Vat19 Make Me Laugh Challenge #12
Our crew has a week to create the funniest video they can to make Adam laugh. Luckily, Eric has a surprise waiting at the end...
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  • Userfile12 Says hello
    Userfile12 Says hello


  • White Mini Crewmate
    White Mini Crewmate

    guysguysguysguys spam 3 on your keayboard thkanak me later

  • Imani Meyercheck
    Imani Meyercheck

    imao ( in my arogent opinion) i think adam should be the boss insted of jamie

  • Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson

    Until you pee pee in your pants

  • haggy man34
    haggy man34

    I haven't seen vat 19 in a year where is everybody else

  • Chlo :D
    Chlo :D

    Mask wearing icons 😍🙌🏻

  • eva delgado
    eva delgado

    "DAD!! For the MILLIONTH TIME, I'm sorry, I didn't know I had a shellfish allergy."

  • War Robots Lad
    War Robots Lad

    Anyone feel like vat19 isn't that funny anymore ?

  • cuddlybear


  • Pigsly


  • Hunter Hagen
    Hunter Hagen

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate miles for smashing a beer bottle on his head.

  • Paddie IsCool
    Paddie IsCool

    I didn’t know they sold robots at vat19

  • Gabrielle Lalonde
    Gabrielle Lalonde


  • Sabit Azizov
    Sabit Azizov

    I would love to ask, what happened between Adam and George Kluni in 2009? Edit: I am so sorry if I wrote his surname incorrectly.

  • Tiffany fairbairn
    Tiffany fairbairn

    These are the funniest things ever please MAKE MORE!!!!!

  • Madison Pitts
    Madison Pitts


  • fishbro2.0

    eric looks like my piano teacher

  • Aedyn Lamothe
    Aedyn Lamothe

    Is no one going to mention Adam being on VACATION during COVID-19

  • jamie roblox
    jamie roblox

    ive seen this a thousand times

  • Beanie boo Bro
    Beanie boo Bro

    "honey that's not true, you have a shell fish allergy" #relatable

  • Schleich_gurl2075

    This is the best one

  • Cooper Cole
    Cooper Cole

    weird puns

  • Herrin Hopper
    Herrin Hopper

    1:58 go to this if you want to skip the set up thingy

  • cosmo asteroid
    cosmo asteroid

    8:36 Curse word?

  • Caleb

    Adam u were 12 and your still salty he pushed u!?

  • jel ly
    jel ly

    Do you still have the armpit wax hahaahahahahahhahahahah😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marcus the Dude
    Marcus the Dude

    Adam: I’m a pretty serious guy (Later) Adam: Fart sounds always work Me: bruh

  • Grayce Cervales
    Grayce Cervales

    september 8 my birthday

  • FirePhoenix

    I just realized erics eyes, one is green and one is a bit bluer

  • Irock 55
    Irock 55

    I would love that job

  • Andrew Rehlander
    Andrew Rehlander

    The fact that you guys posted this on the day before my 11th birthday was really nice

  • Squrpion hi
    Squrpion hi

    The car jump scared me

  • Rylee Carlson
    Rylee Carlson

    That editing tho (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • Demonstrators

    I don't think this is for kids but it's funny so I'm stay

  • Jd is the Master
    Jd is the Master

    Who else saw cluney at 8:11

  • Jayden Andrade
    Jayden Andrade

    7:10 is my fav

  • OVAV Productions official Roblox community
    OVAV Productions official Roblox community

    who made the part at 10:02

  • Andy tee
    Andy tee

    So this is what robots will be in the future eh?

  • superfirefoxy595


  • Saturn Rings
    Saturn Rings

    If eric was the wife and the husband what would the child look like

  • Alekhya ishita
    Alekhya ishita

    I love it when she says I got news for u Tony😀😂

  • Catnip

    9:57 "that my butt..." *"let me get in on that crack"*

  • Princess seashell The seawing
    Princess seashell The seawing

    Why did the moon fall in love with the sun? Cus it was “hot” Get it? Cus its hot but in both ways

  • Antonella Robertson
    Antonella Robertson

    8:14 trust me-

  • Rebekah Grimes
    Rebekah Grimes


  • K!113r

    Only og’s remember these from a couple years ago. My parents said they will buy me a pc if I get to 1k subs plz help

