This Cup Makes It Impossible to Stand • Lets Play: Beat That
Standing up: easy. Standing up while balancing a cup on your head: harder than it looks! This is just one of the challenges our players must conquer in Beat That! #sponsored
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  • Stichypoo 626
    Stichypoo 626

    I have this game and I play it all the time

  • Kylie Adamany
    Kylie Adamany

    Sloane has a great singing voice

  • Dylanocity

    One day I decided to brush my teeth with wasabi... I didn't feel that good.

  • Griffin Smith
    Griffin Smith

    I have exactly the same headset that they used

  • Aleksa Savic
    Aleksa Savic

    Is it just me or I think of a reality that vat19 closed down why because 2021 can't get worse 2021:vat19 closed down I know this won't happen it's just to think about

  • Lost Capone
    Lost Capone

    Aye been listening to your dope beats but I think the one thing u are missing is dropping hooks with your beats as well and putting it for more $$$. I know I can create some fire with you. Hit me up on Instagram @iamlostcapone

  • Annie Phantom
    Annie Phantom


  • Obsessed with Hogwarts
    Obsessed with Hogwarts

    My favourite bits 0:20 1:04 1:35 2:05 2:32 2:56 3:20 3:30 3:50 4:05 4:24 4:52 5:17 5:50 6:00 6:25 7:13 7:25 7:49 8:00 8:14 8:25 8:41 9:19 10:10 10:27 10:48 10:54 11:56

  • Freckle Rock
    Freckle Rock

    Just me or does this game feel like minute to win it

  • Luke Figlia
    Luke Figlia

    The animated ashtray endoscopically irritate because market coincidently guess excluding a hilarious conga. learned, third jewel

  • A Lemon
    A Lemon

    “It’s all in the hips” Happy Gilmore reference.

  • Chaosbadgerling

    1:03 is innapropiot

  • Rozelynn Ritzinger
    Rozelynn Ritzinger

    jamie:hehehehe hooo hoo hooo

  • Janelle Boley
    Janelle Boley

    Him: there’s so much pickle juice! Me after I ate all the pickles: glug glug glug

  • Victoria Baxter-Caballero
    Victoria Baxter-Caballero

    bought this for my kids for Christmas. When the fam. got together at my Moms for Christmas Lunch, we all played. Excellent fun time.

  • Romano Cheese
    Romano Cheese

    A half teaspoon of Wasabi isn't a lot

  • engineer gaming
    engineer gaming

    The punishments are cruel and I love it

  • Rblx shadows Fortnite roblox and more
    Rblx shadows Fortnite roblox and more

    He did it before the timer

  • Yotaly Goatly
    Yotaly Goatly

    My bet that Jamie will make counting to a thousand 0

  • Mosept Yagami
    Mosept Yagami

    “Gentleman~” “Lady~” “.....dudes?”

  • Manav Shah
    Manav Shah

    jamie: picks miles for sportsmanship Miles: proceeds to do the L dance to sloane

  • Slone Nifong
    Slone Nifong

    “old man”

  • a girl has no name
    a girl has no name

    How very "Minute to Win It"/"Beat the Clock"

  • MB okie
    MB okie

    i just wanna give Miles a big hug 🤗

  • Chance Janiel
    Chance Janiel

    10:10 Jamie: *having a tantrum* Me: [laughing hysterically'

  • TTL SiStarZ
    TTL SiStarZ

    Your are nice at singing

  • Joshua Zawislak
    Joshua Zawislak

    Sloan “ I think that’s how ya spell her name and sowy if it isn’t” is just like me I want that hair cut and I have glasses and I like to sing and a little bit crazy 😝😜 and she would be my big twin and I LOVEEEEEEE HOT STUFF

  • Annabella Wang
    Annabella Wang

    1:26 is it just me or do I think this is a little....

  • Shannon Wilson
    Shannon Wilson

    I've done that sung with a brush for fun.i got a microphone though.

  • Bava Ram
    Bava Ram

    Can u guys get someone else in the video ? She isn't good ... Im sorry to say . she got to go!! bring different girl

  • Nehama W
    Nehama W

    It's annoying someone sings what they say... But she also doesn't have a bad voice.


    8:18 LOL

  • Juan Valdez
    Juan Valdez

    Miles is a treasure!

  • Carolyn Elsner
    Carolyn Elsner

    No one has ever reminded me of me more then slone in this video

  • Carolyn Elsner
    Carolyn Elsner

    Slone has amazing hair

  • Paperweight

    I’m waiting for dude decent vs dude perfect

  • Laughing with Landon
    Laughing with Landon

    I love hot sauce

  • Trinity Riordan
    Trinity Riordan

    Solone's singing was on point.

  • malek Ehab
    malek Ehab

    how many points did jamie get

  • Elena H
    Elena H

    I was pleasantly surprised when Ben said, “what an athlete.”

  • storm endless
    storm endless

    6:01, 6:06: SABOTAGE

  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith

    I got my daughter this game for her birthday!

