Will It Clog? A Whole Head of Hair!
We’re putting @Liquid-Plumr to the test in a game of clog roulette with an ending you won’t want to miss (and that Jamie might regret). This is our wildest Will It Clog yet! #WILLITCLOG
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  • Reina Tamayo
    Reina Tamayo

    Wooooow colorrrs!!!!!!

  • Swagger Link
    Swagger Link

    who else thought that this was clickbait

  • Scott Wachter
    Scott Wachter

    I recently got diagnosed with covid-19 and I have asthma and this and imbrandonfarris have helped me get through some tough times

  • Giratina

    *knock knock...oh hey it a clog*

  • Cody Sexton
    Cody Sexton

    fire eric

  • Damian Villanueva
    Damian Villanueva

    i wanted eric to say I like ya cut g and smack jameys head

  • Eva Jurgaitite
    Eva Jurgaitite

    Jamie , I was not laughing I felt really bad for your hair

  • tj Poop
    tj Poop

    He cut his hair off for us

  • iiasretii

    Listen.................. vat19 is probably the most kind, smart, willing to do stuff to make us happy, and always happy, and I feel like if I was old enough to join vat19 I would definitely because they make me happy and we make them happy and a lot of people left over the years but that does not mean that they don’t have supporters I ordered from that 19 a bunch of times! And I just want to say that 19 is a best, funniest, website there can probably ever be also the best you tuber for absolutely many reasons but vat19.. all of your supporters are here for you and no matter what we will always be here especially me! 🙂

  • Kaashvi Patodia
    Kaashvi Patodia

    Jamie had good hair, RIP 🪦 Jamie’s hair

  • Steve Orr
    Steve Orr

    Can it unclog toilet?

  • Mamoudou gatta ba
    Mamoudou gatta ba

    sloane is too excited

  • that one crewmate
    that one crewmate

    I hate the new girl but glad to see erics back

  • Miku Chan
    Miku Chan

    3:45 this was on a add

  • CubeOfficial YT
    CubeOfficial YT

    We his bald

  • Rangerwolf's Fishing
    Rangerwolf's Fishing

    I swear I’m going to marry this woman. I’m confessing my love for you. I promise you a ring pop ring because ya boi be poor as fuck. And if you agree to marry me. I promise you a life of happiness as we raise our many children in our double wide trailer driving our 98 Honda Civic and 96 Honda Odyssey. It isn’t much but it’s home.

  • Wellsley Jernigan
    Wellsley Jernigan


  • It’s Game Time
    It’s Game Time

    Finally no more plumbers crack

  • Jesse Montoya
    Jesse Montoya

    This playlist should be called "will it plumr"

  • Brooklyn Jackson
    Brooklyn Jackson

    How many times did the vat19 crew say dude and bro and all that stuff

  • Kitsune

    @Vat19 I have a question, are Jaime and Joey brothers or twins? they look so similar! Please answer me!!!

  • Jordyn Engelage
    Jordyn Engelage

    When he goes OMG THATS HOT I actually thought he hurt himself

  • that guy
    that guy

    Is liquid plumr candy i can eat? You guys sell candy. My mom must of got that new bottle just for herself im gonna try to drink some.

  • Edgelord Aoi
    Edgelord Aoi


  • 森住文香


  • Emma Soehl
    Emma Soehl

    poor sewer tank

  • DIO

    And now he wears a hat

  • CaseHercules50

    Try to dissolve liquid rocks

  • Tor Egil Pettersen
    Tor Egil Pettersen

    Dident Eric quit vat19?

    • KB Faqih
      KB Faqih

      And now Eric is back

  • Greeniel2401


  • random dude on the internet
    random dude on the internet

    Damn 2 years without going 5o the bathroom

  • little gacha life gamer
    little gacha life gamer

    Solon sorry if i sad that worng but you have have to give hands for her ♥♥

  • Sabrina Goldring
    Sabrina Goldring


  • Madeline Burkhart
    Madeline Burkhart

    Eric just shaved that head clean😆😉🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth Peterson
    Elizabeth Peterson

    I love how Jamie is always skeptical but it ends up unclogging

  • snus mumrikken
    snus mumrikken

    7:24 i like ur cut g


    5:27 lol too much hair

  • Kerri Martin
    Kerri Martin

    Do you do the add?????

  • CreeprVictor

    The plumber that needs to unclog this: ... I hate my job...

