijah Diltz

    2:26 he slep

  • Fridgezucchini

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    Ann George

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