Can You Write a Hit Jingle in 24 Hours? • Jingle Wars #1
Yes, this is a real product. And yes, it's gross but also pretty funny. Now let's see who can write the best song about it in 24 hours! Comment your pick below!
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  • Jarin The 2k kid
    Jarin The 2k kid

    Country by far

  • Cobbyletsgo cool
    Cobbyletsgo cool

    The song adam played at the start is called tnt from acdc

  • Big Lizzy Dizzy
    Big Lizzy Dizzy

    poop knife, for a second i though it was for spreading your poop on bread

  • crazy daily
    crazy daily

    Team Rock won that one

  • Carter Powell
    Carter Powell

    Teen country

  • Anne Branham
    Anne Branham

    My brothers needs that knife

  • Alexander Shah
    Alexander Shah

    adam sucks at guitar!

  • Pajhuab Hang
    Pajhuab Hang

    This is literal cringe

  • Jonah Wolfe
    Jonah Wolfe

    Team rock!

  • Jayakumar Thankaiah
    Jayakumar Thankaiah

    Team country

  • Caden Lobo # 64 #
    Caden Lobo # 64 #

    That turd tho 😂😂

  • little trio
    little trio

    *grabs technoblade* I SAW AN ORPHAN- also wtf-

  • Majik Button
    Majik Button

    based off your description, miles seems like a cool dude

  • Nolan Walker
    Nolan Walker


  • Mythica0

    Rock one in my opinion

  • Sarah Demus
    Sarah Demus

    Team rock

  • Master Mia
    Master Mia

    Team rock

  • Diggy Brock
    Diggy Brock

    It's a tie

  • EmmaStar Sekinger
    EmmaStar Sekinger

    Happy New Year pictures of poop knife

  • Sydney kuninsky
    Sydney kuninsky

    Team rock

  • Baylie Antos
    Baylie Antos

    Team Rock,s is the best 1000000%

  • Seb Gamez
    Seb Gamez

    Did anyone hear denis daily’s outro 4:09

  • Hazeena Kabeer
    Hazeena Kabeer my sister said this it was so funny to hear that

  • Ninja M
    Ninja M

    Country and Rock

  • Aubrey Dighton
    Aubrey Dighton


  • William Pachev
    William Pachev

    Team country totally won

  • everleigh thain
    everleigh thain


  • Ian Phipps
    Ian Phipps

    no body is taking shits big enough to need a poop knife. Besides, where would you put it when you're done? I know some products at vat19 are near useless, like the tungsten cube and clam candy canes, but there cannot be that many people who need a tool to chop up poop! This is why we have plungers and plunger holders.

  • Curby Kai
    Curby Kai

    What is a pooop knife even for

  • Lu

    I think I shouldn’t have seen this while I was eating...

  • dallen3000

    Drummer is wearing a Lettuce shirt!!!

  • Deirdre Power
    Deirdre Power

    Team country all the way

  • Vinhea aikha Narvaez
    Vinhea aikha Narvaez

    mnnnnnnn maybe team rock the song it's much more better⭐❤

  • Jethammermc

    My mind at 4:06 BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Team country won 100% also you should do the giant gummy bear with pop and rap

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    I hear the old Denis theme song...

  • Nikole Mueller
    Nikole Mueller

    I think country all the way


    Team rock

  • Noah Webster
    Noah Webster

    Omg I need that

  • Not a faliure
    Not a faliure

    Country was funny, but rock effects were cool!

  • Kelly Hinkle
    Kelly Hinkle


  • Lelle Dale
    Lelle Dale

    For the music itself, I think that team rock won. But for the creativity I think that The other one won... by a lot.

  • Natalie Tucker
    Natalie Tucker

    Team country

  • diana sohail
    diana sohail


  • Dqrk

    Finally now i can cut my food better

  • im not sus your sus
    im not sus your sus

    So the poop knife is a knife to spread nutella with peanuts and corn? Deal

  • Danie Swanepoel
    Danie Swanepoel

    Hey vat 19 can you guys please make handsanetiser wat you can eet

  • Matthew Joyner
    Matthew Joyner

    Team country because it showed what it is used for team rock did not but I like the song team rock

  • Hanan Arnold
    Hanan Arnold

    Team rock duh 👍🏻👍🏻🕶🕶🕶😎🎸🎸🎸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💵💵💵💵

  • willer gumba
    willer gumba

    Team rock win

  • willer gumba
    willer gumba

    Slone hair is looong

  • Trygg Carlson
    Trygg Carlson

    Garage band

  • Theodora Girum
    Theodora Girum

    Team rock

  • Sarah Savitz
    Sarah Savitz

    team country won to me. all the way!

