$1000 if You Can Break This Ball in 1 Minute
Could you break into a squishy golf ball in one minute with an ice scraper? To win money?? While an announcer is making snide comments??? Let's find out...
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00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Mirror Ball String Lights
02:10 - Floppy Golf Ball
04:58 - Watermelon Ball
06:43 - Waboba Ball
08:20 - Bonus Round!

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    No one: Absolutely no one: Not even me commenting this comment: Eric: TORTURE19 Adam: DOT COM

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    Daniel Wiebe

    Well... that’s a wierd ad

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  • IRY Plays Roblox
    IRY Plays Roblox

    I liked the fact that the editor gave the name for Jamie as "the evil boss" loll XD

  • 2019 Sánchez
    2019 Sánchez

    0:43 Why are we breaking time balls

  • Noah Savoie
    Noah Savoie

    Yes I agree

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    Micah Edwards

    It's kinda broken

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    Anna Tsiara

    "Kyle is used to ripping people's hearts out and holding them in his hands" Me: Is Kyle killua?

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    not broken

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    Damien Fillbrandt

    Im unsubing if you guy's don't start making goog content

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    Kitten Cupacake

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  • Kitten Cupacake
    Kitten Cupacake


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    It was broken

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    I wont EAT litter flued

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    levi vlog and more

    What is wrong with them

  • Figdets With Payton And Elena!
    Figdets With Payton And Elena!


  • lol oof
    lol oof

    Mayans sacrifice be like

  • Jennifer Klein
    Jennifer Klein

    omg i love this giy

  • Jazmyn Hermel
    Jazmyn Hermel

    The “host”:He is used to ripping people’s hearts out- Me:so is Damon from tvd

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    Elijah Bonilla

    if meat were potatoes -Sloane 2021

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    Nya The Cat

    7:07 hmmmmm

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    :) dude this is dark net

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    The Mind-Blowers

    I miss DANNY. Randomonium is boring

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    Violet Lancello

    That golf ball seems broken

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    Joanne Khan

    It be Brocken

  • its ya boi back for more gender confusedness
    its ya boi back for more gender confusedness

    1:41 "HOLD ON A SECON-"

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    Lesley paora

    i can but you can not😂

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    Delia Nall

    I also subscribed and click the Bell

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    Delia Nall

    The floppy golf ball did break

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    Isabel Keroles

    it is broken

  • Mack Roblox
    Mack Roblox

    Jamie it’s broke because if you can fell the insides of it technically it’s broken so u get your money but you also have to give money to

  • Creative Warrior0000
    Creative Warrior0000

    2:00 the best thing I’ve heard ever


    yes but funny

  • Ari Robbins
    Ari Robbins

    “It smells like it’s gonna be hard to break open” LOL

  • Rachel Carty
    Rachel Carty

    3:37 when you successfully put tegether a hard LEGO set

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    Cheyenne Stephens

    oki i will eat fluid

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    coco’s birds

    i think it’s fare

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    sokin jon

    nice videosI’m living for this video!!!!

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    Samantha August

    “Ugh y’all the yard is dry ‘cause I gotta water my lawn” SMACK 😂 5:12

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    0:49 um how would she now 😂😏

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    its broken

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    Everyone has soo pretty eye colours

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      sokin jon

      This never gets old

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    Lunna Green

    that looks hard and dangerous

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    i was really hoping adam or eric would comment on this video

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    cool turp

    I drank the lighter fluid. I am not a burning man

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    Dawn Miles

    The ball was not broken for the golf ball thing

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  • Crazycoolcash

    Was Sloan in a liquid Plummer comurshal?

  • Luke Figlia
    Luke Figlia

    The sordid care individually work because paint systematically drum below a separate scraper. detailed, drunk crow

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    himanish mandal

    This never gets old

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    Bhavna Kumar - Chatterjee

    It counts dude u broke in to it

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    I couldn't cause it was my TV

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    producer: round over didnt break it other guys: let's let the comments decide

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    Melissa Latronica

    4:25 Looks broken to me

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    I think The ball well the golf ball I think he broke it

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    Just remember Kyle don't break the table

  • Kremit The Gorilla
    Kremit The Gorilla

    Kyle breaks table after saying he’s too docile makes me laugh every time

  • Cecilia are you okay?
    Cecilia are you okay?

    Let's see how many subs I can get without any videos once I get to 1k I will post

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    Evan Rodriguez

    Broke on the ball it broke our town

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    Atalie webber

    JAMIE!!! The evil boss.😂😐🌪⛓

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    ILOVEDEKU#ANDKACHAN Ilovedekuandkachan

    ITS BRoKen

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    It is

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    video idea:All of vat19's strange putty white elephant show

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    I just realize they now have 7.7 million subs

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    Aaron Adamsons

    It's Logan paul no t Jake paul

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    He did rip it.

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    5:17 i just gotta leave this here: isnets.info/main/ZGO7tJ2M2nm8r68/v-deo.html

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    jacob duran

    the floppy ball wase boken

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    Sheen and Pickle

    i promise

  • Sheen and Pickle
    Sheen and Pickle

    he broke it

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    Evangeline Burrows

    I CaN’T DiE iM iMMorTAl LMAO 😂

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    Lamarr Otems

    Love the cowbell SNL reference

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    How does Sloane know that Kyle has the mini disco balls in his room -_- 🤨

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