This Toothbrush Does All the Work for You • White Elephant Show #40
In this episode of the White Elephant Show, our crew opens gifts that will be the talk of the holidays. Like a toothbrush that brushes for you and a couple gifts from @Old Spice that are wonderfully strange (even by our standards).
#AvailableAtWalmart #SmellReadyForAnything
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  • Rainbow Pastelli
    Rainbow Pastelli

    Lol one of the hashtags are #SponsoredObviously

  • Kristen Woronoff
    Kristen Woronoff

    I am on my moms account but I love these videos they are so fun

  • marthazed the zambian girl
    marthazed the zambian girl

    Adam looks so wierd without his beird

  • Tiky Locky
    Tiky Locky

    As soon and Jamie opened the deodorant holder my brother was talking to his friend and said ‘can I have some’ 😂

  • V G
    V G

    miles looks and sounds gay



  • Aydan Irani
    Aydan Irani

    how do you search for the toothbrush at I can't find it

  • JP


  • im maditillman
    im maditillman

    Omg😂 miles reaction to the gummy chair was amazing

  • Angela Lew
    Angela Lew

    i know that kind of toothbrush

  • Super X
    Super X

    they say that you can save 100 days by using the toothbrush its really fast and its better at cleaning

  • Girl 220
    Girl 220

    The person with the least. Hair Sloan:rubs the side of her head Jamie : about to fire someone Rest of crew : about to laugh

  • JL SII
    JL SII

    Poor butler he had to go back and forth a lot

  • Carlos Mascarenas
    Carlos Mascarenas

    can someone please tell me what the name of the toothbrush is called i cant find it at all on the vat19 website.

  • Miles Solano
    Miles Solano

    Yea take it to Miles aka me

  • Isaac Venger
    Isaac Venger

    I surprised that they found a way to make these

  • Bazia Liz Baboy
    Bazia Liz Baboy

    So what is the deodorant holder for I'm still confused. I'm stupid 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Beanie boo Bro
    Beanie boo Bro

    "Who has the least hair" Yes, that's eric

  • kenjiph

    The smell that never dies

    • kenjiph

      I always see the commercial

  • khushi Baboolall
    khushi Baboolall

    Pvn I think it

  • khushi Baboolall
    khushi Baboolall

    Angela knight

  • khushi Baboolall
    khushi Baboolall

    Angela Merkel is

  • khushi Baboolall
    khushi Baboolall

    Pvn you are a few days and

  • Cj Broto
    Cj Broto


  • mynameisbryanlee Gaming
    mynameisbryanlee Gaming

    Where ze hell can I get ze toohbrush

  • nekomethis

    buff santa supremacy

  • Hunter Hagen
    Hunter Hagen

    The bear old spice was an actual vat19 ad.

  • Koun Chan Emma
    Koun Chan Emma

    is anyone gonna talk about the buff santa? that guy is a whole damn meal if there were no beard.

  • the glitched gamer
    the glitched gamer

    We have to give props to the Butler he ran all around the place and that has got to be hard

  • Sam Gaming
    Sam Gaming

    Who is butler

  • steve edmonds
    steve edmonds

    Get it? Bear glove? ...

  • Amy Hochstrasser
    Amy Hochstrasser

    is it only my dad have that deodorant holder

  • Rhonda Chen
    Rhonda Chen

    Butler face reveal?

  • Jen Fox
    Jen Fox

    I need that tooth brush

  • Jbone_ 8910
    Jbone_ 8910

    Old spice says it’s for boys

  • Gogo Child
    Gogo Child

    OMG Kelsey!!! HIIIII (Adam and Kelsey are my favorite)

  • Kelly Hinkle
    Kelly Hinkle

    i cant with kyle being the hot santa

  • EasonChaiYX

    2:25 Buy it at Walmart~ -Santa

  • RockyPlays

    The metal ink thing’s rubber: a magnet

  • Georgio Vang
    Georgio Vang

    TAKE THAT SAKURA also it says that the comments were turned of for me

  • GlitchyBlox

    I feel so bad for Miles. :c

  • Tyler Turner
    Tyler Turner

    What what is the tooth whitener called!!??

