Vat19 Make Me Laugh Challenge #11 • Eric's Back!
Have you seen the latest episode? Eric is back and he demands we make him laugh! The more he chuckles, the less Lobster Hard Candy we have to eat in order to cash in our reward. Let's hope he still likes funny things...
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    Have you seen the latest episode? Check it out here:

    • Ugly Rat
      Ugly Rat

      @Brian Ferris ?????????????????????????????????????

    • Flame W2927
      Flame W2927

      Was it Lobster HARD or Lobster HEART

    • David Zheng
      David Zheng


    • ғʟᴏᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴏᴅ
      ғʟᴏᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴏᴅ

      @DESAVALI AKSHITH oh wow


      this is how u got ur name Very Awesome Things Very awesome things 17 letters 2 Spaces 17+2 19 Vat+19 Vat19 Boom.

  • Pat LWS
    Pat LWS

    This is more funny than the TV show Jessie!!!🤣

  • XG Official
    XG Official

    Sloane is officially my new favorite employee

  • The Inspector Dadget Channel
    The Inspector Dadget Channel

    The guy with the blue shirt in wig crane when he had the wig on he looked like he was a mix of Spencer from Jumanji and the Rock

  • Neutral Warlord 2
    Neutral Warlord 2

    YES!!! Vat19 brought back a king!! Welcome back Eric, we missed you a lot!

  • Sarah Boyar
    Sarah Boyar

    so so funny I wish I did not have a drink am scored

  • Sarah Boyar
    Sarah Boyar

    oh my god to funny to be true holy moly the pizza one is very funny

  • ReedBird

    everyone’s talking about how eric is so hard to make laugh Eric the whole time: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Infinite Limits
    The Infinite Limits

    Slone actually does a really good Hans Gretal

  • Rashed Farhan
    Rashed Farhan

    Who gets the reference from Jamie making the first video about dope or nope in this vid

  • MYnameislitbo YT
    MYnameislitbo YT

    Can anyone agree with me........this don’t make no any sense..(I think my sentence didn’t any sense)

  • Gunnar McDaniel
    Gunnar McDaniel


  • Seb Gamez
    Seb Gamez

    Yo yo yo yo what up topsters welcome to tope or nope

  • Hayden Nugent
    Hayden Nugent

    The pizza guy part makes me cry every time

  • DiamondRaptr 824
    DiamondRaptr 824

    i just eaten the world largest gummy worm my skull hurt 😳

  • Kelly J
    Kelly J

    These are so much more funny when using videos they pre filmed

  • Maria Wolff
    Maria Wolff

    Did Joey leave too?

  • Laila Boyer
    Laila Boyer

    I love the reference to dope or nope

  • Idetake Bard
    Idetake Bard

    He do be slappin da bass doe

  • Khup Va
    Khup Va

    Is nobody going to talk about the Coyote Peterson reference?

  • Mølly F
    Mølly F

    The shade thrown at dope or nope is so funny

  • SwAvYNuch Par
    SwAvYNuch Par

    I can’t get ova the fact that John and danny left

  • Simcha Temple
    Simcha Temple

    Dis boot 👢 oopsie doodle lol 😂

  • Sophie mack
    Sophie mack

    Im surprised that Sloane still has her job

  • GVPikachu

    9:47 man I thought this girl would never

  • janelessly

    when jamie did a dope or nope parody got me dead cause its almost accurate

  • C

    Das boots

  • Echothedog


  • Wisconsin Central Productions
    Wisconsin Central Productions

    sholda given sloane a ssi schafer trash can for the hansel skit

  • Vaneza Rodolfo
    Vaneza Rodolfo


  • Mythical Oreo
    Mythical Oreo


  • Cløudmate


  • Mandy Martin
    Mandy Martin


  • XBSpeed_Playz


  • Xtreme Garrage
    Xtreme Garrage

    Dont under estimate the cat!

  • Xiaotao Liang
    Xiaotao Liang

    5:01 I actually think that’s a Han Solo costume

  • Cara Moretta
    Cara Moretta

    I still can't tell if they're saying lobster hard candy or lobster heart candy


    I do not understand the game

  • Kelly Hinkle
    Kelly Hinkle

    i hate masks unless its a gator

  • John Fuller
    John Fuller

    Wait was Eric fired

  • star moon 1700
    star moon 1700


  • JustBacon

    6:38 this is my favorite :]

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra

    1:50 Is he trying real hard to be like Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend?

  • Marije

    Throwback to King pootpott

  • Edgelord Aoi
    Edgelord Aoi

    6:38 9:31 this made me laugh so hard i choked

  • Phoenix Sanchez
    Phoenix Sanchez


  • Lady Origami
    Lady Origami

    hans sister or whatever that part the voice modulation sooooo good

  • Dawn Tompkins
    Dawn Tompkins

    can you give cody and ricky free merc please.

