Can You Write a Hit Jingle in 24 Hours? • Jingle Wars #2
Our teams have 24 hours to make a music video about a crazy product. Who will take home the gold record?!
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  • Vat19

    Which team do YOU think should have won?

    • ❤️Ashton🖤

      Team funk

    • Isidro Bejara
      Isidro Bejara

      I think team funk

    • Clutch lol
      Clutch lol

      Team edm

    • Frosty chips
      Frosty chips

      Team funk

    • 51_Rachit _Patil
      51_Rachit _Patil

      Eric and daily. Awesome team.

  • Raina Mae
    Raina Mae

    The Sloane Slander is my favorite thing

  • Rijah Sarmad
    Rijah Sarmad

    Edm won

  • Kathee Daniels
    Kathee Daniels

    The edm one sounds like that one video that they made in like 2011 about the gummy bear

  • Ruth fortune
    Ruth fortune

    Team funk

  • Aanya Gandhi Verma
    Aanya Gandhi Verma

    PART 3

  • Irwin Loo
    Irwin Loo

    I like team EDM

  • Deagan Lee
    Deagan Lee

    In my opinion they should have the same product like the first because it makes it unfair

  • Toby Grant
    Toby Grant


  • Sanjana Singh
    Sanjana Singh

    Jamie's dumb. team funky was wayyyyyy better

  • Justyourordinaryfishwithhands 1234
    Justyourordinaryfishwithhands 1234

    The last one was my favorite

  • Alfie Zeller
    Alfie Zeller


  • Alvaro Juan ZEVALLOS FORD
    Alvaro Juan ZEVALLOS FORD

    Team EDM sorry team funk

  • Zuhirah Khaldun-Diarra
    Zuhirah Khaldun-Diarra


  • Dkbasyiirah243

    But I love the blue team's song..

  • tabitha breeden
    tabitha breeden

    tiny hands

  • Hebe He
    Hebe He


  • Deku and Shoto
    Deku and Shoto


  • Georgia Mcintyre
    Georgia Mcintyre

    ༼(∩ ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡ ͡°)༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚

  • Shoyo Hinata
    Shoyo Hinata

    The little singing transitions, I love these. But mans won't dance xD

  • Random Vlogs
    Random Vlogs

    eric is an amazing singer

  • YupThatsE

    I feel like this physically hurt me


    I wanted miles: male human

  • Caroline Muia
    Caroline Muia

    This vid is sooo random🤣🤣😂 Eric: song everywhere one here one there there one everywhere

  • Caroline Muia
    Caroline Muia

    This vid is sooo random🤣🤣😂 Eric: song everywhere one here one there there one everywhere

  • Ralan Macias
    Ralan Macias

    Team edm sucked

  • Cloe Dingman
    Cloe Dingman

    Jaimie: "Both songs were amazing" Me: "Shut up, don't lie. We all know EDM was at least 200 times as good" (I want to say though, funk, or whatever it was, was really good to, I just really liked EDM's song.)

  • Pippa Martin
    Pippa Martin

    Great. My iPad Died right at the end when he said “The winner of Jingle Wars 2...”

  • Snowstorm gaming
    Snowstorm gaming


  • 『RØS3S』

    the one ad i wont skip.... me: *accidentally skips* my life is OVER

  • zolgertankboy guitar licks sparta EMTY kid
    zolgertankboy guitar licks sparta EMTY kid

    Vat19 you should change your name to vat21 am I right

  • LL5

    ok but like that transition into deathcore in the intro

  • Katelin H
    Katelin H

    “itty bitty hand committee” hmm sounds a bit familiar?

  • Jax X
    Jax X

    Vat19 is totally now a film studio

  • Dreamer Plays
    Dreamer Plays


  • Madison Rondeau
    Madison Rondeau

    I think team funk should have won. I love Dailey’s voice

  • corbin pastal
    corbin pastal

    Everyone gets cool intro then. And they have slone

  • Zofia photograph
    Zofia photograph

    Honestly, Miles' voice is ....... pretty good

  • Sarah Savitz
    Sarah Savitz

    nah any team with the all might powerful sloane in it automatically wins

  • Media random
    Media random

    I wanna see alittle series of team funk with their funky adventures

  • Kasey Tran
    Kasey Tran


  • Technoboy The Techmaster
    Technoboy The Techmaster

    I think the music bits from Eric and Daley deserve some spotlight because they were so creative and every bit as catchy as both teams' songs

  • D TT
    D TT

    Team EDM song should be a real official song.

    • D TT
      D TT

      ☝️ Who agrees

  • Shelly Clarke
    Shelly Clarke

    wow eric can sing

  • Baby Wheein
    Baby Wheein

    The jingle wars song reminds me of the chipmunks in the movie disaster movie hahahaha

  • squishalish YT
    squishalish YT

    Me and my family love vat19 products! I ordered the gummy pizza the other day!

