If This Commercial Isn’t Good, We Don’t Get Paid • This Could Be Awesome #13
Exploding Kittens challenged us to make a video for their new game Poetry for Neanderthals, and if they don't like it, we don't get paid!
Buy Poetry for Neanderthals here: expktns.co/PoetryVat19
*Please note that neither Vat19 nor Exploding Kittens recommends playing this game with strangers or exploring random caves due to concerns over COVID-19 and hostile trolls, respectively.*

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  • Aizen Dave Falolo
    Aizen Dave Falolo

    ill leave a like

  • Aizen Dave Falolo
    Aizen Dave Falolo

    Vat 19 I probobly love this video but can you make a call to Danny and Jhon and tell I miss them........ Pls.......🙁

  • XaGe Gaming
    XaGe Gaming


  • 《Pxstel Sunflxwers》
    《Pxstel Sunflxwers》

    2031 : Hey Jamie you ready for Hidden In Plain Sight seson 2? Danny-

  • venusorus

    you guys shouldve asked to film in fantastic caverns. edit: i know im 4 months late and also im joking but ive seen *sooo* many signs for fantastic caverns in missouri

  • Sam Mahoney-Doyle
    Sam Mahoney-Doyle

    all the guy has to say is "i dont like it"

  • Team World123
    Team World123


  • dusica aleksievski gulaboski
    dusica aleksievski gulaboski

    I think only joey is the og of Vat 19 too bad that Jon and Danny quit vat 19

  • JackLife ʜᴅ - ᴏꜰꜰɪᴄᴀʟᴊʟʜᴅ
    JackLife ʜᴅ - ᴏꜰꜰɪᴄᴀʟᴊʟʜᴅ

    Yeah this is 100% slavery

  • Ishimwe Nicolas
    Ishimwe Nicolas


  • Libby Bex
    Libby Bex

    I feel like solone(sorry if I miss spelled her name) is like a girl version of Danny but she works but yet Jammie is always mad at her like Danny😂

  • Jonathan Viernes
    Jonathan Viernes

    Team 2

  • Amna Alnasri
    Amna Alnasri

    How did you do that

  • Blazing Skulls
    Blazing Skulls


  • Dyha Gresham
    Dyha Gresham

    Ok um why does the lady supposed supposed to be judging the ad sounds it look like my crew teacher?

  • madison white
    madison white


  • cactiy Plays
    cactiy Plays

    I hate how most of the original crew left :(

  • Mop Head Playz
    Mop Head Playz

    I like 6:14

  • Toucan Mansion
    Toucan Mansion

    Who also saw a chewing gum on the preview?

  • Austin MacAulay
    Austin MacAulay

    I’m 100% sure that Joey is in, thousands of other Vat19 videos!

  • Austin MacAulay
    Austin MacAulay

    I think this is the last video, that Joey’s ever been in, in Vat19 history.

  • Astrid Betts
    Astrid Betts

    I like vat19

  • Florin Farcas
    Florin Farcas


    • Florin Farcas
      Florin Farcas


  • chonki

    thumbnail: worth 20,000 and a mistake?? me: woah! I'm in the thumbnail :D

  • ThatOneAnimatronic

    Call me crazy, but i don't like bacon. Please don't hate in the relpys-

  • _. xoxokoala ._
    _. xoxokoala ._

    Jamie says "ummm" to much

  • Rhubartu the Saiyan
    Rhubartu the Saiyan

    Why is that woman missing half of the hair on her head?... that is not a good look.

  • mel bruzzano
    mel bruzzano

    If I trick you like or pin me Read more

    • mel bruzzano
      mel bruzzano

      Tricked ya

  • Louie Ralph
    Louie Ralph

    Miles is like the sweetest, SMOLest, cutest, most adorable creature ever!

  • Austin MacAulay
    Austin MacAulay

    I feel heartbroken that Joey left Vat19. I hope he’s still doing well.

  • Saviah

    Next Poetry for Homo Habilis,Homo Sapien,Australopithecus!

  • Musashi Sushi
    Musashi Sushi

    Ngl, but this video actually wants to make me buy the game because me and my family likes to play games that includes all of us😁

  • Anjali Vlogs
    Anjali Vlogs

    Pug eat

  • Jasper

    Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

  • Zola Caudeville
    Zola Caudeville

    I subscribed and liked

  • Maya Nelson
    Maya Nelson

    I have been to mammoth cave multiple times before!

  • Braedon Phillips
    Braedon Phillips

    Must admit...I've never seen a safe on boards like the guy in the garage!

  • h0bi_c0re

    okay did joey quit or not, he hasnt been in recent videos but it says he quit september 5th-

  • Ghazal Al-Tamimi
    Ghazal Al-Tamimi

    Go team bite ☝️

  • Trollface

    Ooo its Gonta game nice yes yes

  • David

    I thought that was chewed gum and this video is going to be about how much people pay for it XD

  • Hi World
    Hi World

    How much do they even get paid!? BC like, they work hard to do there job!!

  • Ella-gance soaps
    Ella-gance soaps

    i liked this so they get paid

  • A very political 13 year old
    A very political 13 year old

    “If this commercial isn’t good we don’t get paid”; if this weren’t staged it seems that would be very illegal and against regulations.