  • Brody Lucas
    Brody Lucas

    das boot

  • Eli Big wave charger
    Eli Big wave charger


  • Eli Big wave charger
    Eli Big wave charger

    Could you make a stick of that Star Wars thing

  • Hydie Cayaban
    Hydie Cayaban

    Funniest to me 8:28 10:44 7:11

  • Amanda Day
    Amanda Day

    Adam makes me laugh until I die. :o

  • Ashley Cheng
    Ashley Cheng


  • Catnip

    3:28 is where the action starts if you want to skip the first part

  • peep 12
    peep 12

    slones gonna be the first to get fired.

  • Shū no kyōsō
    Shū no kyōsō

    6:37 I’ve been asking this for years but where do you get those shoes from

  • CC Elf
    CC Elf

    Does Sloane actually think she’s funny

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith

    Ain’t nobody gonna talk about the fact that miles had a 25 cent to play thing on his keyring

  • KandleLight

    I can agree to get Salone on the team! She’s funny! ^^

  • W a l l a c e
    W a l l a c e

    please fire sloan shes taking the camera too much and isnt funny

    • Phoebe

      Well deal with it

  • Bonnie

    At the “front ally boys” he called the girl a boy

  • callum hutchison
    callum hutchison

    To be honest, Miles looks good as Han Solo, he should dress as him all the time. I want more of that.

  • Sora Skyline
    Sora Skyline

    The girl was like when she delivering pizza she like: Excuse me sir excuse me sire

  • Owen Stith
    Owen Stith

    Could it really be that bad???

  • #Candy- bear gacha
    #Candy- bear gacha

    I love it 😂

  • ninja cat konstantinos
    ninja cat konstantinos

    its not startrek its starwars

  • Brett Randy
    Brett Randy

    Why did it skip #9 and #10

  • Hayden Fox
    Hayden Fox

    I love the Star Wars

  • Spice King
    Spice King

    Sloan: roasting Jamie Jamie: I feel like Sloan has attacked me in some way

  • Leard Krasniqi
    Leard Krasniqi

    I haven’t visited this channel in a long time but why is Jon and Danny gone😭😭😭

  • Horsey J
    Horsey J

    Miles slappa da bass

  • Andrew Rehlander
    Andrew Rehlander

    2020: Is the worst year ever* Vat19: Brings Eric back* Everyone: Liked that*

  • Kelly Hinds
    Kelly Hinds

    Wait did you fire eric or something


    This is so hilarious


    Captions- The nada boy

  • Yve Manuel
    Yve Manuel

    im good at not laughing that i did not laugh for real

  • Olie Vlogs
    Olie Vlogs

    Lol the intro Edit#1 : love this video

  • EmeraTheHauning

    Slone jest say that Janie I’m calling you stupid jest like it’s normal lol

  • Khay’Lin Philon
    Khay’Lin Philon

    Why is jamie the boss he sucks at everything so i think Joey should be the boss


    Is it just me or do u guys see the cash that adam is holding is all teared

  • Tristan Para-Banhidi
    Tristan Para-Banhidi

    i love the videos you make I almost watch all of them

  • Tristan Para-Banhidi
    Tristan Para-Banhidi


  • TheDonBlairs



    Jon and danny were the best charecters THAT MAKES IT KINDA SAD :(

  • Ovick09

    Bruh everyone is gonna get liked out of vat 19

  • Lilly Zodiac
    Lilly Zodiac

    ERIC HI!! We missed you!

  • brandon marcelus linardi
    brandon marcelus linardi

    3:50 is the funniest clip

  • Nathan Melendez
    Nathan Melendez

    Why do they have to rip of dope or nope reply if you know that ISnets channel or if you know the Matthias channel

  • The Egyptian Boy
    The Egyptian Boy

    how did you guys go from 8 to 11

  • So Cha
    So Cha

    *them wearing mask’s* me:uh OH THIS IS DURING COVID

  • Alexander Aguiar
    Alexander Aguiar

    *excuse me sir* Lol

  • Carolyn Elsner
    Carolyn Elsner

    I love slone so much!!!

  • Hayden Barrett
    Hayden Barrett

    Is Eric really back

  • Michael Hasson
    Michael Hasson

    Sloe is so funny

  • Emily Collins
    Emily Collins

    I love when Sloane sing with the boot and the willy wonka and the pizza and more and I happy Eric back

  • Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough

    The one with Hansel is my fav

  • Insucturelen

    i think sloane is my new favorite vat19 person

  • homosexual.not.around

    why does miles have such a baby face 😀 (i don’t mean it in a rude way, trust me)

  • Wilmer Perdomo
    Wilmer Perdomo