  • Ebola

    Why am I bingewatching this

  • kma Mohammed
    kma Mohammed

    Rip Jamie’s hair

  • Chrisheon Snell
    Chrisheon Snell

    the girl is the one that made me not like this video she is not funny sorry

  • Aubrey Kay
    Aubrey Kay

    “Where are we going to get the hair from” I said“ my bathroom where else”

  • froggy UvU
    froggy UvU

    E if i get 10 likes ill say E on vat19s newest video

  • Grace H
    Grace H

    Whoever disliked this said: Dis I Like

  • ThatPurple Panda
    ThatPurple Panda

    When it said kids am I the only one that thought of something bad👀

  • Roblox Zashi87
    Roblox Zashi87

    He look like crying because of his hair getting shaved

  • Ntense Kid
    Ntense Kid

    i feel bad

  • Sandra Scocco
    Sandra Scocco

    F. 8.fvffff 5, By

  • Haylee Jones
    Haylee Jones

    🤔 hmmm oh! * puts these in their sink 🥂🍷🍹🍸🥃🧃🍯☕️🍼🍵🍹🍻🥤🥛🍾🥘🏐🍺🧉🍿🎂🍩🍪🍫🍦🥧🍦🍧🍰🌭🥩🍔🧆🥓🍟🍝🌮🍜🍲🥗🥪🧇🥞🥕🌽🥭🥒🍆🍅🍒🍌🍑🍎🍉🍇🍊🍓🍋🍈🍏🥝🥬🌶🌽 * let’s see... * when it’s just smashed up it’s still over flowing it fails to get sucked in *

  • Patch Haggard
    Patch Haggard

    Is it me or is when it goes threw that pipe it’s satisfying

  • mokamations

    I'm supprised Erik didn't get fired

  • Yup.

    So this is what I have been seeing in my adds

  • Brandy Anderson
    Brandy Anderson

    Ho my #!*% gosh 😮

  • calinia L
    calinia L

    Ho no poor Jamie 😢😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓

  • Dinomite Jake
    Dinomite Jake


  • Mandi Robertson
    Mandi Robertson

    you should do peppermints toothpaste and gummy

  • Ailin Moody
    Ailin Moody

    Jamie I feel bad for your hair

  • Wylime 09
    Wylime 09

    6:27 I like ya cut my guy

  • Joseph W
    Joseph W

    Best boss award: 🏆🍨🎉🎊😎🕶️👦

    • Joseph W
      Joseph W

      I no copy I just made trophy but give other guy credit :)

  • Confused Lemon
    Confused Lemon


  • Donut Hoel
    Donut Hoel

    Sloane makes me so happy like her energy is so good

  • The Raptor Files
    The Raptor Files

    Try coconut oil

  • The Kitten Meow
    The Kitten Meow

    7 days after my 10th birthday

  • Tiffany Gardner
    Tiffany Gardner

    put a mixture of thick smoothie blended with Plumr

  • Carter Hill
    Carter Hill

    You should do bug catcher glue

  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis

    You should put rice down the sink and see if a clog

  • x17gAmr0

    imm watching bcuz the ad

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall

    stop macking thes ads shit

  • Itz_ Ashley
    Itz_ Ashley

    I really thought the thumb nail was a joke but it wasn’t

  • Rachel Bushman
    Rachel Bushman

    When Eric started shaving his head I just sat there in shock

  • rachel vaudry
    rachel vaudry

    Do Santa next 🐺

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit

    my man holding his tears

  • Mikael Harfouch
    Mikael Harfouch

    I feel sorry for jamie

  • Taylor Pets
    Taylor Pets

    Melt the giant gummy bear and put it in the drain

  • Farzad Mali
    Farzad Mali

    Maby you can try acid to melt the clog

  • Dreams


  • Hidden Lakes
    Hidden Lakes

    I don’t like to laugh

  • Ming Ming
    Ming Ming

    Jaime being bald

  • ryks 2.0
    ryks 2.0


  • ryks 2.0
    ryks 2.0

    How did he not get fired

  • Unplayerblegamerpro

    Use dried glue

  • Unplayerblegamerpro

    I have a suggestion for Will it clog


    Oh thats why he is bald

  • Mia Jensen
    Mia Jensen


  • It’s Safaa
    It’s Safaa

    wait legit I was watching another VAT19.com video and in the ending, it is like vAT1999...com, and when the click sound I clicked this video

  • Rio Shoka
    Rio Shoka

    we are just watching a add

  • The Caffeinated Crafter
    The Caffeinated Crafter


  • The Caffeinated Crafter
    The Caffeinated Crafter

    #vat19 #liquidplumber #willitclog

  • The Caffeinated Crafter
    The Caffeinated Crafter


  • honey bee
    honey bee


  • Earl Vineyard
    Earl Vineyard

    His hair🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Lisa Velez
    Lisa Velez

    Try to use a stuffed animal

  • cinderace Quiambao
    cinderace Quiambao

    He was a good man

  • cinderace Quiambao
    cinderace Quiambao

    Jamie never deserved that hair cut

  • Laughing with Landon
    Laughing with Landon

    I’m not laughing and if I don’t laugh that’s something

  • Phineas Choo
    Phineas Choo

    Oh great jamie bacame ukrainian

  • xBenevolution

    I don't like Sloan... Sorry

  • Payoja Ghosh
    Payoja Ghosh

    eric :your are now bald jimmy: you are fired

  • Rylan Brandon
    Rylan Brandon

    Eric is mean his hair was so nice but hopefully it will look good again