  • Sebastian

    This is basically an entire video showcasing Jamie trying to tell everybody they stink.

  • Max

    So every Vat19 employee forgets the rules of The White Elephant show every time they play and the host always has to say the rules

  • Nafay Reacts
    Nafay Reacts


  • Eko Alli
    Eko Alli

    Cool! I already saw that commercial

  • I-hate-cucumbers

    It would be really cool to be in one of these videos. I dont know if those people get paid or not but I dont care if i get paid, it looks fun. :)

  • Cervante Mccloud
    Cervante Mccloud

    So yall not even going to name the tooth brush?

  • Aubrey Dighton
    Aubrey Dighton

    Sloan is my favorite she's so wholesome funny and she is so cool

  • Crispy wave !
    Crispy wave !

    For my birthday I got the bear and kraken deodorant wow and I never seen this vid too!

  • Madelyn Playz !
    Madelyn Playz !

    By the way I rink Sara is cooler then Jammie then eric

  • Haddex Herrera
    Haddex Herrera

    A bear got a dad for Christmas and the octopus got a dad for Christmas to

  • buff stuff
    buff stuff

    i like cap man

  • Mannat Gupta
    Mannat Gupta

    I was laugh so hard when adam got the holder/his child

  • Frances Anderson
    Frances Anderson

    My mom said I can have a ps5 if I win this bet and the bet is who can get the most likes so pls like this

    • MaliLo

      If you would of said Xbox I would like this comment but because it’s a ps5 I’m not liking

  • Thirdy Chua III
    Thirdy Chua III

    old spice

  • EmeryPlays

    I wonder what the butlers face looks like? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Aleyn Aguilar
    Aleyn Aguilar

    0:00 What SFX is this? The whistle

  • fisheater 2000 S
    fisheater 2000 S


  • Ayati Goyal
    Ayati Goyal

    Adam’s a good and bit childish but I like him

  • KittyGamer !
    KittyGamer !

    You do you that the deodorant thing is an add right?

  • Nad Pad
    Nad Pad

    i have a frend named ADAM

  • Dominick 606
    Dominick 606

    I hate Jamie

  • CrunchyBot 777
    CrunchyBot 777

    buff Santa

  • ItzWolfieGacha PH
    ItzWolfieGacha PH

    Adam has a newborn child!

  • Elena Lampka
    Elena Lampka

    You can just make the LED charger

  • Gacha carrot
    Gacha carrot

    *Buff santa*

  • Sean Keenan
    Sean Keenan

    I feel bad for the butler. Unless he likes working for them:)

  • Siri Stella
    Siri Stella

    Others- give me butler, thank u butler.etc etc Butler- huff puff

  • Mosept Yagami
    Mosept Yagami

    Miles is adorable

  • ADY Productions
    ADY Productions

    carrots are goods for the eyes

  • hapify

    Hey at least the butler has got exercise

  • Pete Messare
    Pete Messare

    I have the Deodorant holder

  • Daniel Productions
    Daniel Productions

    2:40 ladies first 2:45😐😐😐

  • Acethon Moriartea
    Acethon Moriartea

    me: sees Kyle "there he is!! there's our favourite white boy!!"

  • Amena noor
    Amena noor

    The butler worked a lot

  • Malia Rodrigues
    Malia Rodrigues


  • xXVibesXx :p
    xXVibesXx :p


  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    Eric is a brilliant conductor

  • The What is Normal show
    The What is Normal show

    I have the bearglove deodorant and its smells divine, but it is very un protected so i would buy the deodorant holder if i could

  • A.J. Butler
    A.J. Butler

    Um actually the little sea captain was playing a concertina not an accordion

  • MrPotato

    How much do you wanna bet Danny is the butler

  • Ezra Upchurch
    Ezra Upchurch

    Make one of those ads with the metal pen and since you know it has no ink you can use it forever and you can make someone use it when their a normal adult and then you can pause it then put makeup where they look old and they FINALLY finish.

