The Harder You Pull, the Stiffer It Gets • 9 Products You Didn't Think Were Possible
This putty reacts to how you use it, which honestly we didn't know putty could do (and makes us wonder if all putty is sentient, but we digress). Check it out along with other products you might not have thought were possible!
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00:00 - Intro
00:19 - Bacon on the Go
02:17 - Infinite Galaxy Puzzle
03:14 - Makey Makey
04:08 - Draw Circuits
04:58 - Levitating Lamp
06:37 - Sphero
07:38 - Play Dirt
08:47 - PowerUp Paper Airplane Module
10:44 - Angry Putty


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  • Eli Burke
    Eli Burke

    Who else wants every single product but can’t?

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    Fire 2nd Channel

    Very poor choice of words in the title

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    not jamie being called sound boi- 😭😭

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  • ParkerGamer285 And My Family
    ParkerGamer285 And My Family

    Vat19: The top part of the lamp is up 3 cm. Me: That’s literally 1 inch

  • TortilllaDaNerd

    I have an idea Don’t stretch it

  • Henrik Ljungdahl
    Henrik Ljungdahl


  • The Devil is an artist
    The Devil is an artist

    I have a 300 piece bucket of double bubble bubble gum and I swear to God that bubblegum is literally mixed with this stuff because of the way the longer you to the gum the harder it is to keep doing

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    Nhurkisha Vlog


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    Michelle Wilson

    3:46 owa owa

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    THE Zclan Family

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    THE Zclan Family

    It is the beast!!!!!!!

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      sarashinta channel

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    THE Zclan Family

    I love VAT19

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    Kalaya Roach

    You have Sphero, hmmm my either has a different brand of sphero

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  • Da sun cat
    Da sun cat

    Makey makey: and with millions of compatible apps and the ability to make your own- Me: ScRaTCh?!


    That's what she said

  • Y Gaming?
    Y Gaming?

    for bacon on the go DiD yOu ThInK aBoUt MUSLUMS???

  • Aleax Griffin
    Aleax Griffin

    but is it turkey bacon

  • Aleax Griffin
    Aleax Griffin

    Ok i don't play bout my bacon #donttouch

  • • Pumpkin Playz •
    • Pumpkin Playz •

    I have a addiction on bacon

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    7:28 danny...?

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    Kira Sprague

    N one desostang

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    2:08 ha I get it MEATings

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    Tina Bryson

    skips ads Now let's watch the interesting ads

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    enceladus time

    vat 19 are ads but 100x more fun and interesting

  • Milos Bucko
    Milos Bucko

    0:21 *Casualy looking at animals and trees* *hears beeping* His brain:Oh sheesh is that a bird, wait i dont know a bird that sounds like that... ITS A UFO Oh... its talkie walkie(did i say this right)

  • Elva Scully
    Elva Scully

    2:16 do they have other breakfast foods on the go?

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson

    Me: seeing the paper airplane thing me again: WHOA

  • Cecilia Miliano
    Cecilia Miliano

    VAT 19 is technically a add just much more entertaining

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    Nath 140

    2:08 MEATing

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    mr gaming YT

    Come on vat19 give me a

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    mr gaming YT

    Is it the machi machi connect an ipad3

  • mr gaming YT
    mr gaming YT

    Is it the machi machi connect an ipod

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    just a bank

    3:00 f!)

  • Triple Vania
    Triple Vania

    Bacon on the go exists: Vegetarians and Vegans: Am I a joke to you?

  • Dina Hadj Abderrahmane
    Dina Hadj Abderrahmane

    I bought all of the things and I wasted all my money and I found out it was a scam.