  • Sunsorb

    i would to thank turkey who donated this leg


    Me like this watch good stuff

  • micciipop


  • LifexSoul Flower
    LifexSoul Flower


  • Josh H
    Josh H

    Ngl the cover looks like chewed gum

  • Joe bo
    Joe bo

    Video - vid / e / o

  • Thehider 1234567
    Thehider 1234567

    5:00 Colorado shirt? :o Wait is Vat19 in Colorado?

  • ThatStranded Captain!
    ThatStranded Captain!

    Teem bite

  • Kyndall Wagner
    Kyndall Wagner

    1:57 Don't tell my boss Me: Ohhh I will

  • Naved Hashmi
    Naved Hashmi

    Who doesn't like the new girl

  • Fatima Shahzad
    Fatima Shahzad

    I really want the animal carayons

  • Foxx Fury
    Foxx Fury

    Rip vat19

  • Gaming time YT
    Gaming time YT

    Where’s the vat19 building

  • Kara's world
    Kara's world

    MOVIE please please please

  • Normarmon

    💔💔JON And danny u will always be in out hearts💔💔 there not dead btw.... i just like to bedramatic! :)

  • Aubrie Fusco
    Aubrie Fusco

    that was my birthday october 3rd

  • Green Gator
    Green Gator

    Ha nice

  • Henny Laurin Hylbak
    Henny Laurin Hylbak


  • Henny Laurin Hylbak
    Henny Laurin Hylbak


  • ひAlan23

    sarah a lil cutie 😳

  • Misty Estrada
    Misty Estrada

    Um did slone replae karra

  • John Darji
    John Darji

    This why Jamie so selfeish

  • Jessy Yong
    Jessy Yong

    I hate Jon and Danny

  • zoom account
    zoom account

    plz make movie fore the movie trailer stale mate "Dont eat this chip

  • Pastel Riya_303
    Pastel Riya_303

    I can’t believe you guys are near me like in St. Louis like how awesome is that to live near vat19

  • William Hodges
    William Hodges

    4:29 on the plus side you have a club

  • Alex gaming Uy
    Alex gaming Uy

    yehey joey still in vat19 joey is my fav in vat19 and jon to and danny those three are my fav but am sad jon and danny quit vat19

  • Wolf Eyes
    Wolf Eyes


  • Abby Letendre
    Abby Letendre


  • killer zoid
    killer zoid

    is sloane that big of a democrat that people have to wear a mask in the car with her? huh.

  • Itsalul 55
    Itsalul 55

    This is like the got em game

  • e m m a z d j e l a r
    e m m a z d j e l a r

    It’s really cool seeing a business like vat19 In Missouri. We don’t get mentioned a whole lot except for the Oregon trail!

  • SN Elzaree
    SN Elzaree

    Poor sara

  • Lil God
    Lil God

    Dayum bro, ok

  • Areli Valenzuela
    Areli Valenzuela

    Jon and Danny are still in the intro :(((( I miss them

  • Kanga

    I miss Danny and Jon and Kara and any others I miss.. but I do like Miles he is the only knew one I liek

  • Henry’s Outdoors
    Henry’s Outdoors

    I love the game exploding kittens

  • CAH Productions
    CAH Productions

    “Why me use much word when few do trick” 😆😆

  • Colio Bean
    Colio Bean

    You guys have to try to do something with a bunch of play dirt

  • Sword Beast
    Sword Beast

    Why were they wearing masks in the car

  • GodzillazTortillaz 21
    GodzillazTortillaz 21

    Who else thought the thumbnail was chewed gum?

  • Riley

    Stop wearing masks. They do piss all

  • Elise Krachey
    Elise Krachey

    The intro still played and since it's outdated Danny and John are still in it

  • ladyheather2011

    6:08 for final product

  • Ryderness Central
    Ryderness Central

    Who else sa the gun safe

  • Riley Dunlay
    Riley Dunlay

    I miss the old Vat 19😢

  • Sabina ?!?!?!?!?!
    Sabina ?!?!?!?!?!

    Its literally crazy how my whole life I lived in Czech Republic and started watching them when I still lived there, now 4 years ago I moved into Missouri, literally in the same area as them. Always been a huge fan ✨

  • Vanessa Huang
    Vanessa Huang

    The thumbnail looks like a cacao pod

  • Some Person You Have no Association With :p
    Some Person You Have no Association With :p

    Climb up High spot What is it

  • Brady Procon
    Brady Procon

    Imagine wearing a mask while driving.

    • chloe nicole
      chloe nicole

      Brady Procon thank you i respect you as well

    • Brady Procon
      Brady Procon

      @chloe nicole I respect that

    • chloe nicole
      chloe nicole

      Brady Procon cool i am

    • Brady Procon
      Brady Procon

      @chloe nicole you sound like a liberal

    • chloe nicole
      chloe nicole

      well they weren’t quarantined together so -

  • Frikandeloorlog

    I would fire slone if i could

  • Molly Dalfonso
    Molly Dalfonso

    I love how new people appear and no one questions

  • MrSir

    Still a good laugh. several times watched

  • Ferdinand Kurniawan
    Ferdinand Kurniawan

    I miss Jon and Danny

  • Derrick Marquis
    Derrick Marquis

    The guy from the production company quoted Kevin from the office.

  • Delay

    7:57 man's got hit with a rock. You good??