We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge #4
Gummy Frogs or real frog legs? Candy "beards" or actual facial hair? Vat19ers take their chances in Real vs Candy!
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  • Sebastian Michaelis :D
    Sebastian Michaelis :D

    *I’m not your biological uncle Kyle*

  • Matteo Chieffalo
    Matteo Chieffalo

    eating poop?????

  • Revan Extreme
    Revan Extreme

    Hi I love your videos

  • Wyatt Ogle
    Wyatt Ogle

    Kyle reminds me of like The Mandalorian from Star Wars


    Who ever that is she is ding inside

  • Valts E. Drisljuks
    Valts E. Drisljuks

    Why is miles so happy

  • I Oof
    I Oof

    Picking up poo Sloane. Lets be real

  • T Thompson
    T Thompson

    We saw’ll that turkey leg at LEGO land

  • chifæ

    9:19 Kyle : "hola iam the cyan wall you have waited to summon on this planet"

  • Chara Daremer
    Chara Daremer

    Long leg clown

  • Ava Melton
    Ava Melton

    Dill pickle

  • Rosie Clatrina
    Rosie Clatrina

    A job that Sloane would have would be those coin makers

  • Sienna Victor
    Sienna Victor

    Kyle: uncle adom Adom: I AM NOT YOUR UNCLE!!!!

  • lunar prewett
    lunar prewett

    Daniel: "I'm an incredibly picky eater" _mood_

  • Joey Cruz
    Joey Cruz

    Is that the first time kyle has laughed?

  • Haylee Richardson
    Haylee Richardson

    wassabi not spicy BUT it is SOOOOOOOO DISTUGSTING.

  • Haylee Richardson
    Haylee Richardson

    sloan is like the viking that sells the turkey leg and at the end of the day she would take some turkey legs with her

  • Haylee Richardson
    Haylee Richardson

    kyle: old uncle adam my mind: my one of my uncles is named adam lmao

  • Stacey Matchett
    Stacey Matchett

    You have the best food!!!!!!!!!!!!!😮😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Angelica Nuno
    Angelica Nuno

    I love that Mexican candy sooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Katie Sovie
    Katie Sovie

    I think SLONE likes picking up poo poo

  • Two•One•Oh Designs
    Two•One•Oh Designs

    Why Kiel not smile

  • Samantha Sumeracruz
    Samantha Sumeracruz

    More kyle pleasw

  • CollTheSheep

    Adam : i got pie in a stick! kyle : i got pie in... my hand.

  • X x MimsyCom x X
    X x MimsyCom x X

    Adam now has a new name. *UNCLE ADAM*

  • Seema Yadav
    Seema Yadav


  • xRaeLa-Productionsx

    The sushi section makes me salty. He isn't enjoying that sushi. Man if i was him. I'd eat the entire tray. But bro they had to make him eat it with the wasabi. And now he don't like it. M a n

  • Noctis Ff1v
    Noctis Ff1v

    “I have never used chopsticks in my whole life.” Me: AMERICAN

  • Ishani Jha
    Ishani Jha

    1:01 century old egg

  • арасели вела
    арасели вела

    I think that Sloan would be a good babysitter and mom

  • Teresa Gaming
    Teresa Gaming

    Who doesn’t eat tomato sauce with noodles 😐

  • AnAsianBoi

    How dare you insult my pi dan (The black egg)

  • Sadie 3033
    Sadie 3033

    Kyle looks serious until he says a joke everybody laughs but kyle still looking serious

  • Breckyn Malin
    Breckyn Malin

    She picked up poop totally


    “I have never used chopsticks in my entire freaking life.” Me:😤

  • xXLionelRanoldXx

    I Actually Ate A Frog When I Was 11 And I Thought It Was Chicken..honestly it tasted like chicken..😊

  • Lennahc's Marbles And Objects
    Lennahc's Marbles And Objects

    A salsa salad

  • HerAaA Aaaa
    HerAaA Aaaa

    0:41 mans probably offended some people that eats the egg on a normal basis


    nobody: kyle: MMMmmmMMMmm

  • LeoDoesAnimation

    the gummy sushi is the post variety i saw irl

  • Elizabeth Hospes
    Elizabeth Hospes

    I wanna try salsa spaghetti! REALLY BAD

  • Drea

    She looked offended when she said "it's FINE😤" 2:15

  • Gracie McCallum
    Gracie McCallum

    “Happy uncle adem

  • daddy chill den
    daddy chill den

    Sushi is my favrite food i would be mad if i had the candy sushi

  • Brittney SS
    Brittney SS


  • Supreme Soph
    Supreme Soph

    “Its got like that perfect creme in the middle-“ *coughs* POV. “Yeah ypu enjoying life over there while im dying over here 🥲”

  • FoxPlay Games
    FoxPlay Games

    I LOVE the Renaissance Fair! And their Turkey Legs 🤤

  • Hammad Khan
    Hammad Khan


  • Rachelle Andersen
    Rachelle Andersen

    Just uncle Adam and his pie

  • ꧁༒𒊹KÄTŽ𒊹༒꧂ゆ

    I ate the duck egg thing and.... It actually pretty good ngl .-. At least not as bad as I expected, still worth a try

