We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge #6
Gummy Icee or the straight syrup of a real Icee? Chocolate bark or actual tree bark? There's a surprise under every cloche...
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00:00 - Intro
0:18 - Bark
1:05 - Legos
2:08 - Potato
2:53 - Egg
4:19 - Orange Cream
5:38 - Scorpion
6:47 - Pizza
7:41 - Icee
8:48 - Butt


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  • Raghavendra Ramadeva
    Raghavendra Ramadeva

    i wonder how vat19 only got candys while his worker got the real hmm I wonder how?


    It looks like a moldy terd Kyle 2020

  • Alisiana Hardin
    Alisiana Hardin

    I’m concerned for Kyle

  • Dog Lover Animations
    Dog Lover Animations

    It looks like a moldy tird

  • xXCutie golden WolfXx
    xXCutie golden WolfXx

    2:19 : take a look here 5:48 : and here 8:54 : and here.... Me: we can see here a lucky guy and a unlucky one🥲😅😂

  • Zyler Bautista
    Zyler Bautista

    Why does the girl that got lego always get some inlucky items😭😭😭😭😧😧😧

  • Memeshake 1221
    Memeshake 1221

    Kyle can just rip out my skinny spine

  • ᴀ s ᴜ ᴍ ɪ ᴀ s ᴜ ᴍ ɪ
    ᴀ s ᴜ ᴍ ɪ ᴀ s ᴜ ᴍ ɪ

    "That came from the bear sewer brah”

  • the default kings
    the default kings

    The than nail is not tro becas the drink can be a candy becas qess wat I went to the candy man shop dam right he got the same drink so ther both candy and if you say one word about the drink is not candy than wat is the candy man the not candy man! There your mathematics I bet no one read this but if you see this ty

  • Froggo

    It’s not bad yolks!

  • Richard Savage
    Richard Savage

    2:28 Kyle is a legit Latvian the way he rubs that potato on his goatee

  • bababooey

    Kyle probably eats raw potatoes

  • Achilles Urmatam
    Achilles Urmatam

    I can see and hear kyle’s disappointment-

  • Demikingdom Wrestling
    Demikingdom Wrestling


  • Jayla Estrada
    Jayla Estrada

    @The Bentist please react to this!

  • dafireboy

    The potato " candy" looks like a lamintin

  • Niah Gomez
    Niah Gomez

    Thank god its not a April fools joke

  • Tukker Tayona
    Tukker Tayona

    I love you videos so funny

  • Tukker Tayona
    Tukker Tayona

    Biggest fans

  • Trip Goldmacher
    Trip Goldmacher

    Chug chug comment hype boys

  • Logan Le
    Logan Le

    Bruh what do you mean you don’t like tree bark I love is in sea and salad

  • Osornio Family
    Osornio Family

    Chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and bologna chicken and macaroni chilling with my Homies

  • Generalcupcake

    kyle is a beast and a savage the good type

  • Marley Gaming
    Marley Gaming

    can you do a spray icee candy? i sound quite a couple at five and below but I think tons of other places sell way more

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover

    1:12 I’ve tried those and love them!

  • Steven Games
    Steven Games

    2:25 how's that potato kyle?

  • Steven Games
    Steven Games

    😂😂😂aw man kyle always makes me laugh

  • Steven Games
    Steven Games


  • Princessoreo 6
    Princessoreo 6

    Lol when she said milk and orange juice that reminded me of heathers

  • AlectheBEenthusiast2005 Is back
    AlectheBEenthusiast2005 Is back

    I like eating orange Creamsicle’s while watching orange cream gummy bears part

  • vita roos
    vita roos

    I geuss im not the only one that loves raw patatoes

  • Joe Kachaami
    Joe Kachaami

    im lowkey scard of that blonde buff that ate the potato raw

  • Dogblackpanther

    They know you can eat raw eggs blc they put in don’t try this at home

  • Elizabeth Wartman
    Elizabeth Wartman

    I’m getting a little poto flavor awkward giggles by both

  • R. Kiefer
    R. Kiefer

    MAKE A NEW SERIES CALLED WILL IT COTTON (Will the food turn into cotton candy) PLS I WOULD LOVE THAT

  • William

    I like stepping on n legos

  • FattoCatto

    im wondering on what tree bark that is and im a bit worried pls i need n answer

  • the dalton life gaming
    the dalton life gaming

    IT'S SO GROSS *takes another sip*

  • Floralz Plays
    Floralz Plays

    "Its shocking how bad this tastes" its a tree-

  • SPL

    I stepped on lego and my foot was bleeding

  • Naod Afework
    Naod Afework

    do not do at home be kids: il do it

  • Anime Is the best
    Anime Is the best

    Kyle is the new Sasha

  • Lance Skyler Arrofo
    Lance Skyler Arrofo

    Technically military acctually eats raw eggs i also cant believe it

  • Joanna

    6:57 Lol I’m eating pizza watching this video haha

  • Slushie Plays
    Slushie Plays


  • Nomi Kanjanasaree
    Nomi Kanjanasaree


  • • cotton skies •
    • cotton skies •

    I hope he got treated for salmonella.