  • Lansu Tao
    Lansu Tao

    All the criminals running to their computer to order a poop knife after realizing it can unlock car doors be like

  • Rodney Pretlow
    Rodney Pretlow


  • Maisy Liddiard
    Maisy Liddiard

    I think team rock won

  • Tazreeyan Hasan
    Tazreeyan Hasan

    Team : C *Won*

  • EdyEduard HEHE
    EdyEduard HEHE

    Booo i scared the sh** out of youuu

  • Brody Girod
    Brody Girod

    These songs are real poop like literly THE DANG THING CUTS PEOPLE'S BIG DUMPS

  • Brynn Lamb
    Brynn Lamb

    I liked team Country

  • Jellyx _Wolf
    Jellyx _Wolf

    That's... Was weird actually.... Heh

  • Kelsee Miller
    Kelsee Miller

    I think that team rock won I thought the constant “get a poop knife” was funny

  • Melissa Libreros
    Melissa Libreros

    team rock i like there problem in your life get a poop knife

  • Gracee-Sue Wells
    Gracee-Sue Wells

    Team ROCK

  • petiza122

    Team rock

  • Lily Schenk
    Lily Schenk

    team country

  • Solaris Avatar
    Solaris Avatar

    Team Rock Should Win!

  • Kyan Z
    Kyan Z

    Country won buy 1,000,000,000,000%

  • Aaliya Ahsan
    Aaliya Ahsan

    Team Rock unfortunately

  • Aaliya Ahsan
    Aaliya Ahsan

    Im used to garageband

  • Ashley Garratt
    Ashley Garratt

    Dude that’s on my school ipad

  • Fouzia Imran
    Fouzia Imran

    Team country

  • eLg

    TEAM ROCK for life!

  • 《çøřŕü]pťïøň¿》 king explosion murder
    《çøřŕü]pťïøň¿》 king explosion murder

    I say it was team country

  • Eli Rieger
    Eli Rieger


  • Rosey Light
    Rosey Light


  • Steely_widow

    Team country

  • Charlotte Fanslau
    Charlotte Fanslau

    First of all jamies confidence just went downhill second of all countyr for the win

  • Meagan Rae
    Meagan Rae

    gg country wins for sure

  • rmtv panda
    rmtv panda

    there wasn't enough rules but I think using a songs backing track is a cheat and team rock should win for originality to be fair this entire video was about a poop knife though

  • pramod singh
    pramod singh


  • Rainbow Blogs
    Rainbow Blogs

    I think it’s team rock as they as very musical and fun whereas team country is about depression and death but still good

  • jyoti sharma
    jyoti sharma

    Team country

  • Madison Daae
    Madison Daae


  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra

    I love Adam"s Fender TV amp!

  • Denise Flanagan
    Denise Flanagan

    Then there's JAMIE!! Jamie:I pick the teams!....

  • Noneya Business
    Noneya Business

    It was totally country

  • Andrew Rehlander
    Andrew Rehlander

    Definitely team rock

  • Dimka Pachynin
    Dimka Pachynin

    Both are great, one rap and one with a great tune. I think both are amazing!

  • Della Herrington
    Della Herrington

    Team country- that was the weirdest and most discussing thing I have ever seen! Team rock- that was gross yet amusing lol!

  • Dust Husk
    Dust Husk

    I actually was pooping while watching this

  • Ulanda Antoine
    Ulanda Antoine

    team rock won

  • Aubrey Tolentino
    Aubrey Tolentino

    team country

  • Juliette Wilson
    Juliette Wilson

    Team country

  • Dumb Nuts
    Dumb Nuts


  • Dumb Nuts
    Dumb Nuts

    Will the poop nice cut trough real poop

  • Mikael Beasley
    Mikael Beasley

    Team rock WON

  • LettuceDog


  • May El Banna
    May El Banna

    Team country