These Goggles Make Everything an Optical Illusion
Can you ride a segway with upside-down vision? Or, more accurately, can you do it while only looking a little bit dumb? #sponsored
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  • Aizen Dave Falolo
    Aizen Dave Falolo

    Wheres E R I C .............. . . . . . . .. . . . . C.C. .. . . . .

  • Adam Gebriel
    Adam Gebriel

    I have the exact same glasses bought it from Amazon

  • Damien Fillbrandt
    Damien Fillbrandt

    1:24 this one will be yeeeeeeet

  • Go to My About
    Go to My About

    2:16 "this is not slow motion"

  • Jemin0689

    Did Jamie the boss just pog in the start? If he did POG CHAMP!

  • Tinkerly_Roblox

    Me here at 11 years old just loving and flinging dodgeballs up into the high air.... 😂😂😂

  • Aldous

    I need that upside down goggles for jumper in geometry dash 😂

  • dumb potato
    dumb potato

    5:46 Ateez-Wonderland

  • EpicDoge 1000
    EpicDoge 1000

    Stepping on legos is nothing I’ve stepped on them way to many times to forget what it’s like to feel that much pain

  • XxMikasa_uchiha

    This reminds me about when there was that scene in scooby doo bee doo where velma lost her glasses

  • Levi Yes 2
    Levi Yes 2

    What if u flip the goggles upside down

  • Bunny Sis
    Bunny Sis

    When he's doing the puzzle and the other guy is getting chock really badly 5:44 ....... EeeEeEeEEeeEeEEeeeEee abio bio ba way

  • ADY Productions
    ADY Productions

    to keep away from lego slide dont step

  • Mexican Rat
    Mexican Rat

    7:23 that guy is annoying

  • Niccolo and Daniele Gaming
    Niccolo and Daniele Gaming

    0:09 imagine if her back landed on the cone

    • Humaedy


  • FlynnTiger Yeates
    FlynnTiger Yeates

    I have used those but it makes my eyes hurt

  • UNNORMAL psycho kīriàsésèrõ
    UNNORMAL psycho kīriàsésèrõ

    Lol im amune to legos

  • Trung Mach
    Trung Mach

    its all fun and games till they be sponsoring their own products

  • Huey Jun
    Huey Jun

    Personally I don’t even know why everyone is so scared about stepping on legos, it doesn’t even hurt.

  • Darren Cendinata
    Darren Cendinata

    Noone talking about the thumb nail hmm it kinda familiar

  • Cloudy Universe
    Cloudy Universe

    What if I don't have friends...

  • Bryn Oaten
    Bryn Oaten

    I’ve used those goggles

  • Mitzi Joy G. Pedong
    Mitzi Joy G. Pedong

    Where's Joey???

  • PengwengUnicorn

    Watching Kyle relentlessly beat miles with a pool noodle completely sent me, I’m wheezing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Doug Marshall
    Doug Marshall

    So, why is Kyle in so many videos? The only personality trait he displays is being a Dick. Otherwise he’s a mannequin

  • pleb siblings
    pleb siblings


  • Harlow Family
    Harlow Family

    I’m so used to stepping on legos I could jus walk on them and I wouldn’t hurt

  • Ann Cookson
    Ann Cookson

    The way Davey cheers Miles on like he’s his sensei or a warrior or something is amazing lol 😂

  • Bryn Oaten
    Bryn Oaten

    I’ve played the upside down glasses game

  • Lisa Wells
    Lisa Wells

    They say dodge ball me like boom boom

  • Doomguy Furry
    Doomguy Furry

    Doom eternal ultra nightmare with these goggles

  • Cesc Kroese Gaquet Kroese
    Cesc Kroese Gaquet Kroese

    is it safe?

  • SxmpllyPxtato . oOo .
    SxmpllyPxtato . oOo .

    Use what

  • Paul Catapano
    Paul Catapano


  • Charles Ford
    Charles Ford

    Jokes on you, I have severe hallucinogen persisting perception disorder and this looks like a cake walk compared to my every day

  • Epicgamer999

    Making her step on lego? YOU MONSTER

  • Carrie R
    Carrie R

    You should make a giant slim Jim

  • Toaster

    LEGO bricks don’t hurt that much You really over exaggerated the pain

  • Sis I’m Mona Lisa and I need eyebrows _my way_
    Sis I’m Mona Lisa and I need eyebrows _my way_

    What if you wear it *upside down* HEEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  • SparrowMemesBruh

    Plot twist : miles was singing "tokens-the lion sleeps tonight" when he got shocked

  • SparrowMemesBruh

    Imagine we could see in Kyle's goggles when he got hit by the chalk bag or whatever it it

  • •B ë c h ë M e l ø ñ•
    •B ë c h ë M e l ø ñ•

    Australia? Can u tell me the joke?

  • ursulet27

    Nobody: That one guy in the thumbnail: *;pogchamp;*

  • Singkham Douangvilay
    Singkham Douangvilay


  • MN2 VR
    MN2 VR

    Australians: It doesn’t work

  • Aidan Shartzer
    Aidan Shartzer

    I have one of these lmao

  • RialVestro

    This is like playing with inverted controls in video games. Me: I prefer the inverted controls in City of Heroes. I don't know why by the "normal" default setting is already inverted and you have to switch it to inverted so it actually works like it's suppose to. Essentially when you move right it should actually go right but you have to switch it to inverted to get it to do that. By default if you try to go right it moves left. This also effects flying controls where trying to go UP makes you fly DOWN unless you invert the controls then up is actually up. What really sucks js when you have a game where the controls change depending on what you're doing. Unreal Tournament when they first added in vehicles, the driving controls are completely backwards from when you're just running around... and the game won't even let you change the settings so something that should of been a cool feature just became completely unplayable. Plus a lot of the vehicles require at least 2 players cause the driver can't shoot anything. Who thought that turning right to go left would ever be a good idea? And can video games please stop hiring whoever keeping adding that "feature". Just have controls that actually go in the direction I want them to go. It's not complicated, there doesn't need to be any different settings why is inverted even an option in the first place? I should not need a mirror to be able to see where the hell I'm going!


