25 Strange Products from TikTok • Vat19 Compilation #1
We brought our Vat19 weirdness to TikTok, and now we're bringing it back to ISnets! Check out this collection of our favorite TikToks that show off our wonderfully odd products.
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  • kesinwonderland


  • Mommaluvss3

    We all hate adds but we are watching literdall adds (Edit is that how you spell it ^)

  • Raeesa Cahya sabitha
    Raeesa Cahya sabitha

    I also wanna work there sooon!

  • Ryley S
    Ryley S

    In the first one why can’t you just use a big brush to fix the wall

  • Ariyah Renee
    Ariyah Renee

    I NEED the flamingo 😛😍

  • Kiyoken2

    9:35 i love this sound

  • Ja’Myla Cute squad
    Ja’Myla Cute squad

    Is it just me or I love vat19

  • honey bumblebee
    honey bumblebee

    Person: This taste like dirt Me: Wait how do you know what dirt taste like????

  • Keerthana Kumar
    Keerthana Kumar

    normalize raincoats made out of bubble wrap

  • zemljoradnicka zadruga Kraljica
    zemljoradnicka zadruga Kraljica


  • Josh Andrei H. De Leon
    Josh Andrei H. De Leon


  • Dylahn Solano
    Dylahn Solano

    He shows a potato when shows the potato thing 0:39 then he goes to get a potato

  • Nur raihan mazlan
    Nur raihan mazlan

    Bro you are cool

  • Dexter Kathol
    Dexter Kathol

    I have the zax

  • caelyn he
    caelyn he

    6:32 legit at the end when he says *"I GOT SPLINTERS-"*

  • guspoop11 S
    guspoop11 S

    uranus is not said like your aynus its said like your unus

  • Stuart Adsett
    Stuart Adsett

    I have got a Rick and Morty hot mug

  • Huda Asim
    Huda Asim

    They could have just used a pencil in space

  • Real_DragonCraft

    I'm not even joking when I say I saw that flamingo on the thumbnail at target today- Anyone else?

  • Yaya Matthews
    Yaya Matthews

    burning question:what does grass soda taste like mixed with dirt soda?

  • Clookie num
    Clookie num

    I'm thinking that you guys could make a video of telling us how many products you guys have


    TaSte LikE Why would u like da taste of DRIT


      I miss my pet chicken’s🥺

  • Billiemoutherfriknilish

    When eric said i wanna ship myslef i thought he said i wanna $hit myslef

  • {Çrëamy•Øręo}

    "It can write on ceilings and... *EGHUERWATERRRR* "

  • The Vlogger Famous
    The Vlogger Famous


  • Ashley Blake
    Ashley Blake

    No sevon

  • Ashley Blake
    Ashley Blake

    I’m actually six

  • Taha Taha
    Taha Taha

    7:13 you do know that there is an actual candy burrito in la

  • Moon Gacha
    Moon Gacha

    It swear I thought he said "i wanna shit myself"

  • Lillian McAndrews
    Lillian McAndrews

    So with angry party when you pull it harder and it’s not easy to stretch if you do it slower does that mean that it is easier?????????

  • What's Normal?
    What's Normal?

    1:03Hisoka is that u??? 👁👄👁

  • {Gacha unicorn} Uwu
    {Gacha unicorn} Uwu

    Do you know when that kid that thing your life is going to be metal for forever

  • Evan Curran
    Evan Curran

    i thought that said sad duck :D

  • Arts with Alisa
    Arts with Alisa

    Do you think we are going to season them?? 0f c0urSe wE aRe!



  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    Potato chip hacks 😍

  • Cash Gregoire
    Cash Gregoire


  • Samantha Willard
    Samantha Willard

    What the lol

  • Rigel Athario
    Rigel Athario

    jamie sead its thick the head broke

  • Yanell Pablo
    Yanell Pablo

    Vat. 19

  • Lila Resse
    Lila Resse

    Said the man that eats fake snow like a Marshmallow 4:18

  • Bob

    Man I love sloan

  • Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie

    5:07 “ding dong doorbell” LOLLLL

  • Jc cJ
    Jc cJ

    Hd quality

  • Kreek good
    Kreek good

    Idea for flavored sodas dog water soggy grass and sh*t soda '~'

  • FortyMenDown

    The ones with Erik seem to be the funniest

  • Arts with Alisa
    Arts with Alisa

    0:27 me thinking they were red orbees this whole time Sry for spellings😬

  • Evie

    "I GOT YOUR LISENS PLATE NUMBER" i laughed so hard from when he was about to fall lol Hold up i didnt know that it was that funny lol im just shocked that i got likes lol

    • caelyn he
      caelyn he

      Ikr 🤣

    • Evie

      @Solid Snake yeah i knew it was spelt wrong but it was to late lol

    • Solid Snake
      Solid Snake


  • Eleanor Duke
    Eleanor Duke

    1:03 So basically, you can be Hisoka

  • unicorns Game
    unicorns Game

    I hate shalom

  • Chase Lamarre
    Chase Lamarre

    Brain surgery

  • Yazan ALOTAIBI
    Yazan ALOTAIBI


  • Ylemonade


  • 『 ᴛ ᴀ ᴍ ᴀ ᴋ ɪ'ꜱ_ᴛ ᴡ ɪ ɴ 』
    『 ᴛ ᴀ ᴍ ᴀ ᴋ ɪ'ꜱ_ᴛ ᴡ ɪ ɴ 』

    1:06 Man: These are (idk how to write this) throwing cards Me: dont you mean hisoka's throwing cards...?