  • Luisa Sousa
    Luisa Sousa

    When miles started singing it look like something out of a Travis Scott music vid

  • Ava Brown
    Ava Brown

    Am I the only one who got Michael Jackson vibes in the “funk video”

  • Khush Robin
    Khush Robin

    Shut up

  • jung lauren
    jung lauren

    Jingle wars 3 plz if no jingle wars then I will make me and my friends dislike all your vids and we will unsubscribe

  • iiPxnkieRose

    Me not watching vat19 for like 2 years: Me wandering y Jamie is wearing a cap:🤔🤔 me then realising he has shaved his head: ummmmm, w- what have I missed here?

  • YourAllTrash

    Someone send me a link of the edm one so I can download it as audio

  • Jessie

    For real me eating sushi in a restaurant right now: *sees this video* mom I want to eat this🥴

  • Emily Gosling
    Emily Gosling

    EDM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Green Lime
    Green Lime

    The EDM team had structure, a intro verse chorus bridge and back to chorus. The structure was there and it was made well. The funk team had good puns in their lyrics though

  • Gaming with Blaze1r321
    Gaming with Blaze1r321

    edamame r beans right?

  • Gaming with Blaze1r321
    Gaming with Blaze1r321

    according to me team edm won by a LANDSLIDE


    You know what?for me its a tie both videos are amazing.I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Say Yes
    Say Yes

    That isn't eeven a california roll

  • VELI Bros
    VELI Bros

    I wanna make a song with you guys😁🙃

  • Nandini Mysore
    Nandini Mysore

    I like how Jamie is just casually wearing a suit coat over a vat19 shirt

  • Linh Dan Here!
    Linh Dan Here!

    This Jingle Wars got out of hand

  • Pinky Xie
    Pinky Xie

    Solone: *but we dont need no help* Adam: *screams for help*

  • Megan Koch
    Megan Koch

    I also belive team EDM won! Their song was awesome

  • salma abdeghany
    salma abdeghany

    I liked both but my favourite was the I COULD USE A LITTLE HAND

  • Sologuy 95
    Sologuy 95

    7:54-7:56 Well what happened to pun city?

  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong

    More jingle wars please

  • yeetmaster2000

    Sloane was alone

  • The Dragon Coach
    The Dragon Coach

    Wheres Joey?

  • Meep RUNS
    Meep RUNS

    0:19 is the best hit jingle xD

  • Parker S
    Parker S

    A new yt reward

  • Anne Engelsma-Behr
    Anne Engelsma-Behr


  • kanurez sibling power
    kanurez sibling power

    I dont know wat to pick

  • Reagan Shaw
    Reagan Shaw

    Adam: is something cool Cory: something cool sloane: is sloane ( sorry idk how to spell her name)

  • Brannick Schade
    Brannick Schade

    Team EDM is better! :)

  • Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen


  • Beate Svenningsen og Liv Solemdal
    Beate Svenningsen og Liv Solemdal

    I feel like Eric is the best singer

  • Nikola Williamson-Rooney
    Nikola Williamson-Rooney


  • etha6400 etha6400
    etha6400 etha6400


  • Braylon Wong
    Braylon Wong


  • Expertiselephant

    *Drumset on the roof, getting funky on the roof, making music on the roof* That sounds like me trying to use up words in my essay

  • the mythical wolf
    the mythical wolf

    You guys should make the world's biggest Taki the size of a human

  • Abel John Mathew
    Abel John Mathew

    Funk was great than edm

  • Vagoboy12 Jackson 89
    Vagoboy12 Jackson 89

    BRO I love gummy sushi

  • Alex 354
    Alex 354


  • Abby D
    Abby D

    Is it a coincidence that I was eating candy sushi while wtching this

  • STEVEN YANG 2003
    STEVEN YANG 2003

    I am don't understand :-(

  • Drita Martinez
    Drita Martinez

    Hey Adam Let's groove tonight share the spotlight ok ok that's enough

  • Maneater 901749
    Maneater 901749

    Can you tell miles i loved the 30 day dance challenge on his Instagram, also he should do a 30 day singing challenge

  • Dee3yo&Wasr1


  • Ribka Valentina
    Ribka Valentina

    ESTABLISH BOTH OF THE SONG TO EACH PRODUCT,PLEASEEE! And make the music video like Party Gummy Bear Ahahaha

  • Fonix Studios
    Fonix Studios

    Put these con spotify

  • Auroxaxo

    If vat19 reply’s to this comment I will cry

    • Auroxaxo

      @Alex 354 hi

    • Alex 354
      Alex 354

      I’m not vat19 but hi

  • MikeHai

    Is no one going to point out how good Cory actually looks as a villain, like the way he cocked that gun was Hollywood worthy.

  • This Person
    This Person

    I like this...

  • yungnarcissus


  • Roxie G S
    Roxie G S

    Definitely Team EDM but Team Funk was pretty good. My favorite part? Eric. 😍

  • Jayden Kucharsky
    Jayden Kucharsky

    im setting edm to my ringtone

  • Violet Cox
    Violet Cox


  • Violet Cox
    Violet Cox

    6:57 dang. he does make a gud crime boss doe