  • Butter Dawg
    Butter Dawg

    The robot got 😂😂😂😭😭

  • qohsb


  • Ryder Schroeder-Theoret
    Ryder Schroeder-Theoret


  • Ryder Schroeder-Theoret
    Ryder Schroeder-Theoret


  • Parker Clark
    Parker Clark

    The thumbnail doesnt look like anything to laugh at

  • Sokhan Prak
    Sokhan Prak


  • Cheeseman Entertainment
    Cheeseman Entertainment

    2:28 - 2:52 and 5:00 - 5:21, wasted opportunity to have Chauncey read some dad jokes

  • Greyson Mohawk
    Greyson Mohawk


  • tiphanie huynh
    tiphanie huynh

    I’m the 900th comment

  • tiphanie huynh
    tiphanie huynh


  • Catherine Rose
    Catherine Rose

    I miss the old version

  • Luke Bodker
    Luke Bodker

    RIGHT! I DO HAVE A SHELLFISH ALLERGIE (this is acually true for me)

  • Reem Almihri
    Reem Almihri

    I didn't laugh

  • Mateo Negron Ormeño
    Mateo Negron Ormeño

    Still missing part 9 and 10

  • Justin Snoots
    Justin Snoots

    i laugh

  • •*Sunflower PDX*•
    •*Sunflower PDX*•

    DrOp BeAt

  • I’m a Cat
    I’m a Cat

    The puns are always the best XD

  • Cameron Nagy
    Cameron Nagy

    Uncle Adam of course he would be a mtn climber

  • Hayden Freeman
    Hayden Freeman

    I had to replay the tilkel part so miny times

  • Nitro Studios
    Nitro Studios

    XD 8:35

  • Ruth Garza
    Ruth Garza

    The salon jokes


    e r i c

  • war IS-4
    war IS-4

    eren go blooody

  • Geo Animations
    Geo Animations

    0:00 gold.

  • Beast Arihaan
    Beast Arihaan

    Really miss Danny and Jon.😢

  • BlueZfire GAMING
    BlueZfire GAMING

    Just wanna know, can you actually buy that tickle tickle robot?😂

  • •. Sirius •.
    •. Sirius •.


  • Tan Duong
    Tan Duong

    It doesnt as funny as it used to:((

  • 123

    To the very special person who is reading this comment: I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy in this hard time!😊😊😊

  • Isaac Espinosa
    Isaac Espinosa

    I didn’t laugh at all

  • Ender king Nguyen
    Ender king Nguyen

    “Puns are the lowest forms of comedy.” USHIJIMA IS THAT YOU?!?

  • Martin Fournier
    Martin Fournier


  • Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme
    Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme

    1:35 Is how I imagine any Brandon Rogers video looks to people outside the film crew lol

  • Cam Boy
    Cam Boy

    The robot one was the best one

  • Kacie Green
    Kacie Green

    The giant fart bro is back!

  • CPN Gaming
    CPN Gaming

    O Eric has been rehired

  • Jasper

    Adam not working? Looks like Hidden in Plain Sight Season 2

  • Zudio Audio
    Zudio Audio

    Doesn’t Sloane sound like such a yooper

  • Lorraine Day
    Lorraine Day

    Some of you guys need a hair cut lol 😆 😂

  • Poplock Kid
    Poplock Kid

    Adam look like he went to the resort from overcooked 2 dlc

  • Cale Polselli
    Cale Polselli


  • Keyara Lazcano
    Keyara Lazcano

    Danny zuko

  • Keyara Lazcano
    Keyara Lazcano

    Do u know sandy

  • Keyara Lazcano
    Keyara Lazcano

    You know the movie Grease 1 and 2

  • Baze

    "Never knew fire was for Cooking. Sorry for those dead kids in the kindergarten"

  • Murgatroyd_7

    I'm dying LMAO


    Make a collab with dope or nope

  • Lana Wood
    Lana Wood

    I feel like I know... but please, someone tell me... Does Sloane listen to Jojo Siwa??🥺 iykyk

  • Jaredb B
    Jaredb B

    Wach yo mama videos

  • Faith Morris
    Faith Morris

    ERIC IS BACK?!?!

  • Othniel Manurung
    Othniel Manurung

    That start tho....

  • Pandora Night
    Pandora Night

    Do they know Smosh?

  • Norfolk Southern Columbus
    Norfolk Southern Columbus

    I didn’t get the pun when Sloan said good one. Can someone help me figure it out?

  • Seth Rencher
    Seth Rencher

    what happened to Joe?