This Mini Toilet Is Full of Delicious Powder
It's weird that we're having to say this, but don't eat out of the toilet...unless you're enjoying Sour Flush Candy! This strange treat inspired us to look at some of our other strange videos from over the years.
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00:00 - Sour Flush Candy
02:14 - Creepy Animal Head Masks
02:59 - Ostrich Pillow Light
03:57 - Beer for Dogs
04:48 - The Photobomb Squad
06:39 - Snack Treat Notebook
07:41 - Clamdycanes

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  • Batool Najem
    Batool Najem

    No hates but 3:43 If you yawn it means that your oxsgen it a little low so that why you need to yawn Not Bec you need to sleep (no offense)

  • Dj Punsalan
    Dj Punsalan

    Fun facts there's over 1000000000000 photos taken every second

  • mc75red

    Who's the knock off Chris Pratt?

  • Hello How r u
    Hello How r u

    Did. You know you don't yawn bc ur tired, you yawn to give oxygen to ur brain.

  • Violet Orelove
    Violet Orelove

    Why did this make me yawn i wasn’t even tired 3:03

  • Kerri Shea
    Kerri Shea

    This is kid-friendly content right? Cause I just the trailer for “The Forever Purge” (not kid-friendly content) how is this legal!?!?!?

  • Fnaf_friendz uwu
    Fnaf_friendz uwu

    3:02 this add had me dead of laughter XDDDDD

  • Dakshayan Chanda
    Dakshayan Chanda

    “After a long day of digging up bones and sniffing butts” lol

  • Kian Amielbert Roxas
    Kian Amielbert Roxas

    The only adds that will make life more ez

  • Neil ExploreOlogy
    Neil ExploreOlogy

    At 4:58 the Randimonium crew is back! Or thats just a clip

  • Eclipse7090

    Me: Watches 12 minute long ads Also me: sees 5 second ad be like GRRRR ANGRY

  • Joey Gundy
    Joey Gundy

    I have sour flush but not from

  • Kittyloveluvkitty

    Who else researched Elderleezzz to check if it was a real channel?

  • Will Be
    Will Be

    Why is everything so gross? I hate how prevalent that kind of humour is

  • Seal Boi
    Seal Boi

    I did eat sour flush once.

  • Oyen Sedih
    Oyen Sedih

    1:54 for fun

  • buddy's channel
    buddy's channel

    I have waited eight days and i still didn't get it! where is it!!!!!!!!

  • Sixteen60

    does it have a bottle opener

  • Avanthika Bala
    Avanthika Bala

    3:32 that baby is cute

  • Taha Taha
    Taha Taha

    oh my god chancy is such a boomer

  • Angelica S
    Angelica S

    wait why is there a beer for dogs

  • WWC PicFed
    WWC PicFed

    This isn’t the strangest ads, these are the most awkward and weird ads.

  • GA games.
    GA games.

    The candy toilet is made of Covid!

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez

    Eww But Yummy (Edit Is The Number 7 Weird Commercial)

  • Jane Rothwell
    Jane Rothwell


  • Saividyut BG alt
    Saividyut BG alt

    Yanni looks like a screen

  • NoobDinoNuggets

    I remember having that stuff maybe like 7 years ago i was about 2 or aomething

  • Belle57

    There were 666 comments so I had to do something

  • James Lassalle
    James Lassalle

    3:17 I yawned at that part of the video, what a coincidence!

  • The Brother Hood
    The Brother Hood


  • Maddie Hagen
    Maddie Hagen

    2:46 the world when someone says the don’t like vat19

  • Quinniya Woods
    Quinniya Woods


  • Sunny Sparkle
    Sunny Sparkle

    4:01 Speaking of Colorado, it means red in Spanish.

  • sabi Gutierrez
    sabi Gutierrez


  • Puggydoggo

    The beer commercial pug is so silly 🤣

  • Wyde Boi
    Wyde Boi

    Oh my goodness! I've been loking for thus since I was five! Thank you Vat19.

  • shrina patel
    shrina patel

    is it weird that a real restaurant serves their food in a little fake toilet

  • Wyde Boi
    Wyde Boi

    Yawning can sound like yell sometimes. Most of my yawns are like that.

