This Book Is Actually a Light
The Folding Book Light isn't like any book you've ever seen...or any light you've ever seen for that matter.
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00:00 - Intro
00:10 - S'moresels
01:35 - NanoDots
02:16 - Planet Lollipops
03:15 - Strawz
05:22 - X-Ray Playing Cards
07:19 - Gummy Jet Fighters!
08:15 - Glow in the Dark Cosmic Space Putty
09:33 - Folding Book Light

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  • vintagechip gaming
    vintagechip gaming

    If there is any food ad without “goodness” then it’s not a ad.

  • I aM a WeEb
    I aM a WeEb

    I just bought the NanoDots!! They are so fun and very satisfying 😌

  • Premium Store
    Premium Store


  • Sophie plays games
    Sophie plays games

    I have star dust

  • thecoolairbender

    I'm glad I can't skip these ads

  • Michelle Valerie
    Michelle Valerie

    When it was the Strawz it looked like a lab

  • DÒctØ_ ØctÓ
    DÒctØ_ ØctÓ

    0:46 (New version) Sounds a lot like Vat19's answer to Whoppers(the chocolate malt brand). But that is just a comparison. (Old version:) -----Sounds a*LOT* like a crappy version of malts(I can't remember the name. I'll edit the comment after I look up the name).------

  • Luna


  • c4t 1n t0w3l uwu
    c4t 1n t0w3l uwu

    4:46 the guy after sucking for 10 minutes(almost) 🤢😵

  • wallooooooooo

    So this is a Lumino knock off?

  • Sunset Cake
    Sunset Cake

    Admit it. Vat19 is just an ad company that is actually watchable and you want to watch it.

  • Peter John ju
    Peter John ju

    the Nano Dots and the Planet lollipops are my favorite

  • Bro Games
    Bro Games

    all my weebs out there know what I mean when I say that book is the Wizard Kings grimoire

  • AnimatronicFani

    1:22 Wasn't this line from Raft Wars multiplayer?


    The book looks like the new venom fruit in blox fruit the roblox game

  • Chinito

    Ur watching an ad, ur watching a skippable ad and ur enjoying it

  • Laura Chandler
    Laura Chandler


  • Yao LI TAO
    Yao LI TAO

    i think the reason we're enjoing this is because its showing the actual product instead of a fake

  • Oliver the new one jauregui
    Oliver the new one jauregui

    Are s'morsles chewy

  • Randy Livingston
    Randy Livingston

    My name is myles as well

  • xXRøxy dianexX
    xXRøxy dianexX

    7:44 but you cant play with your food iz bad manners ;-; but still i like these products :>

  • FlyingRaij1n

    The folding book light looks like Julius' grimoire

  • Vladimir Ilyich
    Vladimir Ilyich

    Yo you have a ad in your ads.

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male

    Its thw Wizard kings grimoire

  • Cool cream
    Cool cream

    3:49 please tell me what The music is it’s my nastolga music

  • The Brother Hood
    The Brother Hood

    Support comment

  • Hendri Setiawan
    Hendri Setiawan

    Sun and Pluto are not planet

  • Loud House & Looney Tunes Fan 209
    Loud House & Looney Tunes Fan 209


  • nora rais
    nora rais

    Vat 19 can you do gummy toys

  • Sankari Udayan
    Sankari Udayan

    When u just skip 10 sec add to see this 😳

  • Benjamin bear
    Benjamin bear

    You think that that straw will be big it will be massave

  • BellaBloomPlayZ

    “Hey! Are you reading a book?” “No, I’m *blinding* ”

  • HitByBruh 0_0
    HitByBruh 0_0

    How tf did you get the wizard king's grimoire?

  • Puggydoggo

    The aurora borealis putty reminded me of steamed hams

  • -S-


  • kaotix232 lolololol
    kaotix232 lolololol

    It’s the wizard kings grimoire

  • liam carlo agbuya
    liam carlo agbuya

    I have that book light and it broke😅

  • Ian Queta
    Ian Queta

    Earth do look delicious mmmmmm

  • galaxy egg
    galaxy egg

    How does all lollipops together taste like?

  • John Sukrit Davies
    John Sukrit Davies

    I have the book light

  • HD sort of fan Wow.
    HD sort of fan Wow.

    I dont like chocolate or marshmello

  • SaxAxe


  • Elysia Fortunati
    Elysia Fortunati

    2:18 Eric kinda looks like Whin from Supergirl ifykyk 😆

  • Emma Myers
    Emma Myers

    Song order off of them they are scammers

  • Noisy Roo
    Noisy Roo

    2:16 that sun better be big



  • two sided
    two sided

    so about that book light theres a setting for white light and lemme tell you you bring that to a sleepover, and chuck it at someone at 2am because they wont go the fuck to sleep. they, in their half dead minds will register its a book and WILL open it. holy shit all huddled in the dark and then getting fucking blinded by the angels light before screaming, dropping the book, and getting told off for yelling at 2 in the goddamn morning. best weapon i have

    • Fortnite Kbouey
      Fortnite Kbouey


  • K GO
    K GO


  • AL - 04HJ 902309 Vista Heights PS
    AL - 04HJ 902309 Vista Heights PS

    Try a capsaicin pepper

  • fortunebear

    Im glad im reminded to watch this channel again

  • sleepified

    these are the only ads people enjoy watching.