    The guy who did the intro sound like fatmemegod

  • Podfour Marpep
    Podfour Marpep

    Plot twist *IT WAS FAKE*

  • Bertha Butler
    Bertha Butler

    That's the actually way your eyes see

  • Alexia Delar
    Alexia Delar

    umm ok!

  • ༄nOt mini lime༄
    ༄nOt mini lime༄

    Nobody: 1:35 Schools:We will use that for our. ✨four square✨

  • pumba

    I buyer the googled and I almost broke everything in my house I broke my dads favorite tv

  • ikey shuster
    ikey shuster

    Any else have to rewind to 3:37 bc of his leg?

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming

    :0 is this like the minecraft goggles?

  • Angie Aragon
    Angie Aragon


  • Charles Calvin Playz
    Charles Calvin Playz

    Her: this one will be Charles Me: HEY THATS ME

  • SavageDuckz

    Now Americans can see how it’s like in Down under

  • The Random One
    The Random One

    The thumbnail guy:POGGeRS

  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Interelasticable
    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Interelasticable


  • make anything ramdom
    make anything ramdom

    When they said they are gonna walk on legos i was like bro are you gonna kill them

  • wolf vlogs
    wolf vlogs

    Once I just decided to stand on my lego set it was not bad. I just like to stand on legos

  • Shihai Kuroiro
    Shihai Kuroiro

    My feet are legos My room is full with legos

  • Annas Nanas
    Annas Nanas

    4:56 He is now thanos

  • tracey diehl
    tracey diehl

    That's confusing

  • Nick Law
    Nick Law

    I hate sara

  • Rimo Rimooo
    Rimo Rimooo

    I HAVE THIS GAME AT HOME!!! YAY 😁 its so fun i love it 🥰🤩

  • Azuan Azman
    Azuan Azman

    didn't know Steve O hosts for VAT19 gameshow

  • Made Raditya. 1
    Made Raditya. 1

    Wait lego hurts you, i don't get hurt when i step on lego

  • Dany Bella
    Dany Bella

    You know that’s from FGteev right?

  • nelia manara
    nelia manara

    Them LEGOS ARE SUPER HARD! When i step on a lego Me:Uh am i suppose to feel pain? My friend: DO YOU HAVE SUPER POWERS?! Me: Uhhh OOWWW OWWWW OOWWW (i didnt rlly feel pain i just did that to freak out my friend XD)

  • Vincent Schiller
    Vincent Schiller

    My name is Vincent

  • Emel Bolt
    Emel Bolt

    This one will be Charles meanwhile Charles: ThIs iS ThE GReatEST PLan

  • Ak Cartoons
    Ak Cartoons

    Me in vr

  • Ethan Dechief
    Ethan Dechief

    Almost all my Christmas presents are your toys :)

  • NotItAadit

    Announcer: Table Tennis is usually a simple game... Me: *_Are You Insane_*

  • muhamed hadi aka halsaqi989
    muhamed hadi aka halsaqi989

    i have stepped on legos there not that bad

  • KayleighsTV

    there is 666k views- and i oop

  • Hanh Lu
    Hanh Lu

    For the first one you can just slide your toes

  • KeAloha Douma
    KeAloha Douma

    And they all get exposed by Covid

  • Qayla The Queen
    Qayla The Queen

    Petition for eric to come back 👇

  • My Separate Reality
    My Separate Reality

    Omg the first challenge is so ez all u gotta do is drag ur feet doopit

  • Ali Fathih Fayaz
    Ali Fathih Fayaz

    Put that goggle on your face and look at the moon it will be really cool No spoilers

  • shdb sns
    shdb sns

    I jumped on Legos and it did not hurt as much

  • Mike the kid
    Mike the kid

    Who stump a lego?

  • Coletoons

    yeah the glasses flip your vision and all, but where's the bottle opener?

  • Cool gamer cat
    Cool gamer cat

    Wow I did not now I got the upside down goggles

  • Katherine Flowers
    Katherine Flowers

    If our Brian didn't switch images it would be normal

  • Janina Cicėnėnė
    Janina Cicėnėnė

    I can jump on legos I have a power

  • Willy Ho
    Willy Ho

    Vincent is my brother OMG!

  • Stinky Wizzleteats
    Stinky Wizzleteats

    The thumbnail looks like robo-soyboy

  • Jolan Mabida
    Jolan Mabida


  • snapnek

    saw traps but for kids

  • I farm Diamonds in royal high :3
    I farm Diamonds in royal high :3

    I literally have those

  • Casper Lundemann
    Casper Lundemann

    I vod Jost go on de lego i AM youse to et

  • SJ Hursey
    SJ Hursey


  • Ma. Cassandra Travezonda
    Ma. Cassandra Travezonda


  • Ma. Cassandra Travezonda
    Ma. Cassandra Travezonda


  • Typewriter Maniac
    Typewriter Maniac

    Does anybody remember when GMM played with a way cooler looking pair of these like years ago.

  • turtlelife _1212
    turtlelife _1212

    In that first challenge I would been like "Flip it!" and just step on the legos.