  • bimoagung's channel
    bimoagung's channel



    Who else misses when they made commercials constantly:(

  • ZacgamerOFFICIAL

    I love how they brought back photo bomb squad

  • Gary

    5:49 whaaaaaaat

  • Malak.khamseh Khamseh
    Malak.khamseh Khamseh

    The lemone is pee The brackfast is poop

  • artin 2011
    artin 2011


  • Anda delar
    Anda delar

    The song one is good

  • Yung Yogurt
    Yung Yogurt

    your vidios are just too amasing

  • Ion__77

    That photobomb one got me XD

  • LappyeonYT

    I've had this

  • ꧁ KribsDream꧂
    ꧁ KribsDream꧂

    Who thought that ads can actually be entertaining

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez

    I ordered a package and it hasn't came

  • Cringe n gaming
    Cringe n gaming

    day 2 of asking vat19 to respond to this and make a Carolina reaper slim Jim

  • TheMeltedOne

    The photobomb squad song was awesome

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M

    I like the song

  • Bradley Christina
    Bradley Christina


  • Blue Boi
    Blue Boi

    4:49 i will never photo bomb MEEEEE


    I just stealing stuff on Amazon😡

  • Safiyyah Bernard
    Safiyyah Bernard

    How did you get the photobombed xray???

  • Safiyyah Bernard
    Safiyyah Bernard

    I love the photobomb squad song it is AMAZING

  • I'm a Cup
    I'm a Cup

    I've had the Sour Flush Candy from a store without buying it from your website. Its sour, but deliciously fruity!

  • ashie

    Give. Me. Mercy.

  • Revada Rani
    Revada Rani


  • Daisy Bloom
    Daisy Bloom

    I hate clams

  • Merp :p Uwu
    Merp :p Uwu

    Then people realize that they can buy this at a store for like a dollar idk

  • TristenBat

    Hey Jamie, about the Sour Flush Candy, I tried it before. It was so good and I tried all 3 flavors

  • Michelle Luna
    Michelle Luna

    like why you got sand when i can get some from family dollar

  • Michelle Luna
    Michelle Luna

    your prices on your website are to over priced

  • FortyMenDown

    The title though...

  • GC Channels
    GC Channels

    11:09 Cross promo! Gummy watermelon

  • Yara

    The toilet candy thing is my FAVORITE

  • Sir Lamb Chops
    Sir Lamb Chops

    I've seen sour flush candy before but it was just an empty toilet

  • PTK Nature
    PTK Nature

    I actually ate the sour flush candy

  • Kyra Grider
    Kyra Grider

    Omg I am so excited I get to order from you love vat 19 it's the best

  • Fatbird

    I’m not sure if my grandma would like this beer she’s allergic to pork

  • kadenbane

    4:50 *they even photobombed the video!*

  • Christina Baros
    Christina Baros

    All you guys do is copy other people’s ideas that people worked hard to achieve you guys just ship it at your wear house and the mini products cost more than Walmart does

  • cute pink girl
    cute pink girl


  • •it's_sarah•


  • Andrej Katalinić
    Andrej Katalinić

    I have an i idea, so you team has 2 days to make biggest products ever to get a world record

  • itsRhyx

    What powder are we talking here...?

  • Afro165 Young
    Afro165 Young


  • Patrick Lim
    Patrick Lim

    how about a fidget game pad?

  • Isaiah Plays
    Isaiah Plays

    Oh I had that before I got it from My Physical Doctor

  • Michael Mc Carthy
    Michael Mc Carthy


  • Messina Straw
    Messina Straw

    Toilet food really proves how crazy vat19 has gotten

  • Cringe n gaming
    Cringe n gaming

    day 1 of asking vat19 to respond to this and make a Carolina reaper slim jim

  • this is a comment by a person
    this is a comment by a person

    Horse guy is a character at this point

  • Mary X
    Mary X

    ima barf

  • Safiyyah Bernard
    Safiyyah Bernard

    Yay jiminy rickets

  • Alexandra Reyes-Pinkston
    Alexandra Reyes-Pinkston

    I always see the sour flues candy where I live :]

  • poppingJ

    Why do I find the unicorn mask oddly disturbing?

  • Miles Turner
    Miles Turner

    The clamdycanes thing sounds like a podcast

  • Evonne S
    Evonne S

    like bruh im eating 🗿

  • You Trippin
    You Trippin

    who tf are these people didnt watch vat19 for like 1year and now wtf

  • Gigan 7211
    Gigan 7211

    I do not recommend sour flush as many candies like that were used the wrong ways and kids inhaled the sugary powder making it turn into candy cocane


    ay what about beer for birds

  • BlakeOps56

    This could be awesome idea, massive straws.

  • Waylon Jackson
    Waylon Jackson

    This just grosses me out.

  • Novella_playz

    U lying u can’t also get this item in many other stores other then just Vat19 :p

    • TheMeltedOne

      If you mean they said you need to get them at vat19, it might be harder to find things anywhere else, so they put them on their website. Make sense?

  • Daja Wilson
    Daja Wilson

    I'm in the back, you in the ground.

  • Cooper Burt
    Cooper Burt

    Soooo your telling me that my jiant white sour flush at home i shouldent wat the candy put of there.