  • Courtney

    I don’t like salone

  • Total Legitness
    Total Legitness

    i think the old spice deoderent holder is so that u can put it in the bathroom so when guest come over its not out in the open

  • Total Legitness
    Total Legitness

    that toothbrush is the newest genaration of the industry that hasnt changed in 100 years

  • HighOctaneMX

    Every time Jamie says "oh snap! Me: cross promo?



  • Haytham Zakir
    Haytham Zakir

    Were you all in the same house if no how dos butler give it to you.

  • Sus

    I want that toothbrush

  • Arab Boy
    Arab Boy

    3:55 don’t call her that bro 😂 😂

  • Andrew Baker
    Andrew Baker

    Vat19, you should do another White Elephant Show called "Sports Day * White Elephant Show #41". The Guests are: Kara; Joey; Danny; Sara; Kyle; Adam; Kelsey; and Sloane. The Host for the White Elephant is Adam. The Gifts for the Round 1 are: The Pass Back Football; the Ollyball; Voli; the Sky Bouncer (2-3); the Night-Ball; Pongo Portable Ping-Pong Table Kit; Stikball; and Miniature Indoor Golf. The Gifts for the Bonus Round (with Golden Bonus Tickets) are: Chippo and a Bent Badminton Racket. You'll be doing the White Elephant Show on March 17, 2021. When you're all Done, you 8 should go on a Cruise Together with One Trillion Dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) for 5 Days. The Cruise You'll be Riding is the "Explorer of the Seas". You'll be Sleeping in 4 Different First Class Rooms: Ben & Jamie; Sara & Kara; Sloane & Kelsey; and Adam & Danny. Your Cabin Name for all 4 is the Promenade Cabin. Number of People in the Cabin is 2; the Staterooms Number is 138; the Size of the Cabin is 160 ft.2/15 m.2; No Balcony; on Decks 6, 7, & 8; and the Type of Categories are (PR) Atrium Promenade View/Inside Cabin. Before you guys have Fun with your Gifts; All the Girls can go to the Cruise Spa for a Nice, Relaxing Massage. When the Girls are Done getting their Massage, put on your Swimsuits; Choose a Gift to Play with; and Head towards the Cruise Pool. When you get to the Pool, Cannonball in with the Gift (Unless if it is Chippo, Pongo Portable Ping Pong Table Kit, or Miniature Indoor Golf) and Have Fun with It. What you'll need for the 5 Day Cruise Ride: Swimsuits; Flip Flops/Sandals; Extra Clothes [Boys: Shorts, T-Shirts, No Sleeve Shirts, Extra Underwear, and Pajamas(Girls: Shorts, T-Shirts, No Sleeve Shirts, Extra Underwear, Extra Bras, and Pajamas)]; Sunscreen; Sunglasses; Towels; Food & Drinks you Like; your Phones; your Cruise Tickets; your One Trillion Dollars ($1,000,000,000,000); your Gifts form the White Elephant Show (Except the Sky Bouncers, you can Lose those in the Ocean); and your Video Camera + Camera Crew. You'll be Riding the Cruise from July 23, 2021 to July 28, 2021. So don't just Ignore the Cruise, go get the Reservations for 4 Rooms on the Cruise for 5 Days.

  • An an
    An an

    Oh Christmas phone oh Christmas phone pls give us some Christmas music

  • Tuân Trịnh
    Tuân Trịnh

    I hate white elephant show ecept this video

    • Tuân Trịnh
      Tuân Trịnh

      Right ?

  • Jesus Luque
    Jesus Luque

    Make a gummy chair but from real gummy

  • Maria Varga
    Maria Varga

    I cant - this is fun

  • Maria Varga
    Maria Varga

    Lol this was a fun video

  • Milena Hadgo
    Milena Hadgo

    my teachers are famous

  • Assasin Beast
    Assasin Beast

    First I thought he meant Adam cause I think he cut his bearded. Like if u agree

  • Johnathan Hutch
    Johnathan Hutch

    i really want the teeth brusher automatic