  • Kellan Edits
    Kellan Edits

    sloan would work as the rootbeer women in the back

  • Benjamin Rivas
    Benjamin Rivas

    i bought the sushi thing from vat19 and it was totally worth it

  • Khaos Production
    Khaos Production

    Sloane is me omg especially with spicy food

  • Caleb Koeneman
    Caleb Koeneman

    My brother said that wasabi was green ice cream when I was 3 and ate a whole bunch it looked like it was 5-10 grams of it and then I started to scream so that was fun

  • MegaSimp For Miracle Boy SA-TO-RI
    MegaSimp For Miracle Boy SA-TO-RI

    Kyle and Adam are just a whole mood lmao

  • Harvey Walllinger
    Harvey Walllinger

    You will never know how many dislikes this will have lol

  • Katie Bradshaw
    Katie Bradshaw

    Winnie the Pooh

  • Wayne DASH
    Wayne DASH

    Yo frogs are tasty

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez

    No not the frog🐸

  • Korlawee Sae Sae
    Korlawee Sae Sae

    Frog is good it tastes like chicken

  • Max Roser
    Max Roser

    Fun Fact: I smell

  • Berlin Brown
    Berlin Brown

    Jamie:you crazy person you a a full jar of Those pickles

  • Sedit'sWings

    You gotta MERRY the turkey leg

  • Wyatt Green - WLM Student
    Wyatt Green - WLM Student

    I think Sloan would be part of a stage crew or cast of a play during a renaissance festival

  • Noctis Ff1v
    Noctis Ff1v

    “Thats the hottest thing i have ever eaten!” Koreans and Asmrtists : “No.”

  • Robert Schlosser
    Robert Schlosser

    i hate you for eating a FROGG I LOVE FROGS

  • Claire

    is it bad when i first saw miles i thought he was like an older verison of a class mate of mine

  • MelloToonz

    “When you poop if you look at it it can look like art” When Kyle said that it just killed me

  • Huddyy

    You see adams bald spot on his beard that’s his beard hair

  • ilove doggos
    ilove doggos

    “I have never used chopsticks in my entire fricken life” Oh no wonder he’s holding them like that


    Kyle um

  • Ava Williams
    Ava Williams

    Kyle is very manly and he has a deep voice

  • YoungOneNiko

    chopsticks are so easy to use but im to young for some reason o-o

  • BluePillow


  • Andrew Wang
    Andrew Wang

    Sloane you would be a clown


    I don't like Wasabi not because its spicy it just taste bad

  • Nishanka pitadeniya
    Nishanka pitadeniya

    why does kyle remind me of corpse husband?

  • Aiden Borden
    Aiden Borden

    Slum would have a job at the turkey leg stand at the renaissance fair

  • Blake Hall
    Blake Hall

    Picking up food

  • ICB Animates
    ICB Animates

    Sloan would volunteer in the greyhound guild

  • Jalene's Unconditional Love
    Jalene's Unconditional Love

    When I looked at that real steak I'm just like give me that 😍😍😍🍖🍗🍔

  • ニファイル

    9:20 I laughed so hard LOLOLOLLLLL XDDD

  • Matilda Mysterydawn
    Matilda Mysterydawn

    everybody: 😊😎😉😁😢😜 Kyle: 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Danica Housenga
    Danica Housenga

    Kyle:Adam is my biological uncle Adam:no I’m not

  • Schleich_gurl2075

    I would never eat hair🤮🤢

  • Emaya Nathan
    Emaya Nathan

    Mail girl

  • My teenage life
    My teenage life

    I think she picked up poop at the fair.

  • Topthorn

    sloane was the manager at the axe throwing stand, or the bar maid at a tavern

  • midnight diamond
    midnight diamond

    yup uncle adam

  • Andrew Civitello
    Andrew Civitello

    I love Sushi it is sooooo good 🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣

  • Maya Mountain
    Maya Mountain

    No one : Me when I finally finished my homework : 7:05

  • Zackthemanwitht themanwitht
    Zackthemanwitht themanwitht

    Picking up poop I said picking up poop do it to me now.

  • 1persecond

    1:02 the one on the red side is saying THIS IS GOOD and is bragging while the guy on the blue side is dieing from rotten Ed duck eggs

  • Noah B
    Noah B

    “Because people like to laugh at you” can we move on to the best dish and please” that was sad

  • Sasquatch Minecraft
    Sasquatch Minecraft

    they did him dirty with the wasabi thing

  • Zamia Malvel
    Zamia Malvel

    Oooo that spaghetti candy is good I tried it many times

  • TB Enghild
    TB Enghild

    6:30 My guy over here lookin like the buff star lord from guardians of the galaxy

  • Fiona_ Takes naps
    Fiona_ Takes naps

    Salones job at the fair ! : funnel cake

  • Kate Lindgren
    Kate Lindgren

    Pixel qween

  • Melissa O
    Melissa O

    The Guy that had mexican: wow that is intense😖 Me:¿Estás loco? Es el mejor dulce que podrías conseguir