  • Life's a potato
    Life's a potato

    Jesus loves you so much

  • AEBO

    2:41 split potato in half with bare hand casually

  • Crosby Dillon
    Crosby Dillon

    Is the pizza cold?

  • Jacob Long
    Jacob Long

    Kyle is scary

  • ari christie
    ari christie

    Can I just say pork butt is t anywhere near the butt it’s actually the shoulder

  • Darwisa Dumlao /Wolf Cheryl-san
    Darwisa Dumlao /Wolf Cheryl-san

    I've tasted raw egg many times mom said it was good for health i haded no choice but just to eat it

  • Apocalypse Bird
    Apocalypse Bird

    Kyle scares me.

  • Jessica T.
    Jessica T.

    ..... Kyle..... Kyle are you okay??? Kyle who hurt you? Do you need a hug? ......Kyle?????

  • ViJey Johnson
    ViJey Johnson

    My mom love icees a lot every time we get icees she gets two.

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    Sorry ben for da egg

  • Jennie Vaklavas
    Jennie Vaklavas

    Some kid ate a wood with mud on top 🤢⬅️me when she’s about to eat it🤮⬅️me when she ate it

  • Greg Byrd
    Greg Byrd

    "It looks like a moldy turd" What...?

  • RedstonePRO


  • PhantomGaming

    The "woah" on the first sounds like mario

  • Nestor Martinez
    Nestor Martinez

    I only dislike cause I was number 600 to dislike

  • Ducky Games
    Ducky Games

    I like eating bark

  • 14 Anshumit Das
    14 Anshumit Das

    I love cinnamon 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Sxnset Addi
    Sxnset Addi

    How can I work here?

  • Remcie

    watch you teeth when biting a tree

  • Stm_punk

    3:01 is it just me or was I getting mad the gummy egg was soo close to the real one

  • Oanh Le
    Oanh Le

    I like the girl who has glasses on the right side

  • Allison Fulton
    Allison Fulton

    this is hilarious

  • Xavier Curiel
    Xavier Curiel

    When they were on the icee serup it reminded me all those time when I would have a raspado and I’d suck all the serup out

  • SickMade Macie 801
    SickMade Macie 801

    Homeboy with the potato and scorpion is what I imagine testosterone would look like as a person.

  • mr-anas

    You need to swallow the choco bark not eat it

  • Sir Shiba
    Sir Shiba

    4:10 - That stare though...

  • Aura Ore
    Aura Ore

    "marshmallow covered in chocolate" "potato covered in my hands" *breaks potato*

  • Thu, Ha Le
    Thu, Ha Le

    the japanese people love eating raw eggs with rice

  • Samantha Sims
    Samantha Sims

    Kyle is my fav 100%

  • ChaosTyler-09

    I laugth so hard wen kyle said covered in my in my bare hands

  • Ummm Rum
    Ummm Rum


  • Berlin Hood
    Berlin Hood

    its not realy from the butt ist frome the scolder

  • Harry Coombs
    Harry Coombs

    U can eat the white part in tree bark and cook it

  • Trasmatic

    Why did most of the of og’s quit working at vat 19?

  • Nabbit gammer22 Elshafie
    Nabbit gammer22 Elshafie

    Mans is terrified 2:44

  • Nabbit gammer22 Elshafie
    Nabbit gammer22 Elshafie

    Mans is terrified

  • Polish Cow
    Polish Cow

    When is the last time I got fed

  • andy elephant
    andy elephant

    that potato could have been his neck

  • Clock Timėłlinex
    Clock Timėłlinex

    I have a feeling the man that was with kyle may be gay.....0-0

    • Kamdyn Westbrook
      Kamdyn Westbrook

      It is not a bad thing as long as they are happy is all that matters and if u agree than there is no shame😌😊

  • Sweet Char
    Sweet Char


  • corina curiel
    corina curiel

    “That came for the berry sewer br-“ *ad starts to play*

  • WolfHunters7890

    “It looks like a mouldy turd”

  • Tom Scar
    Tom Scar

    That icee syrup looks like the glowing mushroom biome solution for the clentaminator from Terraria

  • Khloe Knows
    Khloe Knows

    Just so you know you can eat tree bark so if your lost in the woods you can it tree bark!

  • n o
    n o


  • n o
    n o

    “looks like a moldy turd.”

  • Asdf Asd
    Asdf Asd


  • Wesley Proctor
    Wesley Proctor

    Pickle cotton candy is worse

  • Gaming With Matthew
    Gaming With Matthew

    I realized that ben got the real thing 3 times in a row

  • Homer Ecang
    Homer Ecang

    Chug 5x sip 3x

  • River Drake
    River Drake

    I like how he says"which would you rather have..." Then "let's find out on..." Like I thought that was opinion based but okay LOL

  • The word
    The word

    For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (2 Corinthians 7:10) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

  • NGH Studios
    NGH Studios

    4:19 Why could they just do an actual Orange Creamsicle (forgive my spelling) instead of....whatever that is.