  • Jasna Duganova
    Jasna Duganova

    Who else loves Sloane's personality And who else thinks that Jamie is the best boss

  • Fernanda Oliveira
    Fernanda Oliveira

    What are you doing

  • MAddeNXDlol

    How could you not like all of these guys?? Like WHAT

  • Erin Ford
    Erin Ford

    "Gentlemen" "Lady's" " Dudes" 😂😂😂

  • DivvyDuo

    The old man never smoked his whole life just for that moment to blow the cup away

  • Gabe Juice
    Gabe Juice

    Sloan has daddy issue

  • Lps Chinchilla
    Lps Chinchilla


  • Boomy

    i hope ben never leaves vat19

  • Zola Caudeville
    Zola Caudeville

    It does not look appropriate at all

  • malek Ehab
    malek Ehab

    Miles:I am not great with spice . Me: you literally work with the company that sells the worlds spiciest stuff you idiot

  • •-clover-•

    MMMMmmmmm *earthy*

  • Zoey Clevenger
    Zoey Clevenger

    Sloan is hilarious, she always sings too hahaha

  • Catherina Singh
    Catherina Singh

    jamis an old man

  • Rokhyun Baek
    Rokhyun Baek

    Once I ate a bunch of wasabi thinking it was green tea ice cream..............

  • BTS Vibes
    BTS Vibes

    Not lying, Sloane is a pretty good singer

  • Dominic dias
    Dominic dias

    Who all miss Jon and Dannie

  • Alice and me Lila
    Alice and me Lila

    Jamie:”it’s all in the hips” 1:36

  • Wisconsin Men's Ministries
    Wisconsin Men's Ministries

    11:59 that’s hilarious

  • Maty Diene
    Maty Diene

    My guy Mark sounded like Kermit when he ate the hot sauce

  • boi gaming
    boi gaming

    Sloane sings really well

    • Wisconsin Men's Ministries
      Wisconsin Men's Ministries




  • joy Wilkey
    joy Wilkey

    adam annoys me

  • B Town
    B Town


  • Reyna Olivia Sanchez Ponce
    Reyna Olivia Sanchez Ponce

    1st one was inappropriate

  • KarateKid

    10:27 's great

  • Emel Bolt
    Emel Bolt

    They should have done lil nitro as a punishment or Carolina reaper pepples

  • Michelle Potter
    Michelle Potter

    the sting is winny like Willy Wonka that im reading maybe he is Called Willy wonka because he has a big winny

  • Jr Professor Jacob
    Jr Professor Jacob

    That is very inappropriate lol

    • Wisconsin Men's Ministries
      Wisconsin Men's Ministries

      What is

  • Ink Frog
    Ink Frog

    5:28 Jamie being present mic

  • Divinityy [GD]
    Divinityy [GD]

    5:31 pause and is it.... POGCHAMP!?!?!

    • Wisconsin Men's Ministries
      Wisconsin Men's Ministries

      Hilarious he has a duck face going on

  • Chris And stellen
    Chris And stellen

    fun tip: when you eat wasabi do NOT breath out of your nose if you breath out through ur nose the wasabi will burn your nasals and that is over half the pain of eating wasabi

  • TheManOfE

    I dont think that was the hot sauce that made him insane.

  • Swerepy halo
    Swerepy halo

    Lol sloanes my favorite

  • Seiny 09
    Seiny 09

    7:42 I’ll correct you jamie F$UU&@ Edit: 8:18 Let me say it WHAT THE F&$K

  • BharathiGAMER

    My mum: *Thinks she’s better at singing than me* Also my mum: 11:59

  • Ryker Dittmar
    Ryker Dittmar

    you: miles has to eat a spoon full of hot sauce me: bruh i can eat a jug full of that

  • Ellianna Bertrang
    Ellianna Bertrang

    Me loves pickle juice like it is apple juice

  • Îçê Lâttę
    Îçê Lâttę

    It’s all in the hips

  • Blackwing warrior cat knowledge
    Blackwing warrior cat knowledge

    If you listen you can hear the old mans bones cracking when he get up when bottle falls

  • Marcel Visser
    Marcel Visser

    Miles is Tails's real name

  • Ryan Meares
    Ryan Meares


    • Ryan Meares
      Ryan Meares


  • Jennifer Evans
    Jennifer Evans


  • xXoreoXx

    I just realized I’m watching one big ad

  • Patty

    Sucks but she made me unsubscribe

  • Patty

    This channel was so much more entertaining without her on here shes just too annoying

  • Patty

    Yall should fire her

  • Patty

    Sloane is so annoying

  • Maxine Bell
    Maxine Bell

    "Do you bury dead bodies?" "Do you dig them up?"

  • Riley Lu
    Riley Lu


  • Connor Mckerley
    Connor Mckerley

    Sloan is the most annoying human being i have ever had the unbarable pain of having to listen to and or watch, Jamie needs to give her the boot asap! Miles is a G though!

  • The real Elias Beckman the roblox piggy HD TV Video
    The real Elias Beckman the roblox piggy HD TV Video

    6:01 did he say the f word?

  • YukiNasukiChan[The_Tinkeywinks]

    "Jamie looking like an old man getting out of bed for the first time in a week" lol

  • • Bumble Bee •
    • Bumble Bee •

    Literally 30 seconds before it said wasabi under my tongue started burning like I ate wasabi but I didn’t.!?

  • • H å ž ë ł •
    • H å ž ë ł •

    1:40 I liked my life a lot better not knowing what Jamie looked like with a string and a pencil hanging from him.

  • Trin

    Slone miles and Jamie are now my favourite people


    Sloane out here singing

  • zarin tasnim
    zarin tasnim


  • YM - 04SB 930997 Burnhamthorpe PS
    YM - 04SB 930997 Burnhamthorpe PS

    10 11 rage quit