  • hittyheader

    damn i miss this channel

  • Afsheen Nisa
    Afsheen Nisa


  • Hiiragi Izuna
    Hiiragi Izuna

    Now i know where the Wizards King's grimoire is😏

  • Hiiragi Izuna
    Hiiragi Izuna

    Now I know where the grimoire of the Wizard King (Julius Novachrono) is.

    • Succidy Succ
      Succidy Succ


  • Logan Putnam
    Logan Putnam

    Tell me in not the only one who touch the cover was black clover

  • Ronartist12 P
    Ronartist12 P


  • Chloe Chang
    Chloe Chang

    The long straws my eyes went like 👁👄👁 because it looks like it’s going to take forever to get a sip of the drink

  • Mason Jar
    Mason Jar

    I want more Gummy Bear America videos, those were hilarious

  • robotgoul

    This channel give me memories

  • Alsowow

    Me realizing that I will actually never get these

  • Lisa

    Oof thats cuz u ade

  • The 419 gamers 2.0
    The 419 gamers 2.0

    does the book light run out of batteries?

  • JK doodle Tann man
    JK doodle Tann man

    dont eat 7

  • Idk really
    Idk really

    Usually I stay away from ads but I’ve been watching these for 4 hours straight

  • mox the gamer
    mox the gamer

    Oh my CHILDHOOD they have not changed a day and Jamie has little white hairs

  • Charlotte Makosch
    Charlotte Makosch

    Keys Kadabra 👌😂

  • Editor KID much?
    Editor KID much?

    Who asked

  • KaBosh

    Is John back?!?

  • Chris Valreactslayer
    Chris Valreactslayer

    Can I be on a video

  • Heather Geiger
    Heather Geiger

    vAt19 DoTcOm *cLiCk*

  • Heather Geiger
    Heather Geiger

    VaT 19 DoTcOm

  • Marc Joseph Madrazo
    Marc Joseph Madrazo

    Black clover wizards king grimoir

  • arnav’s world
    arnav’s world

    I had to watch so much useless comercial to see s a nightlight book 😭😭😭


    Not an add

  • Vinithu Vindrada
    Vinithu Vindrada

    what happens if you put sneaky stardust in water

    • Vat19

      It gets wet.

  • PRGME7

    Why did the single ads have to go away again =(

  • desert_7355

    i already have the book light or lamp

  • nani master
    nani master

    bruh I guys really reuploaded the light book

  • Adhav

    that book is LIT !

  • Brady_gamer 09
    Brady_gamer 09


  • Rhaiza and Vida
    Rhaiza and Vida

    Me pressing this video bcuz of the book cuz I have it

  • Egg man's question
    Egg man's question

    2:02 i thought it was among us when i look it upside down lol

  • Its Noah
    Its Noah

    Well i think vat19 is just an ad with weird products

  • Its Noah
    Its Noah

    The man drinking in the hundred feet straw has lungs of steels

  • ieshia thomas
    ieshia thomas


  • Real Blorp09
    Real Blorp09

    First time too hear fourteen hundred my mate

  • Real Blorp09
    Real Blorp09

    How im i sopposed too eat the lolipop Its so beautiful

  • Dominique Dee
    Dominique Dee

    9:33 Julius Novachrono's Grimoire

  • Melody Taylor
    Melody Taylor

    *Straws.* The _All New_ *Glow sticks*


    1:16 my fav part🤣🤣🤣

  • Nafeza Ali
    Nafeza Ali

    You should make a pen to blow spit balls all you have to do is add water and paper balls and blow

  • MannyTheFrog

    Last time I saw you you were at 90,000 subs

  • Kareem Dawud
    Kareem Dawud

    Me. Watching random adds

  • Saad Bin Rizwan
    Saad Bin Rizwan

    Make a tiny phone

  • Riley Leard
    Riley Leard

    Hey Jamie I’m Melissa Runge son And I can’t believe my mom knows someone with 7 million subscribers

  • Ray Dawg
    Ray Dawg

    My mom: what are you doing Me watching a ads

  • Bruh Prime
    Bruh Prime

    For free

  • Bruh Prime
    Bruh Prime

    Can you send me the s’more with yeast marshmallow

  • Najla Bin Mubti
    Najla Bin Mubti

    not a hater but you can buy everything they sell at the dollar store