  • Leckraj Soorjonowa
    Leckraj Soorjonowa

    I am not allowed to eat bacon in my religion

  • Neshan Ghising
    Neshan Ghising

    How many subscribers can I get by this comment

  • Shifted Stars Animates
    Shifted Stars Animates

    I remember the Makey Makey, we had it at my FUSE class

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    Ewan AR

    Vat 19 always makes my day

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  • churros

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    DiegoPlays 2021

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    Braxton McIntosh

    I have that putty from target it’s sick

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    K Campbell



    Bokugo needs angry putty

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    I have seen play dirt so many times

  • The Adventures of Journey
    The Adventures of Journey

    Who thinks ads suck cause all I hear all day is...install honey now and....grammerly can help you write better and. Confident

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    Lynzi Feng

    Ha ha🤣

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    Fatema Rahman


  • Vladimir Cruzata
    Vladimir Cruzata

    10:23 "each kid"

  • not a pan
    not a pan

    I agent angry all the time and I’d get a hot knife and cut it

  • Shyla Vong
    Shyla Vong

    Owa Owa

  • c o z z i 123
    c o z z i 123

    Oh I have the angry putty and I have the hot head one it’s so fun to play with

  • 蘚聯大國

    “IM NOT DONE WITH YOU, SOUND BOY!” - Random Angry Dude


    R A G E !

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    petition to kick sloane off the vat19 team 🙄

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    Keith Morris

    We had Sphero as a robot and in tec X

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    Why arent actual adds like this

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    Fruity シ

    they are like a only entertaining ad


    I want to buy this I want to buy the draw circuits I want a fast way so look up your website on your website then then look up what are you OK understand give me delete then and I could just find one Link OK

  • Aiowin Knoblauch
    Aiowin Knoblauch

    Is someone looking at you when you are in the shower?

  • Syed momen Sumon
    Syed momen Sumon

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  • ꧁REIGN꧂

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  • the mistake
    the mistake

    Who thought they made a flying costume

  • Damian Lim
    Damian Lim

    i cannot find levitating lamp

  • Red light Beast
    Red light Beast

    So is miles dating slone

  • Chao Xender
    Chao Xender

    My bro ripped it apart.

  • Brookie801

    Play dirt is really just Kennewick sand

  • The Gaming CEO
    The Gaming CEO

    You numbskulls make amazing ads for absolutely useless stuff for the price. If the prices of your items would be lower, maybe more people would actually buy your products.

  • Halo18

    The bacon one is just so much plastic I don't like it

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    10:54 This sounds like Katsuki Bakugou from BNHA/MHA

    • UwU gacha
      UwU gacha

      Omg it does

  • Alison Thompson
    Alison Thompson

    For the maker makes I am like bruh are u stoopid there is a Ford in there and YoUR putting your hand in it

  • Moonlight Stars
    Moonlight Stars

    I need sphero because I’m lonely

  • Lena Houle
    Lena Houle

    Three year old be like I want everything they make adult I want everything they make me same.👍🏻

  • Sleepyhead Alec
    Sleepyhead Alec

    7:23 HA I HAVE NO FRIENDS!!!!!!!........wait i have no friends :(

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    Jennifer Thornley

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    Jack Irvin

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    sarrah a

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    Exotic Foam Head

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  • Julian Colella
    Julian Colella

    The first one looks like a npc moving

  • Isaias Guadarrama
    Isaias Guadarrama


  • meep meep
    meep meep

    2:12 meat treat This video is sus

  • Tristan Cottle
    Tristan Cottle

    Sometimes it is funny

  • danger noodle
    danger noodle

    That puzzle kinda sounds like torture

  • extra beeg green mango
    extra beeg green mango

    can i use sphero for bowling?

  • Jacob Andrus
    Jacob Andrus

    Malo ver.1.0.0

  • pinkx moon
    pinkx moon

    I do makey makey at school and it's so fun!

  • Blues Boom
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  • Aharon Nichols
    Aharon Nichols

    Play dirt is a ripoff of kinetic sand

  • Jack's Scratch Tutorial!
    Jack's Scratch Tutorial!

    Wow, you placed scratch in one of your ads!

  • Lyd The flipping kid
    Lyd The flipping kid

    Did you know that people think the milky way is held together by a black hole in the center? I think that’s really cool!

  • Justine Gafford
    Justine Gafford

    Impossible to sneak up on your self *continues to sneak up on self*

  • khristian

    Now that's a dirt spy

  • Univers Rage
    Univers Rage

    When u put a finger in al the glasses at the same time it sounded like the among us wining them

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    Mark Verheyden