  • Golden-Izzy Oaks
    Golden-Izzy Oaks

    When she cut that brain open mah brain hurt

  • Diamond's Vlogs
    Diamond's Vlogs


  • Matthais golden
    Matthais golden

    God love you

  • angela arbuckle
    angela arbuckle

    is tiktok now?????????????????????????????

  • ender man mincraft
    ender man mincraft

    Its gonna make you mad????

  • Isabella Is Awesome
    Isabella Is Awesome

    0:11 he is so funny Definitely my favorite on vat19 0:41 also him

  • Gucci boy Playz
    Gucci boy Playz

    When he said I wana ship myself I thought he said I wana S word myself

  • Foula Moula
    Foula Moula

    There not 25 ther 32

  • Sharyl Smith
    Sharyl Smith

    Hey vat19 I got glasses

  • Sharyl Smith
    Sharyl Smith

    I’ve got glasses

  • Tiong Shun Loong
    Tiong Shun Loong

    ah oh gotta go ah oh gotta go! the man:WHERE IS ITT

  • Totally LIAN
    Totally LIAN

    The I'll"I wanna ship myself" one sounds like "I wanna sh** myself" lmao

  • Jannah Shogran
    Jannah Shogran

    My friends little sister has the potty flamingo Xd

  • Adopt Me Gaming
    Adopt Me Gaming

    Oh no swearing

  • Adopt Me Gaming
    Adopt Me Gaming

    Do you know this tik tok stupid

  • Adopt Me Gaming
    Adopt Me Gaming

    Angry puddy

  • Adopt Me Gaming
    Adopt Me Gaming


  • Hulio Is gay
    Hulio Is gay

    Remember the rainbow slinkie well I call them gayerfier

  • Brantley Rayle
    Brantley Rayle

    And I just ran out

  • Brantley Rayle
    Brantley Rayle

    I’m literally eating potato chips right now

  • JustCookieYT

    “Taste like dirt! :D” BAHAHAH THAT GOT MEH

  • Phoenix SP
    Phoenix SP

    Thare tiktocs be like:

  • y

    6:20 soviet music

  • MoonlitMeadowYT

    I didn’t like the I wanna ship my self one, that was uncomfy

  • ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴇʀ sǫᴜᴀᴅ
    ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴇʀ sǫᴜᴀᴅ

    sloanes song tho 🔥

  • Skid

    Lol vat 19 milk/thicc gang

  • hello

    "tastes like dirt" - bert


    3:00 how do you know what dirt taste like you ate dirt before 🤨🤨😐😐😐😑😑😑

  • IbaadahClutcher

    Him: Realize your out of potatoes Him a few seconds before: HOLDS POTOTO

  • Quốc Thái
    Quốc Thái

    9:09 space actually smells like burnt steak

  • Mille Andrea Banke Noer 3
    Mille Andrea Banke Noer 3


  • Briella Alexa DIMDAM
    Briella Alexa DIMDAM

    I have oosh putty pink

  • Emir Mikael
    Emir Mikael

    Dice stress ball should be call dice stress cube

  • It’s MrDeltaDonuts
    It’s MrDeltaDonuts

    When he said I Wna ship my self for a sec I thought he said I Wna shit myself I was laughing really hard

    • bad content
      bad content


    • Feather

      Lol so did I, I got so confused until I realized he said “ship” and not “shit”


      Stop swearing!

    • Golden-Izzy Oaks
      Golden-Izzy Oaks

      Omg me to

    • simplyzucker

      @Stoopy The Racoon 4:38 :)

  • Zi Xiong
    Zi Xiong

    in the shipping yourself video I thought he said 'i wanna shit myself'

  • ͙̈Gon Freecss
    ͙̈Gon Freecss

    1:17 So thats what hisoka is using... Hmm, i see😌

  • The r6 try hard Z
    The r6 try hard Z

    When he said he was totally an expert I am wearing a lab coat 🥼 I was like NOPE 👎😏

  • AmeCreative

    1:45 Why does this music sound like it should be in stranger things? 😂

  • Sheila! Jones
    Sheila! Jones

    how do you know what dirt tastes like?

  • Miguel Animatez :P
    Miguel Animatez :P


  • Miguel Animatez :P
    Miguel Animatez :P


  • Miguel Animatez :P
    Miguel Animatez :P


  • Josh Andrei H. De Leon
    Josh Andrei H. De Leon


  • Frogsarelife

    Darn why can’t more people make wholesome and funny tiktok content like this

  • Rachel Balentine
    Rachel Balentine

    I thought he said I want to sh*t my self

  • Alyzza R
    Alyzza R

    yOu kIdS aRe gOoNa bE iN pAiN

  • Kylie

    8:56 my cc said: [Music] lolll